🔥 Honey badgers eat porcupines and poisonous snakes, raid beehives for honey, kidnap baby cheetahs, and steal food from hungry lions

  1. I remember when I was younger, my animal books rarely mentioned how aggressive and dangerous honey badgers were, and they were mostly mentioned as following honeyguide birds to honey. (There's even a children's book about it, called Honey, Honey, Lion, that's based on an African folktale about the two animals.)

  2. If that video came out today most of the screen would be blocked by a dude in front of a shitty green screen holding a comically small mic, making the video all about him.

  3. It's just amazing how you can get most need-to-know info about honey badgers from memes alone, when "honey badger doesn't give a shit" can practically explain pretty much everything about their behaviour in any given circumstance xD

  4. We call my little schnauzer the honey badger. Won’t back down, makes you push/step over him, bites you when he is done with you, eats the other dogs food.

  5. I don't know for sure, but baby cheetahs actually use mimicry to look like honey badgers! Not enough that I'd think a honey badger would mistake them, but enough to ward off predators from a distance.

  6. Honey Badgers are incredibly intelligent animals with superior problem solving skills. They are independent, fierce, fearless and really, really hard to kill. So, the wildlife version of the kid from Home Alone.

  7. My favorite part of the Stoffel story is how after he got fucked up by the lions, after healing went back to fight the lions again. Stoffel really is the most badass of honey badgers.

  8. In the wild baby cheetahs don't look like their parents they look like honey Badgers because lions and a pack of hyenas would eat a cheetah even adults but they all are afraid of honey Badgers.

  9. honey badgers and crocodiles are the two only predators that can actually go full on against a pack of hyenas or lions and win, they don't fuck with them for a damn good reason

  10. Thank you. I know it’s petty but it blows me away how people just don’t know the difference.

  11. By far one of my favorite animals! Wolverines (same family) are bad ass too! Trekking hundreds of miles in their territory for shits and giggles. These animals are beasts! They just don’t give a single F..

  12. Wolverines are honey badgers that are 2 times the size and with bone crushing jaws. They just dont need to gloat like the honey badger.

  13. One video on YouTube shows a honey badger getting bitten by a nasty venomous snake. The badger just sleeps off the venom, wakes up and resumes raising hell.

  14. Honey badgers are very recent animals. By recent I mean 2005-2006ish. Strangely, Chuck Norris posted a "missing dog" sign around the same time. /s

  15. And people say Gryffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw are the superior house. These fuckers will fight 3 jaguars at the same time and the jags are the ones that will back off.

  16. Nope. One is known to have been mauled by lions, escaped and healed up, then went back for more. Honey badgers live their entire life on hardcore mode.

  17. Defend themselves from getting eaten by lions, ok, but I'm gonna need a source about stealing their meals, and also killing African porcupines, because these two sound made up.

  18. Pound for pound one of the toughest mammals in the world. I watched a video of one escaping a pythons death grip, killing the python and fending off 2 wild dogs in the process. The badger ate the snake!

  19. And they're bullet poor and can turn inside their skin which is flexible. This enables them to rip the balls of lions ( obviously male). Look jsit leave well alone unless you're a wolverine

  20. Havnt these mfers known to attack lions knowing they’ll die just to prove a point or something? They will go at everything an anything. Buffalo. Get here. Elephant. Come on big boy.

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