It'd be a real shame

  1. How is this child going to go to school? Where I live there’s only medical and religious exceptions, being a whack job anti vaxxer isn’t an option.

  2. Im seeing this in real time and its fucking sad.. father in law got with a girl half his age who smoked meth while pregnant, shes basically using him for the past decade as a source of income and sits at home doing nothing all day.. hes been with her for a decade and i watched her kids grow up, they were 10 and 14 when they got together.

  3. Shit we all have been suffering and will continue to suffer from antivax weirdos. Feel sorry for all of us, I don't want to catch this random crap and roll the dice for long COVID.

  4. I'm kind of terrified from the guy tweeting this and people in the comments actively rooting for a baby to DIE so they can feel good about themselves.

  5. The arrogance is heartbreaking. The vaccines weren't created for no reason. Children have died & people worked & researched for however long to come up with a tool to fight these diseases. And then decades later, soft weirdos come out talking about their baby's perfect "immune system". Smdh. As if they have a clue what an immune system even is. As if anyone's immune system couldn't turn on them in a blink of an eye (often caused by dormant viruses).

  6. I like to think of it as a busy intersection. We go to the trouble of putting up red and green lights, which gives everyone a turn, and prevents accidents. Then some selfish shit comes along and rants about their freedums and drives through the red light. And someone sees them getitng away with it and does the same. Then they get on facebook and post about their own research to show how driving through red lights is perfectly safe and that its all a government hoax and scam to control people. Pretty soon the people sitting at the red lights get impatient and frustrated at everyone driving through, and think "since they don't stop, I'm at risk when its green, so i might as well face a risk and drive through the red too" and pretty soon its all just wrecked, burning vehicles and people bleeding to death.

  7. The thing that annoys me most about this is that vaccines literally work because of our immune systems, not in spite of it. It's like saying excercise is unnatural because we naturally have muscles.

  8. Vaccines are the most successful life-saving medical tool humanity has created to date. The amount of effort that has gone into making and improving them over centuries is absolutely insane.

  9. Someone I know says that the reason why she was fully immunized as a child was because she "didn't know better" and that had she "been awakened" she would have resisted.

  10. Some parents don't know any better in their ignorance. Others want to scam the system because if everyone gets vaccinated and you don't then you don't the risk of potential side effects or allergies to the vaccine(albeit how small the risk is )

  11. Like nobody actually wants vaccine mandates but as a society we have to protect the weakest among us.

  12. As we could notice during the peak of the covid pandemic, the entire philosophy of these people can be summarized with "I'm healthy and strong, why should I give a damn about those who aren't."

  13. The mother completely ignorant to the fact she had to have vaccines to go to school. Like all of us did in the 90s...And even back to the 60s.

  14. Most people don't know this, but if you're not vaxxed you can download immunity templates directly from the cloud to protect your body, but only on 4G LTE networks

  15. Unfortunately the 4G towers can’t be trusted due to you know “brain stuff” and hell 5G is one more than 4 so must be 67% worse. Where do I get my templates now? National Enquirer?

  16. I mean, this makes sense. If you get the vax, you get 5G injected into you, so there's no reason to use 5G to download the immunity templates.

  17. Sadly you need to upgrade to iOS 15 to download it which is only supported by iPhone 13 and earlier. Also likely need to upgrade your iCloud storage due to the size of the data.

  18. Um.. are you sure about that? I was told when I got my covid booster that it would upgrade that service to 5g for better bandwidth and faster download and template installations speeds.

  19. Do these people only think that wimps and losers die of infectious disease through human history? It’s like saying, “my skull is unbreakable thick bone” like yeah, it’ll help, but you can still get your head bashed in.

  20. Pretty much. Natural selection but their "prime" genes and believe in God obviously protects their child better than any vaccine would. You know, sometimes you just gotta get some polio to show them libs how wrong they are.

  21. Shame the child will suffer the consequences of their stupid parents but hopefully the more sensible parent gets them vaccinated on the sly

  22. Bacterial infections are gnarly. You’d think cancer kills quick if left untreated but those can kill you in a matter of days. Sorry for your loss.

  23. and if they survive they'll prolly think their parents saved them and continue the viscous cycle for the next five generations

  24. And MMR would be how to keep an immune system functioning, 2 shots, almost sterilising immunity against measles and protection for life. I betcha some of these dumbasses do those measles parties because “nAtuRAl iMmUniTY”. Or how some parents see those horrible pictures of children paralysed by Polio in metal tubes and dgaf. Poor children have to suffer!

