Is there an easier way to do a half moon mani myself?

  1. I recently tried it and I didn’t find it that hard using nail art brushes. Use alcohol to erase any mistakes or clean up lines. I would say as soon as you see it looking the way you want cure it!! You could start by using the half moon as an accent nail so you’re not committed to doing all 10!

  2. You could use nail vinyls or stickers to get the perfect half moon shape. Paint your nails the color you want the moon to be, then apply a quick dry top coat and let it fully dry. Then place a curved or circle sticker at the base of your nail and paint a different color over the end of it

  3. I was trying to find a way around it but I found that bandaids have too strong of a hold to use as a stencil. I caved and bought french tip stickers that I'll use upside down :) thank you

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