🔥 the purple-gold jumping spider 🔥

  1. Yep, this is indeed a real spider! Its scientific name is Irura bidenticulata; feel free to look it up. Don’t blame you for suspecting it might be fake, though…it really does seem too beautiful to exist :)

  2. I believe it’s real, just curious if it’s been edited for max saturation or not lol. Any anthropologists in the chat?

  3. Don’t be afraid of jumping spiders! They are the doggos of the spider world. I talk to mine when I see them in my yard, they have no fear of me. They are so darned cute, you will lose your fear of spiders.

  4. I had a little jumping spider buddy for 2 or 3 years. I’m in Hot Garbage… I meant Florida, and for a few years every winter I would move my peace Lily from the front porch into my bathroom. This little guy came out and would dance in front of the mirror or just chill on the faucet of the sink. I could wiggle my finger and he would jump on and off fast than I could scream. After a while I would hold him and not freak out. Then sadly in the winter of 2017, he wasn’t there anymore. I like to believe he found another beautiful spider and moved to a bigger plant that could hold all their kids.

  5. It's still funny to me how some people still think jumping spiders are creepy or scary. I think they're so funny & cute. That one's definitely a beauty..

  6. I dunno how to be scared of something that fits comfortably on the nail of my pinky finger and looks like a plush toy

  7. No way....these little guys are my favourite spiders. Very Intelligent. Watch how they hunt...not instinct....this little guy is gorgeous

  8. Nah. Look up (for example) Thwaitesia or Maratus jumping spiders, these guys are born fabulous. Don't think this one is in those particular families but wouldn't be too far away.

  9. I think the reason why this little dude’s less scary to us arachnophobes is because I don’t have to see their fucking WAY too many eyes in this picture.

  10. i think i just cracked the jumping spider not freaking me out code. for me its how they move, they dont move like a regular spider, and there leg length is not crazy so they dont really look like a spider in my brain.

  11. According to ancient astronaut theorists, they were believed to have originally been bred in the prehistoric labs of Louisiana State University, by an extraterrestrial civilization. But the true purpose of their engineering remains unknown. Were they created to leave a message for future humans? Or for something far. more. sinister?

  12. I have a painting based on this spider, ironically though I’m terrified of spiders but this little dude is beautiful

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