🔥 Tree full of Black Bears

  1. This is real. Photo was taken at bearwithus.org an organization that rescues bears. According to the the guy who runs the organization he said a bunch of rescue baby bears were spooked and ran up a tree. If you zoom out of the photo there are even more bears in the tree. It's an amazing photo! Mike who runs Bear with Us is awesome and loves bears!

  2. This past summer, we watched a mother bear come retrieve her yearling from a tree that we assumed she had "stashed" it in while she went to do mom bear things (i.e.; find food?). Reading your note, now I wonder if that young bear got spooked up into our tree and mom was there to coax it down. It was fun to watch either way.

  3. Suddenly remembering the time I nudged my dog with a turned-off vacuum. He hopped up on the couch and I didn't even see him move. It was like the dvd skipped IRL

  4. This photo might be taken in a wildlife park in South Dakota. Someone explained in another post that they raise black bears and have the cubs run up one big tree on command.

  5. There's a real pissed off chihuahua at the base of that tree, and he's out for blood. Muh fuckas came to the wrong neighborhood.

  6. There could be a few things actually! American black bears are big fans of climbing trees because their claws are designed in such a way that they can quickly and easily pull themselves up like a squirrel, and some of the things they do reflect that:

  7. Animals probably ask the same thing when they see humans standing in line outside the door of a packed nightclub.

  8. There's some pussy that hunts with dogs below that tree. And the human garbage will pick them off and watch the bear or bears drop. It's a disgrace if you can't track and kill a bear by yourself and then thank mother earth for your bounty. Thank God they outlawed it where I live. Met one of the assholes that ran the a bear killing dog business before they outlawed it. Excuse my Australian, total [email protected]!

  9. Actually that Wikipedia article incorrectly claims Drop Bears are a "hoax", but in fact they are very real, a pack ate my uncle once. A more trustworthy source is:

  10. A classic bear hide and seek situation. Sometimes the hiders panic and follow the first one running for a good spot.

  11. Fifteen birds in five firtrees, their feathers were fanned in a fiery breeze! But, funny little birds, they had no wings! O what shall we do with the funny little things?

  12. That's how they used to grow in the wild before the cruel hand of man forced them into dens. Hence the phrase "It's not like they (bears) grow on trees."

  13. Oh yes, this is a rare sight. Once every ten years hundreds of black bear gather in trees and cocoon themselves together. Six months later an enormous adult butterfly emerges from the cocoon to find a mate. The black bears reproductive cycle is beautiful.

  14. We always hear about the dangers of putting all your eggs in one basket. What should we know about putting your whole black bear family in one tree?

  15. Photoshopped? I looked closely and made sure every face of them is different from the others but I'm still kind of skeptical...

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