I only share with my friends, not random stranger kids

  1. Ok let's play ball here for a second. Let's say that indeed, a responsible adult checks through the candy. How would they even know if any of it is drug-laced? Short of trying every single piece

  2. I would assume they toss any candy they don't recognize. 99% of all candy you get on halloween is a major brand anyways, so something like a weed gummy or a fentanyl pill would stand out.

  3. This whole trope is based on typical thought-before-evidence processes you see in a lot of conservative and religious people. The pattern is usually:

  4. They wouldn't. There's a lot of scaremongering about fentanyl ("YoU cAN dIe By ToUching It!!!1"), but the intravenous human lethal dose is probably a few milligrams. Lacing sweets with it would probably not take a detectable amount.

  5. Counterpoint: I give out candy to kids and acid/edibles to parents. They do not look the same, even when I'm very professional with a batch of edibles.

  6. Lol da fuq you think the purpose of this is? Mommy and daddy trying to get high but have no connects anymore due to kids. Halloween is their favorite holiday for a reason.

  7. I remember my mom looking through our candy in the 90s once. She looked for puncture marks, tears, or wrappers that looked worn.

  8. My parents would do this and anything that was opened, even a little, would be tossed. However, it was all a ploy for them to take the best candies. :(

  9. As a dad I inspect, not for drugs but other random contaminants from jostling around in the bag or those random bowls on people's porches that the wrapper can come undone a bit.

  10. People can do all sorts of malicious things to candy. I dont think drugs/edibles would be the common choice. Parents should check all candy anyways.

  11. This ruined Halloween for me as a kid. My mom is paranoid and controlling so I wasn't even allowed custody of my own loot until I was much older, and could not eat anything unless she inspected it. One year she found a single piece of candy that had a tear in the wrapper and my mom FROKE THE FUCK OUT and made me chuck everything because 'poison' might have gotten on everything else in my bag.

  12. My mom, exactly, except, I couldn't even trick or treat until I was much older because Halloween is the devil's holiday.. we shut ourselves in the basement with all the lights off every Halloween as a real small child and I remember the pure fear running thru me every time I heard a knock on the door upstairs... Thinking it was the devil, turns out, just little kids wanting candy 🤷

  13. Yikes. You know the real story was once in the 70s a man poisoned his son with pixie Stix on Halloween, ONCE and now it's turned into some urban legend that it's everywhere. Poison aside NOBODY is going to just put all those drugs into kids candy. It's just not going to happen.

  14. that sounds rough. i used to "inspect" my younger cousins candy but it was more of a "tax" and i dont mean to brag but i was more successful than the british

  15. And didn't it turn out that pretty much every single case of a kid getting hurt or poisoned by Halloween candy was actually poisoned on purpose by a family member? I remember when everyone was convinced that tainted Halloween candy was everywhere lol

  16. The idea that random parents are going to "discover" a lethal amount of fentanyl stuck in some candy more laughable than the idea that someone would put fentanyl there in the first place. Oh, your going to comb through this pillowcase full of candy and find the one piece with a few micrograms of white powder hidden inside it?

  17. Wow, I just had to take the haul to the firehouse to have a metal detector ran over it at the end of the night. But my parents were/are stoners who know drugs are expensive and not handed out for lulz.

  18. Hey at least you didn't have as bad as my neighbour's. They were, or rather parents were, Christian missionaries. Not only were they not allowed to go trick or treating, they couldn't pass out candy. Instead they were forced to pass out pamphlets on why Halloween is an evil, sinful holiday and you should feel bad for celebrating Satan's birthday(I shit you not). Felt bad for the kids, they clearly didn't want to pass the slips out, but their parents made them.

  19. I think your mom has a massive case of OCD, focussed on a fear of poisoning. I've had OCD focussed on the fear of accidentally harming someone and the "poison leaking on the other candies" is a classic fear I had.

  20. I mean even if she was this paranoid, couldn’t she have chucked that candy and replaced with fresh out of sealed bag candy??? You wouldn’t even know the difference! That’s just rotten. (Also- totally stealing “froke”)

  21. My parents were the same except they also thought people were somehow putting razor blades in the candy and also thought it was a "satanic holiday" (Despite me, a 10 year old, constantly reassuring them that it was a pagan holiday that had nothing to do with satan).

  22. I’m sorry homie. I guess you can turn that paranoid mom phase into a statement of love. Still a major bummer.

  23. I started traveling the country on my own when I was 15. To this day, I tell my mom how grateful I was that she let me travel and explore the world.

  24. Has there ever been an instance of a person putting dangerous substances in Halloween Candy? I can only find one story - and it turns out the father of the kid poisoned his own kid for insurance money.

  25. No I've never been aware of a single instance of someone intentionally poisoning or adding razor blades to any kids candy that wasn't done by the parents themselves.

  26. Reminds me of all the tales of transexuals transgender people molesting kids in bathrooms, but when you go look to see cases where this has actually occurred it's nothing but men dressed as men fucking around with little children.

  27. There are a few cases where someone put razor blades in the wrapper of candy bars (somewhere in the Midwest. I know Ohio had a case a few years ago), but they’re few and far between. 90% of the time it’s just Aggro control freaks who won’t let their kids have fun.

