🔥 This is a bombardier beetle which has developed a deadly defense mechanism: a strong (22mph) blast of boiling acid (100C) from the rear

  1. Some people pay top dollar to get sprayed on their face, this beetle found a cost effective way for itself

  2. The YouTube video this is from explains that the beetle pulses it's asshole at just the right frequency to cool the liquid enough to not melt its own face

  3. If you can evolve to squirt boiling acid then you'd also evolve to properly shield yourself from it. Or else the beetles that didn't would die very quickly.

  4. I'm kind of curious how it affects the ant. They don't have soft vulnerable like us, and it's a spray so it's not like they're being dipped into it.

  5. "The spray is produced from a reaction between two chemical compounds, hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide, which are stored in two reservoirs in the beetle's abdomen. When the aqueous solution of hydroquinones and hydrogen peroxide reaches the "vestibule" (Eisner's word), catalysts facilitate the decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide and the oxidation of the hydroquinone.[1] Heat from the reaction brings the mixture to near the boiling point of water and produces gas that drives the ejection. The damage caused can be fatal to attacking insects. Some bombardier beetles can direct the spray in a wide range of directions." Wikipedia.

  6. You have to wonder how the hell evolution over millions of years creates an animal that shoots acid out of its ass. This planet is beautiful.

  7. I knew someone smarter than I, and/or more interested & willing to google it, would post the answer!Thanks mang!

  8. I wonder what would happen if you stepped on it. Would the chemicals combine and react creating a boiling acid puddle?

  9. That bug handles hydrogen peroxide? That stuff is no joke! I know nothing about insects, but I wasted a lot of time reading about aircrafts, and, well,

  10. Damn I’ve been dying to play grounded since the demo, i wish i had the money to buy it right now. The most fun I’ve had in a survival since valheim.

  11. I'd say the Velvet Worm's hunting weaponry is equally cool. The worm sprays sticky goo from two tubes near its mouth. The goo glues prey in place while contracting as it solidifies. It's also mildly toxic so while the target is being bound it's also being crushed and poisoned.

  12. This is the closest answer i could find as to why it doesn't burn it's face when this happens. They've just developed an evolutionary immunity to the chemicals they spray.

  13. Thank you so muck kind redditor who didn’t feel like a comedian and actually brought something valuable to the conversation. I salute you 🫡

  14. Nice find!! I tried to figure out what I could but never came up with anything conclusive about what actually makes them 'immune' to their own spray:

  15. I first heard of these from the anime/manga Terra Formars - where lots of characters have abilities based off various insects, minor spoilers, but

  16. To be honest no, I was looking for actual info more than jokes. Everyone is a comedian on reddit these days, back when I joined there was a race to make the most informative post and THEN there were unfunny joke references.

  17. the bombardier beetle when disturbed defends itself by emitting a series of explosions sometimes setting off four or five reports in succession the noises sound like miniature popgun blasts and are accompanied by a cloud of reddish coloured vile smelling fluid

  18. It is commonly known that ants keep slaves. Certain species, the so-called Sanguinary Ants in particular, will raid the nests of other ant tribes and kill the queen and then kidnap many of the workers. The workers are brought back to the captors' hive where they are coerced into performing... menial tasks.

  19. Haha, there is a game called Grounded that is basically a cross between Honey I shrunk the Kids and a survival/horror game and these things are scary as hell when you first see them.

  20. Yup, the song immediately popped into my head and I thought these MFers must not have kids if this is news. Octonauts is on constantly in our house.

  21. Is the hit insect dead in impact? Why isn't the beetle bothered by it? How do they get an acid to boil in their bodies?

  22. DAE remember that animated movie Antz with Woody Allen? The ant colony goes to war against some beetles or something and both sides get decimated but the beetles spray acid…haven’t thought of that movie in years

  23. OPs caption is wrong. Its not boiling acid. It projects two substances that mix as they fly out of the beetle when they mix they become an explosive substance and literally explode like nitroglycerin. Thats why they are called bombardiers.

  24. seems weird that it bothers and kills the ant but the beetle don't seemed to be bothered at all that it's getting all over himself as well ...

  25. I was playing a video game back in like 2011 and I felt something crawl on my neck. My first instinct was to smash it against my neck and when I looked I had killed a beetle. All of a sudden my neck started burning something fierce! I ran to the bathroom and rinsed it with water. It had burn the first couple layers of my skin off on my neck. That’s when I first learned about them. I have a discolored scar there now.

  26. Wow. That’s cool. I’m going To go heavy on the jalapeños tonight and kill some fire ants tomorrow.

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