Marijuana addiction

  1. Get him off the tobacco. After I stopped using tobacco to smoke my weed and started using a Vaporiser my use went down from using every day to once a week and now to once every month or two to three months.

  2. He is not smoking any tobacco. So that is not the problem. He smokes weed only. He rolls his own and buys from the coffee shop down the street.

  3. So right, he's not addicted to the weed, but the tobacco in the joints, it's just another type of cigarette. When I quit tobacco, smoking weed is just a hobby again, n I can quit for a week when I want. It's not the weed.

  4. I agree with this solution. I work in a coffeeshop and smoked the same amount and was getting out of hand. I couldn't afford it anymore. Been smoking for 30 years and been smoking pure for 2 years now. I do 1 joint a day with 1 gram and I smoke that joint the whole day. I know that a sigaret in joints made it more addictive but I learned that it was way more addictive than I figured before switching. I tried to vape also but for me the high is different en less good than smoking a joint. But it is healthier to smoke a vape for sure

  5. It's like you're me mate. Also just out of a relation en just hopeless smoking. Everytime when I'm a week or two weeks smoke free I fall back, with no control. People don't see it as an addiction quite often, but weed just sets you off.

  6. I can relate to a lot of what you're going through. Whenever I try to kick it, I get anxious the moment I arrive home and I know my stash is dry.

  7. Wow you sound a lot like me, only I can't go a day without. I get actual withdrawals. I can't sleep or eat for several days after I stop. Been smoking for 20 years now. I really want to cut down and only smoke at night for a few months and then start taking a day off here and there but self control is a big problem. All I do is sit around and smoke weed all day. I'm not working at the moment and should be looking for a job, but I'd rather be baked all day. It's sad.

  8. As a long time stoner that recently quit (also 2 - 4 pure joints a day), there is no way of making him stop. He has to do it himself. Seeking help will only work once he admits it’s a problem.

  9. I've been there with couple of my friends who had same issue. Combine this with stigma that "weed does no harm and cannot cause addiction" and their denial just gets stronger.

  10. It is not physically addicting, period, it IS mentally addicting, therefore find the root of the issue hes trying to "smoke away". Then it will be easy to stop.

  11. I use a vape instead of smoking it, which drastically reduces the smell and there is no smoke at all from it. Maybe this can help your situation?

  12. Same here. Can’t live without my volcano. Husband and I are also daily vapers and run a massive business from home and parents of two toddlers. I don’t think we could achieve what we did without weed. It helps us come up with a lot of ideas, connect and work great together, and really enjoy doing it.

  13. I'm thinking this issue won't be resolved unless the root cause is resolved. There's no point in just treating the symptoms.

  14. He has a really hard time communicating his problems. I know I am his problem. And so is his son. He says repeatedly he cannot say what he wants to me. I ask him every week can he make an appointment with his gp and ask for help with post partum depression. He has been refusing for a year now. He also needs to go to remove two suspected cancerous moles and won’t go for that either so I hope that sheds light on his mental state.

  15. It’s worth noting that in the Netherlands, a joint is marijuana AND tobacco. If he is smoking both, I’d venture to guess he also has himself a tobacco addiction, which could help explain the new increase in smoking.

  16. I was feeling kinda down in September-begin november, I filled that dip with weed, I smoked every day for about 4 weeks straight. This might not be that helpful, but I quit my habit by setting a goal for my day/week again. I lacked that goal in that period, but universities opened up again I felt like studying was worth it again. Maybe if your boyfriend sets himself a reachable but not too easy goal for the longer run (eg a month to start with), he might feel less tempted to smoke the green produce.

  17. This may not be what you want to hear but my guess is that as long as he's facing no direct consequences of his actions, he will continue to smoke and deny his addiction. Potentially the only way really trigger a change here would be to leave him. Given the fact that you have a toddler, this would be a good decision imo because it doesn't sound like a healthy environment at all.

  18. Cuz we're not in a place to diagnose him. Might be depression, might be anxiety, might be something different, but what does a bunch of strangers mentioning that help in any way? No matter the reason, you cannot force someone to get help if they don't see a problem.

  19. I’m an addict with 12 years of daily use but I’ve been clean for over 3 years now. Weed addiction is real and your boy sounds addicted to me. If someone doesn’t see the problem themselves it is very unlikely that they will be able to quit, because it is extremely hard. I think the only option is to leave him if he refuses to take a hard look at himself.

