Elon is the new Ben Shapiro

  1. anyone who calls twitter or any other social media is about free speech, is either fooling others or themselves. In this case, pretty sure Elon is fooling others.

  2. Murica, the land of free speech unless you're a whistleblower for anything that touches how big corpo or the government screws up

  3. You gotta remember Elon thinks freedom of speech is when people give him money, and suppression of speech is when people take money from him.

  4. Elon is not the new shapiro, shapiro and him were always the same. Just search their mall ninja photos

  5. OP's slagging the hard work being done out there. My man Shapiro is doing the d-bag shuffle as hard as ever and just 'cause Musk gets some humiliation publicity we're going to pretend Benny ain't still slinging stupid? SMH

  6. Wait, is the response being interpreted the right way? I mean, he is correct, and I feel the response would have to be referring to (as Orwell intended) the ignorant calling for censorship. The user who is welding this quote is ironically ignorant to it's meaning.

  7. Elon went from a half head shaved monkey brain computer hacker to a free speech Trumper overnight it seems. What a huge Tool.

  8. Amazing how we are getting to watch Elon ruin his legacy and melt down in real time. At least it's showing a lot of people that billionaires are not some special brilliant sub-species of humans.

  9. And twitter isn’t the free speech we’re rooting for either. . . “Free speech as long as you don’t say anything bad about me or my stupid ideas”

  10. It's also funny because he's supporting the political party who have had a president instigating a coup, followers that attempted it, and who also keeps fucking with peoples right to vote to win elections, gerrymandering etc.

  11. I don't understand his personality type at all. Trump is very similar. They've held massive responsibility but they're more obsessed with their image and defending it. It's too bad because they have good qualities that are ruined by their bad ones.

  12. Man, I’m just digging this twitter takeover stuff. I’ve never seen so many leftists panties in a wad over their favorite propaganda platform being fact checked.

  13. With every tweet Elon’s desperation for attention grows. Anyone who hero worships a billionaire narcissist, in my opinion, has a mental disorder.

  14. It would be nice to be able to go a couple days or years without ever hearing his name or whatever dumb crap he says.

  15. free speech? Every 4th tweet in my feed is a paid post. I've been suddenly subscribed to people I didn't follow (Joe Rogan). I'm also getting a ton of right wing content that I've never seen before.

  16. Elon was bought buy the right a long time ago, and if it wasn’t a long time ago it was right when he said the left was going to attack him lol

  17. This is what happened to me too. All of a sudden (I hardly ever go on Twitter and they only reason I kept it was because Barack Obama followed me. It was cool to have that flex.) I was getting tweets from Trumpanzee Jr, mtg, Shapiro and more in my fucking notifications. I found myself all of a sudden arguing with assholes and was like “wtf am I doing ?” No amount of “look who follows me” was worth it.

  18. Same here, minus the errant follows. My feed shows 3-4 Musk tweets every time I load, who I don't follow. Also tons and tons and tons of right wing propaganda, despite me following no right wing people.

  19. I guess it’s turning into YouTube’s “algorithm” that mysteriously only recommends right wing videos no matter your actual browsing history

  20. Elon is nothing more than lying narcissistic right wing troll who happens to own one of the most important communication platforms on earth. He conveniently doesn't care about bots anymore because most of them love him and they also help his Twitter usage numbers. All of the sudden I'm being flooded with his and other right wing accounts' tweets despite the fact that I don't follow them. He makes large Twitter decisions based on what his followers want and claims it's the will of all Twitter users

  21. Not to mention the banning of left-wing Twitter accounts at the behest of fascist trolls. See "Crimethinc Twitter" for more info

  22. Non-political reply: switch to the "Latest Tweets" feed on Twitter, instead of the Home feed. In this mode, you get chronological timeline.

  23. I deleted my account but every once in a while I click thru to content there. After the initial post of interest, the next 5 or so posts are Elon Musk flame war posts.

  24. I'm actually curious if someone can answer this. So on another thread about Space Karen calling out Apple for pulling advertising, a lot of fan boys were saying "Pple are so dumb. They just don't recognize his brilliant plan" and such. What exactly do they think is happening? Because I can't help but suspect it's some QANON-league bullshit conspiracy.

