What albums have absolutely impeccable production/mixing?

  1. They’re that way live, too. That’s why they stopped doing tours after their first album, because they weren’t being given the time necessary to get their stage sound dialed in to their satisfaction. They didn’t go on tour again until much later in their career, when they finally had the juice to do things their way.

  2. This is the album that started my entire love of music. From the moment I heard the first track, I was in another world.

  3. I was going to reply Bjork - Homogenic, but really almost all her albums are mixed splendidly. Love the way she uses surround sound to create immersive musical landscapes.

  4. David Bowie's Low. So much going on sonically with that record, from the analogue synth instrumentals to the big punchy snare, and just the overall atmosphere of the record.

  5. Kinda surprised I can't find anything by the "Alan Parsons Project" if we're being for real, I love iRobot

  6. This album means so much to me, never heard an entire album from them before but it got me through the worst breakup I’ve been through. He was an avid fan and left all the albums behind. It all fit so perfectly

  7. Supposedly the recording of Alice In Chains Unplugged was so perfect that the mastering engineer did nothing to it.

  8. Interesting. I know they had to do many takes because Lane was so messed up. Fell out of his chair a few times. Forgot lyrics

  9. That album just glitters. Between songwriting, the session musicians they had in, and engineering: so close to perfect.

  10. Abbey Road still sounds incredibly clear today. It’s too bad Giles Martin did a remix of it as the official version when the original was already perfect. I like the mixing of Led Zeppelin 4 as well.

  11. Epic Records actually marketed the album with the line, “Better Music Through Science” due to the sound Tom Scholz was able to achieve making the record.

  12. great album all in all. that opening track is bonkers. if that doesn't make you wanna move your body you might be dead inside.

  13. Most anything that King Tubby and Lee Perry were putting out in the early years of dub. The way each sound seems to occupy such a distinct location in three-dimensional space is just remarkable, particularly considering the technology they were working with.

  14. For it’s time, I actually thought the chronic by dr Dre was really well mixed and produced. The 90’s had some tough/rugged sounding boom bap due to the machinery used and I thought he really pioneered that more cinematic sound. Lil ghetto boy is a good example.

  15. Am I right in thinking that Dre was one of the producers who would re-record all the things he wanted to sample? I think that way you don't have to pay publishing rights or something like that.

  16. Love this album. The bass in the first song, I think, is ridiculously loud. It's all I hear. But the rest of the album is really perfect.

  17. Alan Parsons magnum opus. I saw the mixing board at the Pink Floyd exhibit at the V&A. Amazing what they could accomplish with the tech of the time

  18. When I say or think of production I mainly think about the recording, mixing, mastering, and clarity of the instruments and vocals as well as the structuring and arrangement. When I hear these albums, it always leaves me in aw and has me saying “how did they manage to get this clear and crisp of a sound?”. It’s stuff that should be taught in recording and mixing classes.

  19. Rage Against the Machine. Self titled album is perfectly mixed. Many audio engineers used it as a reference track.

  20. It sounds so good that there is even a disclaimer in the liner notes to say the album was created with just guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

  21. I just makes my heart glow when Mr Bungle comes up at random. Especially that record. It's like hearing someone mention Slint out of nowhere.

  22. Made even more impressive when you read about how that record was mixed. A lot of it was mixed live because they'd often have multiple instruments on the same recording track so they'd have to constantly adjust levels. There is an interview with Trey and Trevor talking about how each band member was in charge of two faders when they were mixing down the record.

  23. Yes. Anything Steven Wilson touched, really. Even his Opeth albums are great. I think he produced Blackwater Park. Just beautiful.

  24. I rebuilt and used the same console they recorded that on...an old vintage neve console. there were only 4 of them ever made.2 ended up here in LA. I miss that console.

  25. Funny you say this, there’s a comment here somewhere saying the mixing was bad and the guitars and vocals are “dated” lol. Which I don’t agree with.

  26. I agree. Also Loveless by MBV has some of the most meticulous production of all time. Kevin Shields almost drove himself crazy trying to produce it by himself. A lot of those 90’s Dream pop/ Shoegaze albums have incredible production.

  27. I’ve seen Tame Impala live more than any other band - big fan. But his mixing isn’t traditional which is what this thread is mostly discussing. Tame’s music has never been dynamic or truly engaging as some of these other incredibly mixed albums listed here. He creates great sounds and very catchy tunes but his mixing shouldn’t be compared to something like DSOTM or Aja.

  28. To echo the dude espousing how great the Steely Dan concert was, I saw NIN at Boston Calling this summer. I like NIN, but only know like 10 tracks.

  29. The Pretender by Jackson Browne. Not my favorite genre anymore but it stands out as the best mix to me without being forced. Just very balanced, lush and nuanced.

  30. I worked with a mastering engineer who used that for guitar references. Mutt Lange did legendary work with them and others, including Def Leppard.

  31. Purple Rain by Prince. Hearing the record on a good system legit sounds amazing. I was shocked when I first heard it on record instead of in bits on the radio or something. It sounds amazing. A lot of thought and effort went into everything from the recording studio to the store shelves.

  32. So many people sleep on fly like an eagle cause they're only familiar with the space jam version. They used to play the Steve Miller version when I worked overnights at a grocery store and it definitely hits different when u stocking shelves in a grocery store at 3am

  33. Grateful Dead’s Terrapin Station is wonderfully mixed, considering their previous album Blues for Allah, while amazing, was recorded in a living room.

  34. Tracey Chapman's self titled album - I used to work in a hifi shop and it was one of the standards we used to show off the equipment...

  35. I think the best showcase of this is the outro to Closer. It just keeps adding things until there is so much going on, but you can hear everything perfectly well and nothing is masking anything else. That is so hard to achieve without it sounding like a total mess.

  36. Mercurial World by Magdalena Bay has some of the crispiest and most satisfying production and mixing in modern electronic pop in my opinion.

  37. The production behind “Sea Change” by Beck is stellar. It was produced by Nigel Godrich who produced several Radiohead albums

  38. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. I had listened to it all my life and when I heard it for the first time on a proper listening setup I was absolutely blown away.

  39. A lot of 90’s alternative records were excellent recordings. Analog equipment was at its technical peak and the industry culture hadn’t gotten bogged down by digitalization and compression crap that became so widespread. A lot of records sound crisp and rounded, like you can hear the wide range of sounds so perfectly arranged with each other and it sounds like your in the same room as the band.

  40. R.E.M’s Automatic For The People is sonically near perfect if you excuse that little bit of chatter/tuning before “Nightswimming”.

  41. Tortoise - Millions Now Living Will Never Die, it sounds so crisp and dynamic for something recorded in 1997.

  42. Ok, I know this might sound crazy but, I've always thought that pretty much any Cake album has killer production. I know, I know. Go figure.

  43. Scritti Pollitti Cupid & Psyche 85. Pretty much impeccable from a production stand point...don't ask me, ask Elton John and Coltrane (though that would be hard now).

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