  28. There's been unconfirmable and unverifiable reports basically every Halloween since the 70s, but there's never been any confirmed recorded case of someone actually finding drugs or razorblades inside candy.

  29. My sister went trick or treating with her kids and found a dime bag in their bucket after we got home. It was legit just coke wrapped in cellophane. It most definitely was NOT disguised as candy, injected into candy, or anything like that.

  30. This entire urban legend is based on one guy who poisoned HIS OWN KID intentionally, and tried to blame it on neighborhood Halloween candy. In fact, he tried to blame one neighbor in particular, and his plan backfired. The courts proved that this piece of shit murdered his own child with a cyanide-laced pixie stick.

  31. One time when I was a kid and went trick or treating, a middle-eastern lady didn't say a word, and then dropped a single unwrapped mini marshmallow in my bag.

  32. Fentanyl seems pretty unlikely, but I have heard of a drunk guy accidentally handing out his roommates edibles when the actual candy had run out. Even that's gotta be a 1 in a billion thing though.

  33. Everyone's heard that story though, or some version of it. Have any of them ever been substantiated or is it just another urban myth though?

  34. Last year my nephew brought me some candy he had received trick or treating. Believe it or not, right in the middle of a mini peanut butter cup was thermonuclear warhead with super sharp edges.

  35. Damn. That’s almost like my experience. One time a house was handing out king sized chocolate bars. When we got home we found out why. Inside my coffee crisp was a hole ass AIM-9 Sidewinder.

  36. All I got one year was a wil train those train tracks were lying there n the center of the bag hen they started buzzing and rumbling from a train about to go by. I had to drop the bag and runaway as fast as possible before being hit by the train.

  37. Best I can do is those prepackaged shots that I hand out to parents. Started doing that during the pandy and the parents seemed to appreciate it.

  38. Eat, I mean, test every single Reese's cup. You're bound to find something suspicious one of these years.

  39. Seriously drug users who pay for their own drugs don't give them away for free. I mean try and visualize this nonexistent scenario -

  40. Presumably the mentality is hey I'm a psychopath and I've decided I want to poison a bunch of kids for crazy pill reasons... what should I use?

  41. You're thinking for yourself but you can't think for others outside of yourself. Using the Netflix popular series, you, a rational person would probably not be like Dahmer. However sick, deranged people do exist.

  42. She's right though. To be safe, I always confiscate candy I think is suspicious. The most common culprits are mini snickers and twizzlers. Sometimes sour soothers if I'm in the right mood. There's never any drugs in tootsie rolls, though.

  43. There are always drugs in tootsie rolls, that is why they must be removed and consumed as quick as possible.

  44. All she's doing really is setting up an excuse for parents to "examine" the loot before the kids get to it, for, um, safety reasons, yeah!

  45. My dad kept my candy “safe”. He kept the snickers especially safe he inspected each one of them.

  46. if i found drugs in my kid's candy i would definitely want to be the one who gets to eat it as opposed to them. why should they get high for free when i'm the one raising them?

  47. Seriously though, these adults should also go through their medicine cabinet and make sure their prescription drugs are secure and out of reach.

  48. Read David J. Skal’s book: Death Makes a Holiday. The only instances of children being poisoned, have been by the hand of a relative or close family friend.

  49. The myth is designed to make people angry, drum up hate for drug users, and bolster support for politicians who support further drug criminalisation.

  50. I've always heard this stupid myth as well. From what I've seen recently though, the DEA (not a reputable source I know) has found that cartels have been smuggling fentanyl into the U.S in candy bags, with the pills dyed to look like candy.

  51. As a recovering guy, the idea that drugs are given out for free like in all the DARE program stuff is laughable. Drugs are expensive and take effort to find. If you have them, you don't want to share. That's less for you.

  52. lol exactly, also nice job dude!! Recovery is fucking hard, but from the little bit of personal struggles I’ve had it’s so worth it

  53. Also, even if someone decided that they did want to give their drugs away, what exactly would be the end game? Just knowing that some random kid a mile away might have gotten intoxicated or sick because of them? I don’t understand the appeal.

  54. The only situation in which I can imagine people giving out drugs on Halloween during trick or treating is if your friends bring their kids to your door and you want to give them something as well lol

  55. There is a version of fentanyl pills circulating that are colorful and resemble candy. The lovely right-wing media is conflating that with the Halloween season and their annual tradition of stealing joy from children by claiming that people are going to poison kids by sneaking these into the pumpkin shaped buckets instead of regular candy. This is the Nth iteration of razor blades in apples.

  56. Yeah it’s super fucked up because the actual reason they’re making them different colors like that is for harm reduction so lower level dealers cant try to pass them off as real oxycodone when they’re just fent(which is several times stronger then oxy). Gotta love the mental gymnastics they use to try and fear monger to parents that don’t know any better

  57. As someone who has done a lot of drugs in my past there is no way anybody is giving their drugs away lmao. The people who came up with this scenario are the same ones who think marijuana makes you a psychotic murderer

  58. A lot of comments about how illegal drugs are too expensive to give away but the real boneheadedness of this grift is the fact that you are doing this from your front door. Only 1 kid has to remember what house they got the pills from for you to get arrested. Over 4 dozen kids will probably visit your home. It would be astronomical to believe you’d get away with this.