  25. Thank fuck he’s disqualified from running. Must be a citizen from birth to take on the presidency, so he’ll never be qualified to run the states. He could try for South Africa, I guess. I’m sure they’ll really welcome a wealthy dude who made all of his money by exploiting others and plundering their resources without actually contributing anything himself! There’s no way he’d get hacked apart with a machete.

  26. That's the shit that pisses me off. When Natalie Maines and the other Chicks said they were embarrassed of Bush, my dad immediately broke all his CDs of them. He also loves to "vote with my wallet." But when people boycott things he likes, it's all "Fucking woke cancel culture is killing America." YOU DO THE SAME FUCKING THING! I wouldn't have so much just absolute disgust and hatred for Repubs if they weren't such fucking crybaby hypocrites about EVERYTHING.

  27. He saw first hand what happened when the blacks demanded democracy in his home country so of course he will use Twitter as a tool to further undermine democracy in the US or mob rule as he calls it. Fucking fascist scum. The world has dealt with his kind before and we will again.

  28. Remember, this is the same guy that complained that Apple hates free speech because they decided not to spend any money doing adds on a twitter.

  29. ABSOLUTELY hilarious, and shows exactly the attitude of so many people who loudly claim they care about free speech - that its only free speech when people agree with them, and anti-free speech when people don't.

  30. I've scratched a Tesla from my wish list and certainly won't be using twitter anymore. I'm sorry for the people working under Musk if others will do the same, but at this point I can't continue backing this guy just so that his employees don't get hurt.

  31. He's really only talking about his speech and speech he agrees with. This is how narcissists and toddlers view the world. Any suppression or objection to their interest is intolerable.

  32. And why me, being a leftist Spaniard that never gave a like to anyone even remotely close to being right or following them, have my Twitter timeline full of right wing if not nazi bullshit?

  33. People are being conned once again by a slimy businessman. It’s baffling they seriously believe our ‘free speech’ hinges on the ability to type 240 charterers and hit tweet.

  34. And even if it were, people are also free to not engage with Twitter, to not put their money into it, to not even pay attention to it. Not actively supporting certain media company does not mean being against freedom of speech, but Elon won't get any of it. He's pathetic.

  35. This is part of the problem. People are so closed minded they think the other side is pure evil. You're saying all conservatives are racist evil people. You can't imagine that some people have different opinions and care about different things. So you just put your finger in your ear and yell racist.

  36. "If I can't call someone the n-word without repercussions on a social media platform, am I even free?"

  37. My man Twitter silenced people based on spreading fake news like Covid coming from China. Just because some people want to say slurs doesn't mean Twitter wasn't geunuinely silencing things for the government.

  38. The people who constantly whine about free speech being taken away, are usually also the ones that don't understand that freedom of speech doesn't mean "I can say all the hateful, discriminating shit I want without any negative consequences."

  39. Exactly. Apple not wanting to advertise on a toxic website is free speech. I’m truly shocked he doesn’t understand this. I thought he was trolling but now he sounds like every other uneducated redhat that complained about not being able to spread hate on social media and how their “free speech” was violated.

  40. I don’t know how he doesn’t get turned away by all this. Every post he makes the majority of posts are shitting on him. A few defend him and then they get shit on too lol. How do you gather such negative reception and not have the awareness to just stop/alter your actions?

  41. It’s comical watching the xenophobic conservatives praise Elon. More proof it’s all about skin color not country of origin.

  42. Musk has always wanted to support Neo-Nazis and allow them to spread their ideas and the only way he could do that, is by allowing them to be on Twitter free.

  43. Did people miss the lesson on importance of free speech in school? Why does it bother you that people can speak freely? If someone specifically is too much for you on twitter block them. I do it all the time.

  44. I feel like while I agree with the left on platform issues, it's shit like this that makes me think both sides are really this fucking stupid. When did defending free speech become tantamount to enabling racists? You can be against hate speech that threatens people with actual harm based on their racial, cultural, or sexual identity AND be for the principles of free speech. You can carve out the explicit bad behavior with well defined parameters and still defend free speech. I don't think either side would agree to that right now, but fuck'em. Once we marginalize free speech, it's a downhill slide into letting other people shape opinions with absolute bullshit without any rebuttal. It's asinine how dumb this entire site has become over the idea of free speech as a founding principle in the constitution.

