Cleaning dishes from weekend

  1. Did they ask you to wash the dishes? The way you explained it it sounds like you saw the dishes and assumed they left them for you to do.

  2. I would talk to them and directly outline your duties. I personally wouldn’t leave “a caked on and nasty” cupcake pan for my NFs to clean, but it’s pretty petty of them to leave it for you. But there’s been times when I’ve been so busy and overwhelmed where dishes get pushed a couple days and I’d imagine with a special needs child, this might happen with your NPs as well.

  3. Well what happened was that the muffins were finished baking right before my shift ended on Friday and they needed to cool off before I took them out. I didn’t even know it would be caked on because I greased the pan.

  4. If you used the pan, you should have cleaned it. Did your NF tell you to wash the dishes, or did you assume they wanted you to? Sometimes people don't do their dishes right away, and if washing dishes isn't part of your duties you don't need to do it (aside from the dishes you make).

  5. The muffins were cooling off on Friday afternoon when I left. I couldn’t have cleaned it before my shift ended on Friday afternoon.

  6. I think it’s weird that you’re upset about the one thing you left lol. I mean it is petty they left it for you to clean but you did dirty it on your shift. Idk. I would just clean the cupcake pan and leave it at that. None of their weekend dishes. If they wanna be like that then be like that back lol

  7. It is interesting that you never clarified whether or not they actually asked you to do the dishes. It sounds like you are upset that they didn't do the dishes. Maybe they had a particularly busy weekend. They might have had other things to do that were a greater priority.

  8. How is she being taken advantage of? She's the one who used the pan and left it dirty for someone else to clean up.

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