🔥 This huge and fascinating potato bug

  1. I'm pretty sure this is the same bug that some kid on Nickelodeon's Figure It Out claimed to have discovered. 25 years later, I'm discovering that that was bullshit. Damn you Summer Sanders and Danny Tamberelli.

  2. So it's only real activity is drumming against the ground to mate, which it doesn't even hear, I can only feel. Mostly eats dead stuff with the odd insect, good at burrowing and eats tubery root stuff. What a chillaxed and easygoing bug

  3. They remind me of the potato bugs we used to deal with when I was a kid! Mole crickets they were called and they are kinda nasty. They are a different family though

  4. They aren’t looking to bite you, but will if they can’t get away. And it’ll cause a nasty infection. Source: personal experience. Left pair of gardening gloves in the garden overnight. Didn’t check them the next day when I put them on.

  5. They’re called children of the dirt in Spanish and are pretty terrifying to find when they sneak into your home. They were pretty common when I was growing up in California.

  6. It's so strange. It looks kinda fleshy, and it doesn't have those typical, robotic movements that you associate with creepy crawlies. Instead it sort of slowly ambles along, almost resembling a human baby crawling around on its belly... with those hands, too. Cute and gross at the same time, for sure.

  7. Down in west Texas we used to see them in vacant lots living in burrows. We called them children of the earth on account of their hands and if you see them in a burrow from above they kinda look like babies living in the earth. We had all sorts of crazy kid stories about them and it wasn't until I got to college that I realized they weren't called children of the earth by everyone.

  8. Definitely an “oh fuck that’s terrifying” everytime I see one in the house for me. Which is annoyingly common. Two a week ago.

  9. In Mexico they call them niños de la Tierra. Child of the earth. Supposedly cursed and made to stay like that lol . Listen to your moms or you’ll be one too.

  10. This is why in the scientific world they only deal with family or genus. Cause no one knows what the hell "potato bug" means.

  11. I remember waking up one night as a kid to go pee and one of these crawled over my foot in the dark. I freaked and turned on the lights only to witness the fattest fucking bug I had ever seen in my life staring back at me. Damn near shit myself that night, don't even remember if I pee'd.

  12. Wow I haven't seen a potato bug for years, thanks for your time and effort on everything you have posted on this site. Thanks

  13. What the what!? Looks like a cricket mated with a larger variety ant with the face of a termite lol Very tasty for reptiles. What is it n it’s purpose? Everyone’s saying kill it or that they are dirty etc

  14. In Spanish they’re called Niños De La Tierra (Children of the Earth) and I always thought they’d look like actual little kids when my grandma told me about them. Never found a little bug sized kid when searching for them in her garden, I wondered what they’d wear or if they’d be naked and I wasn’t prepared for either

  15. I found one of those when I was like 5ish and my uncle told me if those bite you you’d automatically die. Whole family went along with it so I wouldn’t mess with it. Me and my cousin killed it with a shovel. I kinda feel bad about it now :(

  16. I don’t mean to milk this joke, but It’s got toes. And it’s big, kind of looks like an ant. Funny the ones I’ve seen usually lack toes in taller ants.

  17. True story about the potato bug...one of the few insects with perpetual metabolic state, (they never sleep), one case of an entomologist who was keeping one in a small plastic container, was awakened from a restful sleep by a tugging near the foot of his bed. He found the same bug had chewed his little toe completely off and partially severed the next toe. Apparently they secret a powerful numbing saliva, which is why the doctor didn't notice the bug chewing. He complained of a persistent grogginess (credit given to the bug emitting a smell not unlike lavender with the power to incapacitate. After extensive research, they determined that the potato bug becomes carnivorous when in captivity. True story....

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