  20. I agree, smoking weed around a toddler is dangerous. Your brain is not as alert as normally since you just sedated it. If there is an issue / accident with the toddler in the house the man most likely won’t be able to provide adequate help or drive the toddler to the hospital. It will also make him emotionally unavailable and that can lead to mental health and attachment issues for the toddler.

  21. Hi OP, you're in a tough spot it seems. Did you know you can get help and support? He might not want to seek help (yet). But you can! Please contact your local institute for addiction care. The non commercial ones always have a department for prevention. Part of their job is to support people like you. Which is always free of charge because it's subsidized by your local municipality.

  22. Do what is best for your child and yourself, leave that toxic place. As soon as he gets his life together you can maybe find a way to work back to something

  23. It’s not that simple nowadays in terms of keeping up with the bills. If me and my wife broke up we would both have a really bad time each paying entirely for our own place.

  24. Had this happen to me, no child though! gf couldn’t hack me smoking/stoned all the time and it used to be constant fight. So I left.

  25. You do not want your toddler breathing in that stuff, their brain and lungs are still developing and you want to keep that clean. Get him to pay for an extremely expensive and strong air purifier and/or go stay somewhere else if you can or make him stay somewhere else for the sake of stability for your child.

  26. Really sucks for your family. Was addicted myself for a long time and what made me go cold turkey was not being able to function during the day. But it was a realisation I had to come to myself. I do however feel it helped me for a time. Maybe he feels the same. Keep in mind people have different vices. Some drink, some smoke, etc. To be honest, I do think you finding it unatractive is really your problem and not his. The only real concern is when he can no longer support your family or perform at his job imo.

  27. I was like that. I was self medicating for bipolar disorder…not to say that that’s definitely it. Just maybe suggest it. I’m definitely happier more stable, without the need for a fix.

  28. I have been to rehab for a weed addiction. Not like a month in South Africa but weekly talks with a practicioner. Did not stop smoking weed but decreased my intake. I do not experience downsides from smoking weed and wanted to stop because other people felt like I should.

  29. Well, this might not be what you want to hear. But someone with an addiction, who doesn't want to be helped, really can't be helped. For him to be able to quit, he is first going to have to see that he has a problem. As you said, he doesn't see it as a problem. So he is not going to accept any help for a problem he will not recognise excists in the first place.

  30. Speaking as an addict who is clean for almost 2 years from any substance that alters the mind (including alcohol) I can say that one of the only solution is support groups (Narcotics Anonymous/Marijuana Anonymous). It is a huge help to be around other people who experienced the same disease (and yes, addiction is a disease, or at least a condition) and managed to get their life together back on track. It helps to solve the shame around it and provide with effective tools to overcome cravings and relapses. But it has to come from him, he needs to understand that he has a problem or at least acknowledge that his drug addiction impacts negativity on his life. You can find available meetings in the Netherlands here

  31. You cannot help someone who doesn't see it as a problem themselves, you cannot force him to change like that. I think you need to start thinking about what you think is best for you and your kid. This does not seem to make you happy or be good for your child and if he doesn't want to change...well, not many options left

  32. As someone who used to smoke a lot of weed and was around people who used to (or still do). He will refuse to acknowledge it's a problem until outside factors make him. Like when his work, education, relations or health are suffering from it. And even then he will probably be in denial a fair bit.

  33. Tell him to try to quit using CBD pills. Every time he wants to smoke a joint he get a CBD, the effect will not be the same but can manage anxiety at least for the first week that is the hardest to quit!

  34. The problem OP is facing is not that he has trouble quitting. It's that he doesn't seem to acknowledge there is any problem at all.

  35. Was in a similar situation. There was literally nothing i could do to help this person whom i loved a lot at the time. It’s very sad and makes you feel so powerless. As cliche as it sounds, they need to come to their addiction awareness themselves. Face it and take actions to resolve it. It’s a long, tedious process

  36. So sorry to hear this. If the joints he smokes have tobacco in them (many pre-rolled ones do), then it might be an actual nicotine addiction. Otherwise it's a mental addiction.

  37. I could be wrong, but don't the pre-rolled ones have a tobacco substitute in so they can be smoked inside the coffeeshops?

  38. Did you tell him its unattractive and makes you feel miserable? You have a kid, it is time for him to grow up.

  39. So first things first, weed is not addicting, perse. If he WANTS too he's able to stop in a heartbeat. Apparently he does not want to stop. For you and him to figure out why he doesn't want to stop. May I ask how old he is? Cause by the sound of it, he's between 20-30?