  25. Yeah, it’s also a slap in the face to people who are actually immunocompromised or have an autoimmune disorder. Like, sorry my immune system went haywire and tried to kill me, I can’t really control that but I’m doing the best I can to stay safe from idiots like you

  26. Unfortunately it's more likely that an immunocompromised child will contract it due to the lack of herd immunity. This person will be a spreader and will cause someone else to die, and that's what makes me the most angry about this parent and their choices. So incredibly irresponsible.

  27. Conservatives out here forcing births and then giving their babies easily preventable diseases. Literally cavemen.

  28. Measles is actually a pain in the ass for that reason. Its infects macrophages, then dendritic cells, then hijacks them to make its way to your lymph nodes/thymus to wreck havoc on your t cells there.

  29. Measles actually causes immunity amnesia. It's devastating. Things that you've previously developed acquired immunity to can just come along and kill you. Especially bad when you think about all the things that are much more dangerous if contracted as an adult.

  30. That poor kid can't even rely on herd immunity to keep him safe since there are so many anti-science idiots raising their own little plague rats.

  31. I know a lady who didn’t vaccinate her son. Her son had been admitted to the Children’s hospital for multiple stays due to respiratory issues. She still has not made the connection that his lack of vaccines has directly lead to his stays at the hospital.

  32. I think of the mothers who lost numerous children to communicable diseases and how much they would have yearned for an opposite outcome. Anti vax parents are a slap in the face to our ancestors. Up in New England you‘d see a line of tiny headstones next to the parents and unfortunately that was the case throughout the world at that time. i can’t imagine what that must have felt like.

  33. Oh wow You piece of utter putrid shit guess what’s gonna happen now your baby is now gonna get some of the worst viruses a human baby can experience with a immune system un prepared because you dumb piece of shit ass thinks “oh no we don’t know what’s in it please think of the children!” Our fucking modern society has made you forget that we are ravaged by diseases for the longest while before modern medicine and you think that just because you didn’t get it “they’ll be fine because the immune system is an untouchable unbreakable thing that will kill anything it can” i hate these people you pieces of shit are only alive because your parents were responsible and gave you a vaccine go fuck off to the Middle Ages and come back to me when you change your mind

  34. Honestly I'm so glad vaccinations were required when I went to school cause my dumbass mother definitely would have tried to not get me vaxxed.

  35. (I B old) My Aunt had mumps as a little girl. Deaf in one ear. She got off lucky. My grandmother spent the night holding her, expecting that she was gonna die.

  36. At least he won’t be manipulated into government control like the rest of the babies that get the tracking devices deposited in their innocent arms. I want to see more of this. Wake up sheep babies

  37. That's like if I bought a brand new laptop and bragging how i don't need certain anti-virus install cause it doesn't have any viruses. Just give it a few days by going on sites, downloading, or clicking on suspicious email or website and see how "immune" it is now.

  38. Why are you spending so much time worrying about building a house made out of Bricks? Can't you see how me and your other brother are so happy and content living in our fully functioning working houses made from Sticks and Straw?

  39. Yeah that baby's chances of dying just went way up because mommy needs to make a point to her Facebook friends. There's a reason why vaccines became such game changers for modern medicine.

  40. You know who else had a working immune system? Every single person who has died of a communicable disease in the entire history of the world.

  41. 2022 - where parents ignored the instruction to paint their doors with goats blood and instead painted bullseyes on their kids. Angel of death be like "cool cool thnxu"

  42. Anti-Vax parents be like, "I was vaccinated by my parents, look how stupid I am, not gonna make the same mistake as my parents"

  43. Our pediatrician asked us if we’re ok with vaccines. And we are always like oh yea we believe in science. They’re always so happy not to have to try and convince parents.

  44. The population had fully working immune systems when cholera was around, polio, Spanish flu, bubonic plague… when tgis fully functioning infant develops an illness, say whooping cough, would you let the immune system do its stuff or would you ge5 a doctor involved?

  45. The Internet age was supposed to accelerate everybody's knowledge. Instead it allowed dumb people to comfirm their beliefs in echo chambers.

