What's your favorite NASCAR saying?

  1. I love Kurt Busch. I frequently use this, but sub track for whatever the context is. Now I just gotta figure out how to get people to interrupt me with radio interference.

  2. The three second pause between him screaming and the camera showing who it is always gets my heart rate up

  3. WHAT THE HELL DOES HE WANT?!?! You almost hit some of their crew when you left so he wants to whip your ass. F$&K!!! F#$K!!

  4. Was he talking about AJ Allmendinger, Shane Hmiel, Jeremy Mayfield, Tyler Walker, Brian Rose, Aaron Fike, Kevin Grubb, Shane Sieg, Jack Smith, or Sammy Potashnick?

  5. Not an exact quote but Reutimann spun Ryan Newman and Newman said something like, I see why they call him Reutimann because he rooted-a-man right out of the way.

  6. Lately one of my favs of dh is when asked about Indy Rc on dbc "I looked like a monkey fucking a football out there, the car didn't brake, doesn't turn, and didn't shift well, other than that it was fine"

  7. I love Bob but the full quote from Kurt is even better cause he continues “…but since I am on probation I suppose that’s improper to say as well.” Self-awareness 100 from Kurt but it wasn’t enough to prevent NASCAR from suspending him from the Cup race the following week.

  8. “Oh for Pete’s sake, brother.” -Darrell Waltrip, after Michael wrecked in the ‘07 Coke 600 qualifying

  9. I once made the mistake of using "real estate" like that with somebody that was not a race fan. They gave me a puzzled look and said, "real estate?".

  10. Not a very well-known one, but in '97 during the race at Watkins Glen, they interviewed Kenny Wallace after he was knocked out of contention with an engine failure. He began the interview by saying "Well, my motor blowed..."

  11. "He doesn't know he can't do that" (DW was referencing Edwards trying a new line and passing guys in his rookie year). Been one of my favorite sayings ever since even outside of nascar.

  12. Harry: Alright, while we're still under a caution, I want you to go back out on that track and hit the pace car.

  13. “And there is Ward Burton getting banged by Dick Trickle… and others” - Mike Joy during a big one in the late 90s

  14. I feel like I've heard other say it but Rick Carelli said "they played nice for about 350 laps, not they're all losing their Crayola's." Just is funny to me.

  15. "You can tell the 48, I wouldn't beat his fucking back bumper off if he would've fucking let me go about 40 fucking laps ago asshole" -Kyle Busch

  16. “That’s putting the hot dog in the bun, right there!”- Mike Joy on one of Newman’s moves his first race back.

  17. “Block me once, that’s fine. Block me twice, you’re going into the grandstands.” - Kyle Petty

  18. Honestly I love listening to the radio when the spotter is calling it out. I mean nothing to do with the show (I do enjoy it tho) but “half back inside” or “ door bumper clear clear clear”. That’s what gets me.

  19. Michael Waltrip said this many years ago after he blew an engine or broke a transmission. "Dont know what happened, something broke that makes it go"

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