How much do you think it would cost to repair this?

  1. For reference I just got mine back from the shop after someone backed into it. Similar damage to this but there wasn't any damage to the driver's door so less severe than OP. They charged the other person's insurance nearly $7k.

  2. Would like to add, got T-Boned in a 4 way stop because someone forgot to stop. The car isn’t driving correctly was swerving more towards one side and bumpy and had a screech sound at times

  3. I'm going to guess high but I have seen damage like this easily be between $13k and $15k. On the bright side because of the sideskirt you might be able to get away with a quarter panel instead of a uniside. But yeah wheel damage, potential suspension damage and axle it's not going to be cheap. If they remove that quarter and the inner structure is damaged or the bottom of the b pillar you are going to be in the $20k range.

  4. Damn I knew it was bad but didn’t know it would be that bad. There’s prolly axle damage and more damages we can’t seed Time to start looking for a new car once his insurance pays me out for it

  5. Def needs a qtr panel, 2-4 hours on that door shell. an hour on the inner maybe. .5 on the rocker mounding. Blend to the roof rail and trunk. Recondition for the wheel. Wheel looks pushed forward so probably a strut, lower control arm and maybe an axle. Around 6-9k in damage.

  6. damn bro sorry that happened, you have the same color and model that i totaled. looks similar to what happened to me, prob totaled sadly

  7. jeez man, similar situation almost happened to me where i was leaving the school parking lot and this moron just flew past his stop sign on like a 10mph road but i decided to hit the breaks last second because i realized he wasn’t slowing down. would’ve completely destroyed my car. at least you’re okay and i’m hoping all goes well for you man!

  8. It sucks man glad nothing major happened to u. I don’t get how people are gonna speed and just blow past stop signs like that even if it was an “accident”. Could literally kill someone doing that and I’m lucky I wasn’t hit directly on my door or it coulda been much worse injury wise

  9. Had a similar accident on my car. Thanks to a friend I let drive. Lost control in the rain, hit the sidewalk with the front passenger tire chipping a portion off the rim, caused the car to straighten out really fast so when the passenger back tire hit the curb, it jumped the curb. Turned the back rim into an accordion. The car slid on the side walk until it hit a post on the passenger quarter panel.

  10. I got rear-ended and had damage to rear-left bumper. 11k in damage, car has been in the shop for 7 weeks, and counting. Supply chain issues with parts and god knows what else. Ridiculous.

  11. I had exactly this on a 2014 several years ago. Was hit hard by an older lady who was speeding. It cost the insurance 12K+ to fix because it’s a unibody and technically bent my frame (e.g. almost the entire body is frame). Get several quotes if not using insurance.

  12. Sounds like a no fault claim since the other party failed to stop. He’d be out his deductible at most and if the other party has insurance they should put you in a rental car while yours is getting looked at.

  13. Why do I feel like and by the looks of it especially tire wear, were you probably doing a street take over donuts and hit someone or someone hit you.

  14. The damage is just the quarter panel. Less than 5k, they would just replace the quarter and probably not need to blend the panels it because it's white.

  15. There is no paint break line on the roof. You would have to paint the rear of the car on both sides even if you were staying out if the door.

  16. If the car was driving straight I would have said it could be repaired. But nah, very likely totaled.

  17. Looks like it’s just rear quarter panel damage, I had mine replaced for 3k without insurance.

  18. I mean, if you don't care about having it fixed correctly, you could probably get it looking OK for $3500....and by "OK", I mean repair panels and bondo. Anyone who knows what to look for will spot quickly.

  19. Check your suspension and the rear axis, if it's damaged just sell it, The chasis and frame can get fixed if you really love your car but if the rear axis is damaged is going to be very expensive and dangerous to drive.

  20. If you could get someone to check the frame, thats a junkyard pull a fender possibly door and some paint. Did it to my stang, bypassed what a shop quoted me at 6k lul. Spent about 500$ did it myself. Hope you get it figured out! Doesnt look totalled to me, have seen wayyy worse be totalled but insurance companies suck.

  21. I always buy cars from auto auctions with way more damage than that. My guess is that the insurance would total it just because it’s expensive to repair but as far as I see you 100% can fix that.

  22. It needs a new quarter panel and probably an outer wheel house. Remove glass repair door and blend trunk wheel looks fucked. This is probably $10-15k to fix properly

  23. Not at fault, I got T boned in a 4 way stop as I was turning left because the other party didn’t stop and was speeding. Unfortunately, it was another mustang eco that hit me too, his car looks repairable just his front and no apparent frame damage on his end

  24. It looks like it would be a quarter panel replacement and possibly suspension work, depending of the model it might not total. But I think the outer wheel house would need replacing but if your lucky it might be repairable. To be honest it wouldn't be that hard to as a job for a body shop. But also I work in the industry so meh take my opinion with a grain of salt. Good luck I hope everything works out in your favor

  25. Insurance will take of that, just make sure the frame isn't damaged. My cousins eco boost had the same thing happened and he was all good.

  26. I bought a car with similar damage. I had to cut off the old quarter panel and weld in a new one. It was relatively straightforward, but lots of labor time. It's also a convertible, so it was much easier than it would be on a coupe.

  27. Damn dude this sucks, the crappy thing about the body is how big that piece is. If it's not a total loss they are going to have to cut out a major portion to replace. Hopefully you are alright

  28. I’m good very lucky it was the quarter panel he hit not the door or it coulda lead to serious injuries. At this point it’s not worth if they fix it :/ The cars not gonna be the same anymore and lose so much value if I sell it later on because of that accident

  29. I already started a claim and waiting for my insurance to get back to me before I take it to the body shop. Nothing wrong with asking peoples output because some out here actually work at body shops and can give reasonable estimates. And I was already thinking total loss, just wanted to see what others output was if they’d think the same… nothing wrong with that they should ban u instead

  30. More than you wanna spend. Get an estimate before calling your insurance, if it’s close to being totaled just finish the job and then call your insurance.

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