  46. I love how people who barely graduated high school (if you got C's and shit, that's barely passing high school to me, especially if you aren't disadvantaged in some way. Disadvantaged is totally different equation here and not what I'm talking about) now think they can talk about "immunity" or any basic ass science concept that feeds into more advanced concepts. They can't even critically think. They can barely do math. They assuredly never took history or didn't pay attention in it. Maybe they even got the bigoted states textbook version of history that omits how much we got our asses saved by vaccines. I forgot they had to have sucked academically since distinguishing good and bad sources was something taught to my old ass, and yet they only get info from clearly bad sources your high school English teacher would have red circled and graded you down for using.

  47. People really need to crack open a history book, or better yet, take a field trip to their local graveyard to visit all the graves of children who died of now-preventable illnesses.

  48. That makes about as much sense as “my muscles are much stronger without getting compromised by gym exercise.” Vaccines are just immune system training; if you’re fully vaccinated, your immune system is absolutely shredded like Arnold and can curb-stomp those diseases without your even knowing. An unvaccinated immune system is pretty much Greg Heffley and is pretty unprepared to meet dangerous diseases without a long, painful, and potentially lethal/injurious fight.

  49. I have known even relatively intelligent people to have huge gaps in their knowledge and so much pride in their intellect that they refuse to alter a flawed viewpoint or perception. Usually they have certain political leanings and there is a constant low level pressure to conform to the group ideology, regardless of evidence that runs counter to it. My buddy is a teacher, and also a devout member of his local church, and trying to fight the onslaught of misinformation filling his facebook feed from others in his congregation with a rational argument is pretty much the definition of impossible. He is not a bad person, but he has a huge blindspot where his faith is involved.

  50. When they say'But my immune system is perfect'' yeah fucking right, good for you but a virus don't Care. That also shows that they don't Know how a virus gets in the body and how it 'duplicates' itself (idk the real term, blame my 2 braincells)

  51. Don’t these tards realise their great grandparents and even grandparents generation had people they knew that died regularly from everyday diseases that have virtually been wiped away due to vaccines?

  52. Saying I have an immune system so I don't need a vaccine is a bit like saying I don't need shoes because I have feet.

  53. Bro these people don’t know what the fuck any of that means, they think macrophages are the things in your blood from the star wars prequels

  54. that part about wiping the learned immunity is interesting. I wonder if that could be harnessed someday for autoimmune diseases.

  55. A newborn's immune system is trash. They don't even have clotting factors yet so they can just bleed out. Breast feeding is how most newborns gain immunity as breast milk will transfer immunity.

  56. Fun fact: A lot of people who died from Covid and the Black Death (and honestly too many desieses and ailments to count) also had fully functioning immune systems.

  57. It'd be a shame if anti-vaccers realized that they're gonna end up killing their kids because of 1 of 2 options. A. Disease and everything vaccines are meant for. B. Suffocation via essential oils

  58. Me as parent ask what about babies that have died from vaccines just recently there was an outbreak of hepatitis and turned out it came from the vaccine how are we so sure there not putting shyt in the vaccines I also had chicken pox varicella as a kid and I had all of my shots, and even covid vaccine wasn't supposed to prevent from having it? yet people still got it and I have witnessed it, yet I got vaccinated still got neumonía still got chicken pox and am not a leftist or righty or any bs I am human that wants to protect my children what both sides are saying doesn't make any sense

  59. Abortion loophole found? If you live in a state where abortions are illegal, just be antivax, your kid will die in a few weeks, that's so genius

  60. This is why the frontpage of this website is honestly unusable. This is a screenshot of someone, very threateningly, telling another person their child is going to get sick and this is being lauded as some "cool roast". I've worked as a nurse and i obviously think people should get vaccinated, but in my book threatening other people with their children gettign sick is much worse than not getting vaccinated. On reddit it's completely fine to dehumanize, even small children, because their parents disagree with you.

  61. Literally no one is threatening anyone. Threatening requires intention of hostile action. I think you mean to say that this person is sarcastically informing an uneducated person about the threat of disease.

  62. They aren't theatening, just saying there is a risk if they continue to not vaccinate their children. Nobody is on their feet ready to intentionally give someone measles to prove a point.

  63. I’ve had two vaccines and a booster, I have nothing against them, but it has become cultish where the mere mention of a vaccine - or lack thereof - is attacked with fervour.

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