  40. You have probably no idea how much harm your comment could do. Bold statement to say that weed can not be addicting. Every habit can. Gaming, sex, cycling, smoking, drinking, working, etc.

  41. Suggest he changes the tobacco for a replacement like greengo. The tobacco is the most addictive part, not the weed.

  42. Of he does his chores and is not just laying around i dont see the problem. Unless you catch him smoking inside the house id say you got more of a problem with it then him. Wich is fine but he doesnt have to abide by it.

  43. Threatening to leave might work, its not a healthy environment for both you and your toddler, and if he keeps going, its only for the best that you leave

  44. “Just replace one addiction with the other, totally ignoring the underlying mental health issue”. That by itself is very bad advice already. Besides the fact that alcohol has a much higher chance of triggering aggressiveness and will do much more harm than smoking weed.

  45. Overuse of weed can definitely cause health problems, I guess it needs to be seen and treated like nicotine addiction to try and stay away from it for him. Easier said than done

  46. Weed fucks your lungs up. People that claim it doesn't do harm to smoke a joint everyday are kidding themselves.

  47. Leave him. Now. This is not a healthy environment for a toddler and the health of your kid is your number one priority.

  48. Why not try to take a vacation for a couple of weeks to a place where you can't buy this stuff...see if he can handle it ... I agree with lot of the comments above which point to smoking weed to get over / push something thats bothering you more into the background, see if you can figure out If there's something of the sort that you can help solve...

  49. This is about to happen. We’re going to his parents for a month and it’s gonna be a severe withdrawal. He is absolutely impossible to be around when he’s withdrawing so this vacation is gonna be fun.

  50. If he is ready to give it up, check out the Jellinek website. They have therapy, but also a web app to help kick several types of drugs (the latter helped me out a lot, haven't smoked weed since I started with the two and a half years ago).

  51. I've been there. I smoked weed since I was 16 and quit 3 weeks ago. I'm currently in my 30's. For me it's all about the mindset, I actually want to quit this time because I realized I spent a normal yearsalary on weed in the past 4 years (25k). I really smoked out of boredom and liked to play a lot of games while being high.

  52. Get him a bong. The smell doesn't linger for more than an hour or so and it's weed only. Totally agree with the others here. Get him to stop nicotine.

  53. Give subtle reminders that his weed use is damaging for his surroundings and relationships and you really care about it. Denial is a hard thing to deal with but it might get through to him at some point. I've been on and off substances towards the point of damaging relationships with people. Once I opened my eyes to that staying off was the easy part.

  54. You can talk to your gp about this too if he won’t, they can help you get to the resources to help him

  55. An addiction to weed is mainly a mental addiction (a strong one that is). As somebody who also has a weed addiction, i have to say i tend to naturally quit or smoke way less when i don’t have as much stress in my life. Try not to judge him, since ur saying things like “its so incredibly unattractive”- he probably knows and is ashamed of it, hence the smoking at night. Talk to him about the underlying cause why he needs to smoke so much, and work on that with him. Tell him for the sake of his health and your child you would like him to significantly reduce his smoking habit. (Dont expect him to fully stop right away). For myself iknow i when i go trough life non stop high it bc its unbearable if i don’t. Whenever my life is going well and i dont feel emotionally distressed i automatically just stop smoking (alltough i might smoke a recreational one like 2 times a week but its nothing compared to 7 joints a day). Give him support, try to find if he’s struggling with something and try not to judge and i am pretty positive his behavior might change.

  56. Go along with him and support him, try to make activity changes so he realize that is better to smoke at the end of the day instead during the day cause he will be tired all day long. I Don’t recommend to force him, he has to realize that being in constant weed is just too much and not soy enjoyable as before. You can try comments like: “if you give your body a clean up time then weed is going to hit better.” He just needs to realize this, forcing or creating conflict is not good, you may be tired, he just needs some time until he figures it out, and he will. Try to psychologically support and go with him, try things like let’s enjoy weed together (even if you dont smoke) by smoking less and giving more pleasure experiences like activities with the kid, watching some movies in 3D, or a romantic dinner tasting wine or something. Your experiences and suggestions are going to be way better for him than smoking 7 a day. Also if he is smoking with tobacco then he is adding the crazy addiction of nicotine, try to make them separately, suggest him to enjoy separately. Otherwise then you are fighting against tobacco instead of weed. Maybe he realizes that he needs half weed cigarette and he only wants a lot of tobacco. If it is pure then also you can try to consume weed drinks and brownies, the journey is different because it is way more PURE, i think for a regular smoker this is nice to start dropping smoking and enjoy eating. Try to make this changes and go along with him, don’t force conflict. Even if you are super tired, sad, and angry, talking is the best way to go together. Good luck :)

