🔥 Sailfish have been clocked at speeds in excess of 68mph/112km, some experts consider the Sailfish the fastest fish in the world's oceans.

  1. Also they have crippling anxiety as they tend to die when slightly stressed. Hence why you don’t see them in aquariums. Also tend to die when caught rather than being able to be tossed back.

  2. Georgeous. whenever I see one of those giant fish, my first thought is, did he survive the encounter with the human?

  3. When they keep them in the water like this, the fish is typically fine. When they pull them on the boat and sit with them across their lap and do fish bras and shit like that is when you run into problems. Being out of the water causes obvious problems with breathing, but also their organs get squished and their gills close up. Getting your hands and body all over them also removes their natural slime coating which protects then in a lot of ways.

  4. Sailfish are one of the most mentally deranged fish of all entire ocean kingdom. They're known to be a highly aggressive fish, and they'll eat just about anything they can get their hands on, including their own kind.

  5. I'm always surprised when I'm reminded how sailfish are the fastest thing in the ocean. You'd think that giant sail would slow them down. brb, off to youtube sailfish swimming fast

  6. Fun fact: Large fish like sailfish and tuna will swim so fast and hard when hooked that they will end up "cooking" themselves alive which is often why fish like them don't survive being released back into the water.

  7. It's because fish have a very high percent of their entire body as muscle, the most of the animals. It means they can generate a lot of heat quickly.

  8. The bills of swordfish and relatives are used exactly like a sword. They swim through schools of small fish and slash with their bills to stun them

  9. Oh come on I can just imagine some young sailfish being like "I know I can beat the record... I WANT TO GO 69MPH". Nd practices everyday to get faster and faster.

  10. Measuring the top speed of a fish is something that's very difficult to do given the environment they live in and the fact that they're faster than most boats in existence. The uncertainty probably lies in the fact that there are other very fast fish like marlin and tuna.

  11. I ended a relationship when the other person killed one of those and wanted to stuff it and hang it on the wall.

  12. You do realize that taxidermy of fish are all made of styrofoam and acrylic….. Right? You can’t actually “stuff” a fish…..

  13. There’s a ton of research contradictory to this study, particularly that done by the University of Miami using tags equipped with accelerometers. Observing a sailfish chasing sardines for thirty minutes isn’t going to give you the animals too speed.

  14. Fuck people who do (high-sea)-fishing as a "sport", even if its catch and release stuff. There are so many endagered fish in those regions.

  15. Deep sea sport fishing tends to be pretty targeted, you don't really get much by catch. Other than sharks, and bluefin tuna none of these fish are anywhere near endangered or threatened.

  16. There are ways to do this ethically and not harm the fish in any significant way, like keeping them in the water at all times and minimizing handling time.

  17. Well tickle me and call me Susan, I've never been graced with why they're called Sailfish, that is stunning.

  18. The fastest fish in the oceans. The actual fastest fish being the elusive space fish seen once a millenia

  19. But out of the world's occeans? The snapper. I can huck one of those at speeds of up to 30 mph!

  20. Would those sails be fossilizable? As in, is it possible that many aquatic animals in the past had such beautiful features that we just might not see in the fossil record?

  21. Always wondered what creature grows the most throught there lives. They start so damn small to what they can become. Not sure I even mean just pure weight. Blue whales start heavy already but go super heavy. There's a pic of one that fits in just the small cup in a guys palm. Amazing.

  22. It's not dead and will probably be released, although sailfish are often caught for food. This specimen however isn't common, which is why I'm guessing they threw it back.

  23. What's up with the title? "Some experts consider the Sailfish the fastest"? What? What's the conflict here? Are there faster fish, or aren't there? What are they weighing? This seems like a pretty straight forward thing, so I figure I'm missing something here.

  24. If that fish had a gun and shot you would it be fishwittenhouse self defense( while u bled on your wife or child)......?.....or u engaged in somtin dangerous you already knew. White poeple= but its fun

  25. “Some experts”, lol, like this is some new controversial theory. This has been common knowledge for decades.

  26. I hooked into one years ago. Seen it cruising by the pier I was fishing on. After fighting it for 5 minutes it spit the hook

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