🔥 This isn’t a spider, but an effigy that a spider has built out of debris to represent a huge version of itself

  1. adding to that an article on an empirical study proving it attracts predatory wasps but might redirect enough attacks on the decoys to be evolutionary worth it

  2. Not sure if that is Meta or overcompensation. I wonder how many times it’s been taken out by birds? I’m leaning toward this spider having been an evil artist in a former life.

  3. What's crazy is he is the face (zoom in, it's an orb weaver) like he knows it makes the most sense to drive the mech suit from the head, because he knows his head controls himself

  4. This begs so many questions. Do spiders inherently know what they look like? Or do they only know from having seen other spiders? If it's inherent knowledge, what other capacity for memory do they have? And leading from that, does that capacity for memory mean they can constantly learn and remember new things? But the most burning question of all, what would the effigy look like if you fed a spider some LSD?

  5. This is proof that they are sentient. Makes me happy that I try to spare one when I'm in my apt. Ysk, spiders get near your bed. House spiders like to lick the drool from the corner of your mouth,when you're sleeping. If you put out little tiny bowls of water,they'll drink that, and not the drool.

  6. intentional has a very vague meaning to talk about arachnid brains, it did not accidentaly got to this shape, it is built, but we can't say the spider know what its building either

  7. Here is my take, the spider ISN'T self aware, but he knows what other bigger spiders look like and the spider is imitating the size and features of another species.

  8. Or maybe it’s an effigy to a spider that it loved? Or making itself appear larger to the opposite sex for mating? Either way it’s pretty cool art work!

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