Do insects and plant experience NDE?

  1. Now…what were you hoping to find here? And would you believe any answer, whether it be “yes, they do” or “no, they don’t”?

  2. I've wondered this, too. I used to hate and fear bugs. Now I trap them and put them outside. I don't have the heart to kill them. Sometimes I feel guilty when pulling weeds. If they are living, shouldn't they have souls, too?

  3. I always thought about it the exact same way as you describe. That’s funny! Or I used to think if someone was cruel to an animal they would come back as one and suffer the same treatment.

  4. Yea its thought provoking. I would assume all living being experiences nde but their nde would be different from us? It is weird, everything in this reality.

  5. What I was told in my NDEs is that everything has a soul, although some souls do collectives. Like all the sand on a beach may be part of the same soul until it's removed from the beach, where it is then animated by another soul.

  6. That is a big question. I’m gonna say no. The tiniest of difference between humans and animals. But I could very well be very from and the actual intelligence here is water…

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