Game Thread: Washington Commanders at New York Giants

  1. For the last fucking time, this is not Daniel Jones' fault. He (and Saquon) needs blockers and guys who can catch the damn ball. Bellinger being back helps, Hodgins is helping out when he can. We also need healthy guys in the defensive backfield who can cover and it would be a nice bonus if they could tackle

  2. There were multiple times on drives where Jones did not feel the pressure AT ALL after holding the ball for 3, 4 or 5 seconds. No offensive line holds up that long. He is missing open check downs and not even looking at all his reads. His pocket reads/decision making is WAY too slow. He’s not the guy, pal. He’ll be an above average backup in the future and I’m happy for him.

  3. Beating ourselves, yet again. That drop by Slayton hurt. If Moreau holds onto that INT, the game would’ve been over. For those that are bashing on the coaching and play calling, you forget the level of talent we have on the field. Coaching only takes you so far.

  4. Coaching was the problem with going deep again to Slayton on 2nd down after the drop. They should have ran something preparing for a shorter 3rd down. Instead it became 3rd and long.

  5. Dropped several interceptions today. Heineke slinging it with no regard for the defense because again and again the Giants DBs can't seem to hang onto the ball. Our WRs have the same problem lol but it continues to baffle me how guys who play football their entire lives can't catch a ball that hits them in both hands.

  6. Man, I’m not even mad at Gano. Our offence could have put the game away about a half dozen times and chose to play like clowns instead.

  7. Next time vs Washington will probably determine WC depending on if we handle our business next week.

  8. Rough one, but y'all need to strap in because the rest of our schedule is fucking stacked. I don't expect a win against anyone except MAYBE the Colts, and that's a big fucking maybe.

  9. Or maybe he's more concerned that our OL isn't holding up on the interior and we don't have guys who can get open? They let Jones air it out several times today, one of them resulted in a huge gain and another a horrific drop by our "#1" . Fact is Feliciano, Glowinski and Gates were turnstiles in pass protection against WAS fearsome DL, and the Giants don't have the pieces outside to consistently punish. They tried and Slayton dropped a perfectly thrown ball that hit both his hands. Hodgins and James aren't getting open consistently by the time the ball needs to come out of DJs hands.

  10. Feliciano. What the hell is that shit, and I hate taunting penalties. Also if thibs’ sack was just one yard more, that safety would’ve won us the game

  11. You know we’re gonna get abused by the Eagles next week and probably lose the week after with the Commies coming off a bye. 7-6-1 sounds like a pretty lame team to me

  12. I guess it’s not the worst case scenario, but this was a very winnable game we let slip from bad play calling and mistakes. Whoever flexed and gave us the taunting penalty should be benched.

  13. Feliciano doesn't commit a dumbass penalty or Slayton catches that deep shot and we're walking away with a win. Two self-inflicted errors really cost us. Oh well, we'll see them in 2 weeks.

  14. Lotta guys returned from injury today, especially on offense. Other than Bredeson (and Ezudu who might not even start at full strength) this is the offensive toolbox. The defense was missing X and Adoree, but we were far more healthy today than we had been in previous weeks.

  15. This one is on the offensive coaching. We had multiple chances to put Washington to the sword and we never took them. Offensive playcalling been frustrating the last few weeks tbh. We're not the most talented but it's been overly conservative to almost Garrett levels at points.

  16. Well now everyone knows how tough he is. Fuck doing it by being a good offensive linemen, show the world that you can lose a game single handedly

  17. What about today's performance has you blaming the QB? He made plays to put the team in position to win the game but his teammates (horrific penalty by Feliciano, terrible drop from Slayton) either didn't execute at key moments or made brain melting mistakes. Jones played very well despite the IOL being a turnstile every dropback and despite lacking any semblance of a reliable weapon to throw to. .

  18. I would've rather them lose to be honest. What a pussy way to handle this game. Totally goes against Daboll's philosophy as well. So he comes off as a huge hypocrite today.

  19. I think this damages us, especially given we have the toughest remaining schedule of any team. We needed the two wins against Washington to cement a spot. Now we're dependent on how others teams finish.

  20. We’re still ahead of Washington for now but we needed this win. Now we’re gonna play both the eagles and a rested up commanders away

  21. God damn it the nfl needs to change this overtime system its so awful, the ncaa does this shit way better

  22. First time this season I’ve been genuinely disappointed with the coaching. Had so many opportunities to put it away and didn’t. This shows how far off the Giants are. They score 20 points and just hit a wall.

  23. Three things killed us today: Feliciano's penalty, our inability to cover their receivers, and poor coaching in terms of time management and playcalling. That is all.

  24. Seriously. WR first round - Quentin Johnston would be a dream come true but prob. Won't happen so we'll have to settle for a guy like Jordan Addison or Jaxson Smith-Njigba. Then we better go CB 2nd rd.

  25. After the Slayton drop they should have went back to what was working to get a first down or kill time. Hate the deep pass in that situation.

  26. That 2nd timeout call was bad. We should have used it that last drive and stop the clock so we could have had one more play and get closer for a fg

  27. That was the wierdest damn thing Ive seen an NFL CENTER do. On a passing play no less. He had to run like 15 yards up field after the play to then flex in front of 4 DBs? wtf. At least flex when you pancake block some DT on a running play.

  28. Daboll is really looking shaky these last few weeks. He’s allowing this to happen. He’s allowing the game flow to be determined by Kafka or he’s doing it himself. Either way it’s not working and it’s obvious.

  29. Big yikes on Daboll and Kafka. Awful time management, awful play calls, way too conservative after the half. It's like they were playing for the tie the entire time.

  30. Better than a loss but I feel sick from not winning this. Offense really was horrible 4th quarter and cost them a win.

  31. It's not, but sure feels like it is. Being a in division tie against the team we are fighting with for a playoff spot actually helps compared to anyone else.

  32. What a badly coached game from us. We got no points in like 30 minutes wtf Is that. We were up 7 forever ans could not make it two scores. If this game is the difference in us making the playoffs or not is such a giants way to go out.

  33. What a disaster. Anyone that has anything positive to say about this fucking train wreck of a game is obviously better medicated than I am. This team needs to figure it the fuck out.

  34. It’s fucking hilarious after this game you come to that conclusion. It’s clear you people will never give him his due.

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