🔥 Drone footage looking down into a volcanic eruption from above

  1. I just watched a few more of his videos, there's a few he has done with fly bys and even fly throughs of eruptions. One clip even has the drone getting hit by a clump of lava mid-air. I wonder how many drones he has killed...

  2. Would be tricky to not melt it I'd think. Bet you could think you were far enough back and end up in trouble.

  3. My brain can’t process the size. Is it 10’ or 1000’. Really could use a banana for scale or maybe an elephant, not really sure

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s probably because the lens is distorting our perception of the depth, so things appear sort of flattened in what we would otherwise see as a “normal” or “familiar” depth?

  5. I don't know about this specific instance but I know in other situations they've flown until the drone melted and fell in. The videos only one minutes, so it's possible that with prep you could stay there for a couple minutes without complete deformation of the plastic.

  6. Height, zooming, heat shielding. The air above the volcano probably isn’t that hot after a bit of elevation gain. Wind likely helps push the heat away from a directly column above the volcano.

  7. Thank you Kids Next Door for making me want to dip chips into a Volcano because I’m convinced it’s actually melted cheese

  8. I visited the Big Island of Hawaii when I was like 17 on a family vacation. There's a hike you can take to get out to the active lava flows where they meet the sea. We started the hike sometime in the afternoon. A certain point in the hike you are walking on the blackened crust of previous lava flows.

  9. Kinda, but not really. The crust sits on top of the mantle, which is solid, but ductile. Areas which are actively being formed by a hot spot or divergent plate boundaries would have magma under them though. But most of the crust, oceanic and continental, is just sitting on top of more rocks. That being said, the mantle is still incredibly fascinating because it’s solid. There’s a ton of neat stuff going on down there!

  10. Can anyone direct me to this video not on Reddit? I would love to share with my year 6 students but they already give me hell about the “what’s wrong with your dog” and the “interesting as fuck” subs I follow.

  11. I was sifting through the comment section with a variation of this comment in the back of my mind formulating, trying to come up with something succinct, and maybe even comedic. But here we are. My job here is not only done, but performed well. Don’t mind my uselessness everyone! I’ll just stamp the word “REDUNDANT” to my forehead.

  12. I hiked in and around Kilauea one day and then ate a T bone steak at the rim restaurant, sucker erupted next day, was pretty cool stuff I must say

  13. Fascinating. love the color change, it’s so dramatic and contrast-y! Feels like it’s be a relief for that volcano to get it out haha

  14. For people that have never experienced "heartburn/acid indigestion", imagine this hot, burning, bile building up in your stomach and working its way up your esophagus. You can't lay down, can't go to sleep, you can put it out for a few minutes eating antacids but that's it. It freaking sucks!

  15. It's amazing that if there were people in history who saw this first-hand they very likely didn't live to tell the tale. Technology is wonderful sometimes.

  16. It's not just the heat and the seeing rock as a liquid that blow my mind.. It's the sheer mass of rock flowing up out of the earth. Must be hundreds of tons a second or maybe thousands.

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