24 drown as boat capsizes in Korotoa river in Panchagarh, Bangladesh.

  1. Everyone in the comments is talking about these people being unable to swim but not many comments about having 24 fucking people on this little boat lmao

  2. Exactly, a large majority of people who drown don't have swimming experience. That's why I thinking learning to swim, especially at an early age, is something very very important.

  3. swimming is easy- just inflate your lungs by taking deep breath and gently push water with hands and legs . Just don't panic

  4. Certainly swimmers drowned as well. That many panicked people will inadvertently take you with them in their desperation for air.

  5. How about avoid overloading a small ass boat. Like fr which mf think that the boat they're riding aren't going to sink when the boat is that small with 23 other passengers

  6. Did a earthquake happen, or did the camera man go crazy and start spinning because he saw all those people slowly and comically fall into the water lolll

  7. Bangladesh is a river delta country, sometimes you have to get on a boat because there's no other alternative.

  8. We take learning how to swim as little kids for granted so much here in the US. It’s kind of like a generational thing here, kids learn to swim, grow up, teach their kids to swim, etc. crazy how that expectation isn’t in other places.

  9. I don’t understand how I keep seeing Indians drowning. You have some of the biggest rivers in the world. Learn how to fucking swim.

  10. It's a bit insensitive and just a bit sus that the camera person started jumping for joy right when the boat when down

  11. If I were to guess, he has family on the boat, and was a bit worried or just thought he’d film for memories. Maybe family that couldn’t swim. When the boat capsized, maybe he thought he watched his family die. Just speculation

  12. I didn’t learn to swim until I was 14. I had almost drowned in a pool when I was 3 and again at the beach when I was 12. It’s not hard to learn but some people do need someone to teach them.

  13. 5 😳 I never even learned how to swim I just knew how to bc my mom did that to me so young lol. I was like less than a year old when she tossed me on the water

  14. Was there a fault on the boat or was it just overloaded, didn’t appear to be any rough waters and it went down like it was made of concrete

  15. if u don't know how to swim I think you should at least learn how to backfloat. if u lay on your back you'll stay on top of the water and float. just remember that if ur ever stuck in water

  16. So , does knowing how to swim have any impact on your ability to survive a sinking situation like this? Did not a single one of these people know Joe to swim, and if not, why? It always confuses me when people live near water and don’t learn to swim.

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