🔥 The Brown Frillback Pigeon

  1. I got some of this when i was a kid. Then I got 14 years old and decided to free them form their aviary and they interbreed with the local pigeons. Trace of their peculiar plumage is still present in my town's pigeons now, more then 15 years later

  2. Is that when you moved to ostriches? Don’t let them mate with the local emu’s or something next.

  3. It does technically. There is no genome editing involved. if phenotype would have given them some kind of advantage in nature it could have emerged by itself.

  4. If you unfocused your eyes a hair it kinda looks like a pre-fried chicken tender, or pigeon tender if we're gonna be dicks about semantics.

  5. by the thumbnail, I thought someone was very proud of their chicken fried chicken with a spot of country gravy.

  6. That looks either like a birth defect or some human artificial creation that gives the animal some crippling condition that evolution would have taken care of if permitted.

  7. This is a cool pigeon but it's very much a product of human selective breeding. This isn't really "nature is fucking lit" more like "pigeon breeding is fucking lit".

  8. I ate out a guy who had hair just like this (I kept calling him prince and begging for his purple rain lmao we drank grape kool-aid before) 😎😎😎

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