  57. I guess it depends how addictive your personality is. I am a (tobacco) smoker and I also smoke weed almost every day, not a lot a joint per day tops. I can honestly say that it makes no difference whatsoever for me if I have the weed with or without tobacco. If I need to I can stop smoking weed in an instant. I would probably miss the feeling a little but that’s it. Tobacco would be harder though. So I think it’s a matter of how used you are with the habit, how much you want to get rid of it and how much you care about other people’s opinions/advice.

  58. I also think it's the nicotine addiction, not the weed. At least if he mixes the two like we used to. I also started smoking joints more and more until my partner at the time pointed out why and I switched to cigs. I don't think I touched a joint ever since.

  59. That’s not true. He hid his addiction problems for two years. It wasn’t until I got pregnant and the stress of his life changing forever broke the illusion that he was cured of his addiction problems. He started smoking in secret when I was 8 months pregnant. He couldn’t hide it anymore when the baby was born. He couldn’t go on walks whenever he wanted. I caught him smoking a vape holding the baby outside in the winter. We broke up for 6 months. It’s been a constant problem since. We’ve broken up twice more because of the weed addiction. He’s always quit for a month and then secretly started smoking again at work. And then it quickly progresses. He had told me he loves weed more than me and his son. It’s his love. It’s been with him in all his darkest times. Yes he suffers from depression. He refuses treatment. He uses weed instead.

  60. Quit tobacco first, get a dynavap which is a micro or small dose vaporizer, start with just vaping as much weed as he needs until he can quit the tobacco altogether, then start lowering the cannabis dosage gradually. Exercising and nutrition are key during the whole process. Also, find a time consuming and rewarding hobby to distract him from the crave.

  61. You know why he doesnt see it as a problem, because he's in denial and you are not putting your foot down. You can either tell him you're leaving and raising the child alone if he continues. Bang he got a problem and you're showing a clear boundary. You can also try to make him aware that he has a problem. Are there things he's not doing or cannot do anymore because he's stoned all the time? Is it impacting his social life? Does he have dreams he's putting on hold? And if it's not an addiction then he should be able to put it away for what atleast a week, without any issue. That's where I once cracked. Because I wasent addicted and then I thought well then I can stop doing it right now and after a day I was feeling such an intense desire that I had to conclude that I'm addicted.

  62. I have been in the same position as your boyfriend. For a very long time I did not see the problem in my behaviour, until I got slapped in the face with a few facts. Because I was in the midst of my addition I could not see reality as clear as I luckily now am able to again. Considering I still had my friends going and did not fail in work related stuff, I felt as if what I have been doing was okay, seeing as nothing went wrong. Yet. I had been smoking weed for 6 years straight, daily, and at my worst I smoked 2-3 grams per evening after work. In the weekends I could smoke up to 5gr per day.

  63. Oh and to add to that, over the last year I've been in a Jellinek program. Thought I had everything going for me but ended up using again. I have now quit again on my own but I will be starting another program very soon!

  64. Let him get/find a job. When he has the time to blow, he has the time to work or to be useful for the community. When not....dump him and go your own way.

  65. There's an app called Quitsure. I guarantee it will work for him. I have Bilolar Disorder and usually run to substances and even with COVID, work stress, and plain homesickness I'm still a nonsmoker. 6 months after years with no thoughts of going back.

  66. Marihuana is a drug and is addictive. He can go to NA meetings and/or rehab. But he must want to do this himself, it's quite impossible to force someone. I started my clean time more than 5 years ago and it was hard but is worth it.

  67. 7 joints a day? Not being funny but you got it light, I'd do that along with bongs in between. I literally wake up and hit a bong to get on with my day.

  68. Just wondering how his smoking is bad? Is it only you who has a problem with it or does he to? Do you have fights when talking about it, or are you able to keep your calm. If not I would recommend checking help for the both of you, for sure if there is a child involved.

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