Aren’t we darn alone in NDE?

  1. I have to come understand things like "Love" as being rooted in connection and union with the source of life or God. While things like "Fear" are rooted in disconnection and disunion from the Source of Life or God.

  2. This assertion is very shaky. Consentual hallucinations would better apply to the eternal side only, and when someone has one foot in it, not to two mortals, except for Shared Death Experiences when multiple mortals have one foot on the other side. My opinion, anyway

  3. How do you figure? The presence of other beings is one of the frequently reported qualities of NDEs. (It seems even more common in end of life experiences among the elderly and terminally ill.)

  4. Somebody already posted what I was gonna post, but from what I have read, and from what has been channeled and other people have experienced, it is exactly the opposite. There is a connection to everything. So much joy and warmth and belonging. I haven’t had an NDE, but I read a lot about them and I have a couple of friends who have had them.

  5. Your posts seem to hinge around not believing in NDE's, what the point of posting in stuff like this as fact in a group where they say otherwise? is it to get a certain reaction out of people? This is like me posting in christian pages. just a waste of time

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