  45. And to be clear you are free to speak but I don’t need to listen. And twitter is EXACTLY the same it’s just political BS about nothing.

  46. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. Freedom of speech also does not mean right to a platform.

  47. Was this quote ever applied to Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, or whomever run's reddit these days considering they do the same thing?

  48. Because they weren't so pathetically desperate for attention and pop culture didn't notice them as much. Also they really weren't as ignorant as Elon. As badly-intentioned and out of touch as Elon, yes, but not as dumb.

  49. Right like the irony of this completely leftist post showing up on my feed despite me not being a part of this sub at all is hilarious. Every dumb ass on this website is sitting here with their head so far up their ass they think this post is a real “pwn gotcha” moment

  50. Kinda stuck on the outfit. Is he wearing some sort of superhero costume or space suit in that profile picture?

  51. Musk is a thinned skinned nut who lashes out and tries to punish anyone who makes fun of him. it's always the right wing nuts who harp about freedom of speech that are the ones most against it when it comes to them.

  52. I don't understand how he keeps coming back to free speech. Twitter is not the only method of expressing yourself. People are free to use it or not use it. It just isn't a matter of free speech or not.

  53. This megalomaniac piece of shit reinstated MTG's twitter after it was suspended for hate speech. It's people like Green that are fueling the hatred of LGBTQ people in recent times, her and her ilk tweeting out hateful things are the reason 5 people lost their lives simply for existing as themselves. Thanks Elon, for proving that 'freedom of speech' is apparently more important than our lives.

  54. Why do people like him view twitter as inherently American. There’s different laws across the world and a social media platform available in every country can’t abide by one’s laws. Although I agree with freedom of speech to an extent it doesn’t mean hate speech should be allowed

  55. Dude would have all of us working for pennies an hour starving to death and he has the gall to talk about tyranny. He can fuck right off.

  56. This Orwell quote applies very well to reddit too, remember when you guys falsely accused someone of being a terrorist only to find out he killed himself before the bombing, that's a ton of influence from this site.

  57. He brought back a bunch of people banned for hate speech and inciting violence, and now it's less advertiser friendly, and has more misinformation.

  58. These loser ass redhats and MAGAts. Seriously. Get over your free speech bullshit. No one is stopping you from speaking freely! Unfortunately, for every action is a consequence. Not really too sure why this doesn’t resonate with you. Go ahead and pitch your hate and bigotry in your tweets. The consequence is the outcome of that. Expand your mind instead of your egos please.

  59. So.. in what place exactly is free speech lost in America??? Wtf is wrong with this dude's obsession of 'free speech'.. It's honestly hilarious to watch white male like him screaming about freedom when only type of free speech that they are limited from is nword. Meanwhile, people in other side of world are beaten to death for not wearing head scurf.. talk about entitlement..

  60. Aaron Swartz rolling in his grave right now. Can't believe the ignorance of supporting censorship in this sub. I don't believe half of you are real.

  61. Why are you guys so triggered by each side having the right to propagandize on Twitter? Believe what you want, unfollow, deactivate as you please...This is America, it's f'ing great! Elon is not some monster because main stream media tells you to think so. He's doing what he pleases with his money...There are no perfect people

  62. Tbh Orwell would probably have agreed with the free speech bit. It's pretty much the premise of 1984 that lacking free speech leads to tyranny.

  63. Silly Elon! The oppression of free speech is a good thing! Just look at the speech-suppressed utopias like Iran and China right now!

  64. Shocking how every time someone allows free speech in one place the shills & major media outlets lose their shit. Yeah it's a shit show rn, but I respect the goal. You can't have public discourse without hearing both sides.

  65. I think the tweet was responding to the fact that Elon was equating something he is doing with Twitter to some sort of existential battle against tyranny. If he is doing that, it’s definitely ignorant of him.

  66. Why you snowflakes so offended by Musk now? You all thought he was a god for his EV and battery tech now you hate him bc of __________?? What exactly? Not having 1 sided propaganda on the shit hole shitter? I mean twitter?

  67. Does he not actually realize that Twitter is a website and not a public street corner? Even so, he's going on crying about free speech in America when Twitter is multinational. I think he's just doing this to piss people off because he can't be that stupid.

  68. No, he wouldn't. Orwell was against authoritarians and censorship, so he would be opposed to Musk and how he bans any dissent from twitter.

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