Clothing brands coming to 2K23

  1. What actually is State Farm? They were all over 2k22 with that weird cunt making me wear his red polo shirt but I have no idea what State Farm actually do.

  2. Cosmetics that don't transfer over to future installments that use the same currency you use for everything else...

  3. I only wear drip the give me for free. All my hard earned vc goes into upgrading my player. I play mostly rec so who the heck gonna see my drip anyways??? I want them to get the game mechanics dialed in and stop worrying about aspects of the city and player clothing customization that don't really mean anything.

  4. If 2k only bad basic clothes to select from then people would complain about the lack of variety and selection. This community just actively looks for something to complain or nag about now.

  5. On the topic of Reebok, we could design Reebok shoes like Iversons in the 2K22 Shoe Creator, but there was no way to purchase them in The City and that made no sense to me.

  6. Look at all the advertisements you can wear while spending your VC. Don't forget to keep your eyes open for thr billboards of these brands as you go for your daily jog to the rec centre!

  7. Soooo it's still 2k22 but with more clothing? I'm probably still gonna buy it but fuck I'm actually holding off on the pre sale bullshit. Imma check back on the 12th and see how bad this really is.

  8. Wow! I can’t wait to get on my 2k bike I paid $40 real money for so I can ride on down to the virtual shopping center in A BASKETBALL VIDEO GAME so I can buy them with my 125 hours I spent in the park! (124 of those hours were spent waiting for someone to play with me, because who needs real lobbies when you have a virtual city RIGHT?)

  9. Still no Li-Ning or Anita. They’ll shell out money to all these clothing brands no one asked for but ain’t even got the rights to every top 15 players signature shoe. And I’ll bet New Balance is still broken next year

  10. Awesome, no significant changes to franchise mode but I can spend money so MyPlayer can wear Crocs. Can’t wait.

  11. I know normally this would be correct. But 2k23 announced mynba eras that’s like the biggest upgrade to any franchise mode ever if everything works correctly

  12. More brands, more money for 2k, less features for myCareer (high school, uni, real foooking draft). Best buisness plan ever !

  13. I don't even know half of these brands and from what I've seen in 2k22, most of their designs are ugly. Give some fubu, mecca, or Sean John jeans...

  14. This may be anecdotal, but I feel like I never saw anyone wearing even a fraction of the clothes they offered. It’s either a jersey, shirtless with tatts, or the compression gear for most.

  15. Hahaha I love how ok y’all are with buying digital clothes to make your player drip Hahahhaa just making those lazy developers even lazier hahaha

  16. They can sell me all the clothes they want but when I get an interview after the game I'll always still be in my green shirt and grey sweats for some reason

  17. I can honestly say, the only clothing my myplayer has ever worn is an NBA jersey. This shit is dumb to me.

  18. How about instead they pay the retired players so we can get Barkley and the other missing players. Detroit, Phoenix, and Indiana all get screwed from all the great missing players. Plus 2K owes it to the retirements guys. Shame on you 2K!!

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