A trip to the North Rim: 100% of the Grand Canyon, with 10% of the crowds

  1. The Grand Canyon is on almost everyone’s bucket list, and therein lies the rub. In 2021, it was the 4th busiest National Park in the US, with 4.5 million visitors. That’s a significant drop from pre-pandemic levels, but it’s still quite a crowd, especially when you figure that nearly all of those people head straight for the same relatively small place: Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim, which is where you find the main visitors center, and most of the hotels and other amenities. In peak season (the whole of the summer) it’s a bit like Times Square with a view, and that’s IF you’re lucky enough to find a parking space!

  2. When were your pics taken? This month? The trees look lovely. Will have to squeeze in a weekend drive out there before the roads close.

  3. There is a third option to really see the canyon…. A whitewater trip from Lees Ferry to Diamond springs. Private or commercial, motorized or not. Lots of time / cost options but you will experience it in a very different way.

  4. Please excuse my dumb question, but how is this experience (in general) for someone who is irrationally afraid of heights?

  5. Well shit. I've done the South Rim and even hiked all the way down with a completely overloaded pack and camped a couple days at the bottom. Your well written depiction of the North Rim and the views is making me put this whole thing into my Google Keep so I can duplicate it someday soon. Cheers! 👌💯

  6. I find it strange when people talk about crowding. I was at the Grand Canyon in June, South Rim, on a Sunday (Fathers Day!) and it was fine. Only place where I felt like it was crowded was the developed viewpoint at Mather Point, but the rim goes on for miles and miles in both directions and it’s easy to find a quiet spot.

  7. If you want something even wilder, I was at the South Rim a few weeks ago, first day was Labor Day, so was prepared for insane crowds. It was virtually empty. There was ONE other couple at Powell Point for sunset.

  8. North Rim is above 8,000 feet, so it’s quite cool, even in summer. Autumn is a fabulous time to visit—but at that point, it can get downright cold! If you’re camping, be prepared.

  9. I love titles like this on social media....which is exactly how places get blown up. It truly amazes me how people still don't understand that concept.

  10. Oh shit people might find out about the grand canyon. Like i get what you are saying but the north rim of the grand canyon is fucking huge and much less accessable than the south rim. This isnt like some exact bend or pond that no one knows about. Its the grand canyon lmao

  11. Now that, my friend, is most decidedly not true. The hike down is just one way. The views from the overlooks are another, and then, there are the rafting trips, which are in a class by themselves. We can't all be hikers. (It wouldn't be as much fun if we were!)

  12. That area around Navajo Bridge is a real hidden marvel. Lee’s Ferry is such a nice little spot. Definitely makes sense as a place one would flee too.

  13. Thanks! These were taken a few years ago, with some older equipment--a Nikon D7000 DSLR, and a Sony a 6000 mirrorless. I carry both, and use both.

  14. North rim is definitely my favorite. Had the opportunity to work there for a little while and was definitely breathtaking. People definitely need to take the time and drive over to vermilion cliffs

  15. I much prefer the North Rim to South Rim. North Rim is 8,297 feet in elevation an I’ve been there when there was still snow on the ground. South Rim is 7,000 ft. There was hardly anyone all three times I’ve been to the North Rim. The South Rim was like Disneyland. Both are something one really needs to see. Pictures do not do the Canyon Justice.

  16. I love the north rim in that part of Arizona and up into Utah it's beautiful the campsite at Cape final on the north rim is one of the best campsites in the whole entire park

  17. We spent a lovely day in the north rim. I totally recommend! We stayed in Kanab, Utah and it was about 90 minutes one way. Kanab is a great little town and so much hiking in every direction. We did the drives described in the original post and I have to admit I have a fear of heights but was fine. During the windy roads I had to close my eyes a few times! And i stayed on the path, agree that those idiots taking pictures on the other side of the guard rails are just asking for trouble - many wearing flip flops too.

  18. We went to the north rim because we were staying around Zion NP. Our drive there was complete wide open nothingness and we were there all day with really pretty minimal crowd in mid-August. We realized later it’s cause the South Rim is the busy spot lol, but we had an amazing day at the North Rim!

  19. Man those colors in picture #6. It's wild how all the leaves and grass are almost the same shade of yellow!

  20. Totally disagree. No view of the Grand Canyon is best or worst because every view is great. The South Rim can be crowded, but quiet places are trivial to find. It is never like Times Square.

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