Which artist has the best album debut and follow up?

  1. With 3 amazing albums. Are You Experienced, Axis, Bold As Love, and Electric Ladyland. I will die on this hill.

  2. Talking Heads with '77 and More Songs. Debut album pales in comparison with later works but its still is an amazing album.

  3. Dead Kennedys debuted with Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, a fantastic album filled with iconic songs, and followed it up with Plastic Surgery Disasters - more fleshed out, more intricate, more expansive, and (imo) better

  4. Beastie Boys - Licenced to Ill was a huge commercial success and they followed that up with their masterpiece Paul's Boutique.

  5. Absolutely. I will say I was part of the group that didn’t think Paul’s Boutique was all that great when it released. However I was young and stupid and today realize it’s one of the most important hip hop albums ever produced. IIRC the law at the time let them use all the samples in Shake Your Rump for a few grand, but if you tried to produce that song today it would cost something astronomical like 20 mil+.

  6. I still think gorillaz debut album is one of my favorite albums. People I know now kinda hate on gorillaz cuz they think of feel good and Clint Eastwood and it got played out. But the whole First album, every single song was amazing and a unique sound I wish I had more of

  7. Elvis Costello. His debut album (My Aim Is True, 1977) is regarded as one of the most influentual albums as he's one of the founders of the new wave genre. His 2nd album (This Year's Model, 1978), as well as his 3rd album (Armed Forces 1979), is outstanding.

  8. The run from My Aim is True to King of America is unmatched. Over an album a year for almost a decade. All classics. I am biased, because I really love EC's songwriting, but the only artist who I think has come close to this in terms of productivity is Lennon and McCartney from '64 to '70.

  9. Southernplayalisticcadillacmusic may be my top hip hop album of all time. They captured lightning in a bottle. No fillers, great listen front to back.

  10. Without a doubt two incredible albums. Especially when you add all the remix content for them as well, countless hours of enjoyment.

  11. The Doors. I’m on a Doors kick right now, but regardless it’s a great answer for this question. The Doors self titled First album “The Doors” is probably their best album and then not even a year later they released “People are Strange”

  12. The Doors debut is one of the greatest debuts ever released, absolutely. My second favourite is LA Woman which is totally different, and of course their final album. Those in between have their highlights, and yeah Strange Days is good.

  13. I actually like Strange Days better than the debut and the sound quality is incredible for 1967. Probably the best sounding album released that year. Very strong first two albums.

  14. I had no idea Pinkerton was their second album, I always assumed that was their “fuck it let’s try something new” album.

  15. Siamese Dream is a masterpiece and on another level compared to Gish, as is MCIS. SP started off good and ascended to incredible.

  16. Yes, but I have a soft spot for Debut. Even though she was already a mom when she made Debut, she completely captures the innocence of community ng of age experiences. A lot of the songs she admitted writing the lyrics as a child when she was younger, but the songcraft and everything surrounding the record fit and made for an excellent 'first' album.

  17. Seriously KEA was raw and very unpolished and mostly thrash salad but RTL was a new level of thrash, melody and lyricism all in 1 album. Absolute classics were born on that album. Fade, Bells, Call of Ktulu and album title..what a follow up.

  18. And then they pulled off one of the best metal albums, arguably of all time, with Master of Puppets. With all of them being around 22 years old! Amazing.

  19. Sadly, It Was Written didn't earn it's proper respect until years after it was released. That's mainly because Illmatic was such a classic and people wanted It Was Written to be Illmatic part 2.

  20. I had to scroll down so much! Oasis topped up DM at least successful wise when it was already massive. Both brilliant albums

  21. Maybe not the most popular opinion on this thread… but Coldplay’s Parachutes into A Rush of Blood to the Head… Come on, so so good.

  22. EMINEM 100%. Marshall Mathers LP is just as good if not better than Slim Shady LP and the The Eminem Show keeps up that same quality.

  23. Metallica absolutely zero doubt. Ushered in a new era of music, provided the template for decades to come and will never get old. How do you make back to back to back to back to back masterpieces when you’re that young?

  24. Queens of the Stone Age, self-titled debut as a 3 piece, fairly scuzzy desert rock/grunge with pop melodies and sensibilities, almost all killer

  25. Joy Division with Unknown Pleasures (1979) and Closer (1980). The only studio albums of the band Joy Division and some of the most important and unique in all of music history. They were also produced very quickly in a very short span of time.

  26. Coldplay. First showed them as the next big thing, second album had some of the biggest songs of the current century so far in

  27. This is probably going to be unpopular, but it’s so true. These were beautifully crafted albums with ROBTTH building musically on the Parachutes.

  28. Carnavas is such a good album. I absolutely love it, Lazy Eye, Three Seed and Well Thought Out Twinkles are some of my favourite songs.

  29. Let’s be honest. They not only knocked the follow up out of the park but their third album was great as well. Did thee ole one two punch with a secret kick

  30. God I fucking love these guys. I was lucky enough to be in high school not far from where they started and saw them play a handful of small shows and they were always amazing performers and just seriously cool dudes.

  31. I'm shocked I had to scroll so far down to see Ye. Say what you want about the guy, but dude came out the gates with a run of classics

  32. Yeah. Scrolled for Kanye. He doesn't even have to be your favorite to recognize the insane commercial success and influence he had out the gate, and it only got better. If we're talking most successful back to back first albums, I imagine he has to be in the top 10 of the greatest artists for debut and follow up. If he isn't, I'd only guess it's because his first two weren't his peak.

  33. Tool Undertow and Aenima, both pretty amazing, don't think they had so many tosser fans back then also. haha

  34. The Fame » The Fame Monster, from Lady Gaga. An incredible subversion/progression that remains her strongest collection of songs to date.

  35. The Allman Brothers Band, their eponymous release (1969) and Idlewild South (1970) are both excellent albums. Just under a year between them.

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