What’s your favorite bass line in a rock song?

  1. At one point I could play a nice list comprised of awesome Rancid songs (Radio, Fall Back Down, Sidekick, Ruby Soho, and a few more) which included Maxwell. Now, I can only play Time Bomb from memory.

  2. Geezer is a really unique bass player. On some songs his bass lines are more intricate than the guitar, but it fits together very well. Both War Pigs and God Is Dead come to mind.

  3. Fugazi gotta be one of the tightest hardcore bands ever. Personally I'd pick the intro riff for bed for the scraping.

  4. So glad to see this here. Such a badass bass riff and one that brings back so many memories of when I was in high school. I love when the bass guitar is such a dominant feature in a song. I guess that’s why I’m a big Primus/Les Claypool fan as well.

  5. I saw an act cover the Chain once. When that part came up, the bassist lit up like he'd been waiting for that moment all night.

  6. For all of my childhood I thought that was the Formula 1 racing theme. In the UK the tail end of the song was used for the intro for BBC's F1 programme.

  7. I still think John McVie is the luckiest man ever in rock as he is a band that sells out stadiums and music. He isn't the lead singer, producer nor top song writer. Nobody would demand a refund if he quit Fleetwood Mac. But, he has done some amazing bass work and as the Mac in Fleetwood Mac, (senior partner) he can't be fired- baring a major felony.

  8. As a Motörhead fan I fully agree. Back at the Funny Farm is a great one too, the two intros are quite similar.

  9. Tommy the Cat for me - you cannot deny the groove. Suggesting anything by Primus is almost cheating at this question.

  10. In any 3 piece the bass has a lot of heavy lifting but I always liked Muse bringing it right to the fore though. I met Chris when they were starting out, they’re from my neck of the woods, absolutely lovely chap.

  11. That bass line is fucking genius. When you get into the groove and you're hitting it note for note, you get a little high off it

  12. John Taylor doesn’t get enough credit for the absolutely excellent bass lines in Duran Duran. Great choice!

  13. Hysteria was my first thought too. This blew my mind when I first heard it - I was 14/15 and had never really been into music in a big way before. This changed everything.

  14. Qotsa had some excellent bass-lines on Rated R and Songs for the Deaf. Eagles of Death Metal also have some underrated bass-lines, too.

  15. QOTSA are such a good band. I remember hearing Rated R for the first time and being blown away. Rated R and Songs for the Deaf are two absolutely perfect albums imo.

  16. That one's def the most iconic, but I would argue the 2nd half of 10k days is the sweetest bass line Justin's ever written. Just such an amazing groove.

  17. There have been people who’ve talked about Weymouth not being a proficient bass player, but she wrote great parts. Besides being able to count to four, tell me something about bass that’s more important than that.

  18. As awesome as his performance was in Orion, I think he did even better in The Call of Ktulu. He absolutely shreds the whole time in that one, but unfortunately he’s pretty low in the mix so you can only really hear him when he hits harmonics (I think they’re harmonics?) mixed with the wah pedal.

  19. You know that is amazing but most people don't even realize it's bass. Also, Anesthesia (pulling teeth) is amazing bass.

  20. LWTUA was the first song I learned to play on bass. Closely followed by Regret. Hooky is one of my heroes. Disorder is an immense song, and I love how it hinges on the bass line

  21. Just saw Hooky in Sydney at the weekend playing all these. Just walks on stage picks up the bass announces one word, Disorder and off we go; both albums complete..

  22. Krist Noveselic is a highly underrated Bass player. The bass-line for Lithium is great, too. I always tell people to go back and listen to the bass on Nirvana songs.

  23. Soul to Squeeze for those guys. STP interstate love song. I’m burning for you BOC. Bad Fish Sublime. Cake I will survive. Schism Tool. Ego tripping at the gates of Hell Flaming lips.

  24. Soul to Squeeze is a great song and it’s crazy to me that the album it released on was the Coneheads soundtrack

  25. It’s more of a pop song but I’ve always loved the bass line in Rio by Duran Duran. Really the best part of the song in my opinion. Hungry Like the Wolf is great too. John Taylor is such a great bass player.

  26. You can literally probably put any Maiden song on this list. Steve Harris is fantastic. Those galloping bass lines on Run to the Hills makes it seem like you're really being chased by men on horses

  27. I know it is simple, but I've always loved the bass line in In Bloom by Nirvana. It really adds a melody line instead if being something more auxiliary like bass lines usually are.

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