🔥 Giant Honeybees protect their hive from predators with a ripple effect known as "shimmering."

  1. Fun fact: bees don't really do anything "for the queen." It's really more like, "for our sisters!" If the queen isn't providing offspring well enough for the hive, or has some other matter wrong with her, the hive will not hesitate to kick her out and raise a new queen to take her place.

  2. this has me thinking… maybe we scared god off when we started doing the wave in stadiums. maybe that’s why everything is so bleak.

  3. It really does look like when people are trying to start the wave at a sporting event but just can't quite get it organized enough to keep going.

  4. You'll probably enjoy the movie Annihilation-which is about a 'shimmer' kind of like Wandavision hex, but by alien crash. DNA starts getting spliced together and everything merging in a freakishly psychedelic way that looks kinda like the vid

  5. Curious question though, how do they know how to do this in unison though..... Getting "300“ spartan style vibes from this.

  6. So I get why bees are important and we should protect them, but as some who has had a lifelong fear of bees (no allergy, thankfully, just fear), seeing this type of crap makes my primitive monkey brain want to grab a flamethrower.

  7. “Look, Steve, you can’t just start the shimmer whenever you want. That’s why we have the sign up sheet. You’re throwing everyone off.”

  8. reminds me of the first sinspawn in final fantasy 10 when zanarkand is getting ripped apart

  9. I really want to know how this evolved. Where was nature like "yeah, so let's add a shimmer gene" that worked good enough to get passed on.

  10. Looks like in the Powder Game when u put 2 sources of virus near each other and they fight in a repeating pattern

  11. If video games have taught me anything, this thing probably has some sweet loot in it and you should kick it immediately.

  12. Growing up we had one of the largest known honeybee hives in the state (we weren’t allowed to relocate the hive, it was protected and still is to this day). My parents were trying to relocate the bees due to my PTSD from stepping on a ground bee (yellow jackets most likely) hive at a very young age and I had a true phobia of bees and wasps.

  13. There's a scientific term for that! It's a form of synchronicity called The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon basically what it means is you've been asleep for a long time now, we miss you. Please wake up, we don't know what you're seeing in there but it isn't real, please just open your eyes

  14. Animation and CGI element at play in nature. Hard to imagine that someone hadn't seen this in the wild and adapted it into their work.

  15. Some people can achieve this effect with a swift slap to their cellulite. I believe the gyrating known as "twerking" achieves a similar affect when searching for a mate. It's a type of hypnosis I speculate.

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