🔥 Dalmatian deer..

  1. What a cutie! Believe her name is “Boo” and she is a leucistic or piebald deer. There was a People article a while back that stated she was orphaned at a week old when her mother was hit by a car, but a rehab facility took her in 🤍

  2. We have spotted black white tailed deer on our property, and I just about fell over the first time I saw one of them as a fawn running behind his normal appearing siblings and mama. I thought I was seeing a black baby goat chasing them until I realized it was a black fawn. The neighbors thought I was nuts until they actually saw him. We believe there have been more over the years, but they are not completely black, or possibly it looks different as they mature or molt.

  3. One crossed the road in front of me at night. I thought it was a ghost deer until I remembered that there have been piebald deer sightings in the area.

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