The secret behind those beams of light in Antelope Canyon

  1. Over the last ten years or so, Antelope Canyon, the Navajo Tribal Park located on the outskirts of Page, Arizona, has risen from relative obscurity to become one of the most popular destinations in the Southwest. The primary driver behind the exponential increase in visitor numbers was social media, mostly Instagram: everybody who is anybody has racked up a perfect selfie in this almost mystical space, with a backdrop of swirling orange sandstone. Those who manage to schedule their visit during the right time of year, at the right time of day get a bonus: magical beams of light, slanting down from the crack in the roof of the slot canyon, adding that much more pizazz to their photographs.

  2. While antelope canyon is a cool place to visit i wouldn’t recommend it. There’s millions of other slot canyons out there that are just as unique in their own ways. Spoiler alert it doesn’t really look like that. The colors you see are due to phone filters so any random person can take a photo that looks like they’re a pro. Now if you are dead set on going what I could not possibly recommend enough is a kayak trip on lake Powell. They do guided group kayak trips for all levels and experience. Half and full day trips. . 10/10 on the kayaking trip 5/10 on antelope canyon.

  3. Thank you, good to know! I’ve always debated going or not to Antelope Canyon, if it ever becomes less crowded/in demand I may go but for now I think I’ll stick to the myriad other slot canyons and awesome Lake Powell exploring :D

  4. We’ve been to Upper Antelope Canyon twice, pre-COVID and post. It’s amazing and easy to access. Not a National Park, is as good as one. Best lighting for the sand fall pictures is mid day. We’ve always done morning. Last trip it was windy outside and got to see a great sand fall.

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