  59. As far as I am aware, there have been barely a handful of occasions where children have actually received candy with any sort of toxic substance in it. Usually, it's done by a family member. One case was a grandmother and another was an uncle.

  60. Fentanyl, damnn. Only a millionaire could afford to drug their entire neighborhood with fentanyl, there are cheaper drugs.

  61. always some weirdo ready to perpetuate this myth... and it feels more like they wanted to feel useful, when all they are doing is being an idiot who can't figure their own shit out, and needs to make sure they bother everyone else instead.

  62. Honestly I hate the 'drugs are expensive' argument for people not giving out drug laced candy. If someone is fucked up enough in the head to give a child drugs I don't think they care about the price. I'm not saying that I think it's a real problem I just think it's a bad argument.

  63. the only instance of poison candy on Halloween ive ever heard of ended up being a father trying to kill his kid with poison pixie sticks. tried to play it off like they got it trick or treating

  64. Even the DEA has come out saying fentanyl in candy is BS. My spouse and I are the "weird ones" on the block. We go ape shit decorating and buying tons of the "good stuff" candy. We don't do religious holidays and love to spend one day a year making kids' days happy. Why the hell would I 1. harm them and 2. more cynically spend all that money on drugs to do so. People need to chill. Let kids have fun. I wish I could have trick or treated from me as a kid. I give out the good shit and kids flock here knowing it.

  65. I never believed the candy thing but theres people in my town who've been hospitalized just for eating a bag of Cheetos someone gave them and turned out there was fent in it. The chips weren't supposed to be edibles or nothing just people be acting out lately

  66. So even tho humanity has proven people will do anything to anything people don't understand why parents would get worried about situations like this. Like there is a whole fucking sub reddit of people being precise of shit and trashy . But people being asshole and fucking with candy seems to far fetched?

  67. It's not farfetched, but it is completely unsubstantiated. There's always a chance someone might do this one day. Just like someone drove a fucking SUV through a Christmas parade. Anything is possible, that doesn't make it probable. The amount of hysteria that tainted candy gets is honestly ridiculous given that no known child in the US has ever died from Halloween candy given to them by a stranger. Spend this energy on gun violence deaths, something that does kill children every day and isn't purely theoretical.

  68. Hell, look at the Chicago tylenol murders in 1982. Someone laced tylenol with cyanide in various stores around the Chicago area and it killed a few people, and that’s why medicines are now packaged the way they are. The idea that some sick fuck would do something to hurt random children isn’t really something that would necessarily surprise me in this fucked up world we live in, but the odds of it happening to any one person seem so slim that it’s not really something I necessarily worry about when taking my kids trick or treating.

  69. Isn't examining fine since there are cases of ppl putting razer blades and shit inside food? Tho this person is absurd

  70. There have been 0 cases of razor blades and other sharp additives that weren’t added by the kids themselves (cases where kids added pins, among other things including drain cleaner *based on the stories they’d been told as copycat behaviour *).

  71. AFAIK there has been one confirmed case of tampered candy, but it was the kid’s own dad who did it, not some crazy neighbor.

  72. Fentanyl isnt that expensive considering its a drug. From what i understand you can get enough of it to kill a person with $15. I love halloween and it breaks my heart that there are such fuck faces out there

  73. While I think it’s rare, my aunt works as a probation officer and has seen this happen. It’s not as a big as people make it out to be but still possible. Just don’t be dumb if you see a candy package that looks suspicious

  74. ive never ever experienced this but the world is full of fkng weirdos who would do something like this. probably not drugs but razors or nails.

  75. Who the fuck would dump thousands of dollars of drugs into kids candy? ONCE in the 70s a man gave his own son and his friends a pixie Stix of poison on Halloween to kill them and since then every single fucking year parents freak out that poison or drugs is in the candy. It's fucking rediculous and it takes a very fun right of passage from a kid to be able to go out on Halloween for candy.

  76. I am old. My mother passed such "wisdom" along when I was twelve or so, I stared and said, "who the heck would waste their money on kids?" We had had former junkies talk to us at a church youth thing. This would have been ~1968.

  77. This myth came about because of the “Candy Man.” Man poisoned his family planning on starting a new life with his mistress I believe in the 70’s. Poisoned his kids pixie sticks with cyanide. Had my mom paranoid when I was a kid 🤦🏻

  78. I don't know why year after year we have fear mongers saying that people who take drugs are going to give it to their damn trick-or-treaters

  79. I was a kid when the razor blades in candy was the all the rage for crazy parents. My mother dragged my sister and I down to the Police Station so our candy could be scanned by a metal detector. Good times!

  80. If I wanted to kill kids on Halloween, injecting substances into candy and putting the wrapper back in place is easy, and parents and authorities can imagine and understand this.

  81. WTF Fentanyl problem? I get that it is good practice to check over a kid's haul for the same reason you don't want to buy an open product from a grocery store. But that is for possible accidental contaminants.

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