PragerU has no consistency

  1. Pretty much what fascism relies on. People thinking it benefits them/ people willingly and totally giving themselves to its cause

  2. They don't care if the fascism benefits them, they care that it's mostly directed towards whoever they consider are the "others".

  3. Or if I may be so bold, something where the government benefits us and only us, the true people and pure blood of this country, and only we get to run things. Kinda like a mixture of Nationalism and Socialism maybe?

  4. Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.

  5. The argument is you can sue the police if they violate your rights it’s better then death that can be avoided by arguing your concerns in the courts instead of in the streets you plus you get money so

  6. I remember prager saying that Irish people were wrong to be pissed about the British occupation of Ireland

  7. You have to wonder how we are supposed to progress as a species when obvious insidious propaganda outlets like this gain millions of views, likes and subscribers

  8. Reminds me of a quote I read once, and unfortunately my Google-fu is failing me, but it went something like "The law applies to everyone except for the king, and by extension, the king's friends."

  9. PragerU is a fake university for racist anti-vaxxers to source and make themselves seem smarter than they actually are.

  10. Fake university gives them too much legitimacy. It's a YouTube channel put in place as a mouthpiece for a couple oil barons.

  11. Its very simple, they just want a small government with maximum personal freedom except also the government regulates your internal organs and governs their function and somehow that isn't an overstep.

  12. They have this cartoon show where kids go back in time to learn from historical figures. They asked Frederick Douglass, a runaway slave and abolishionist, what he thought of the BLM movement. He told the kids you should always comply with the law regardless of your cause. A fucking runaway slave said to always respect authority.

  13. Thank you. Judging by the number of upvotes you have, there are approximately 5 people on this sub who can frickin' read.

  14. Not supporting the ideals but practically that is probably what you should do. Then get a lawyer to fight it cause there is no point in fighting the cop.

  15. There is always a tweet, email, clip or document to automatically prove the hypocrisy of these fuckers. Amazing they have the front to keep fucking speaking.

  16. This would imply that obeying laws is tyranny which is not. Obeying an unlawful order is tyranny but the tweet says lawful. This is neither clever or a gotcha.

  17. Srill stands because if the cops in the wrong if u followed orderes they get fucked not u u have a few min of dealing with an asshole vs actually giving him a reason to fucj you over more.

  18. Obeying the unlawful command isn’t to circumvent the tyranny - it’s to keep you alive long enough to have an opportunity to extricate yourself from the immediate danger of being murdered by cops, so that you can then combat the tyranny.

  19. I don't know the context but on the face of it, these are not contradictory statements. You can obey the law, and support obeying the law, but not think the law is just, or that obedience to it will change anything (I mean, why would you expect obedience by itself to change anything). If it were illegal to wear a yellow shirt, you could forgo wearing yellow shirts while lobbying to repeal the anti-yellow shirt law.

  20. I'm not sure how to communicate this... The right does not care about hypocrisy. They have no shame, they simply want power. In fact hypocrisy is a feature not a bug, they want to apply rules to others, and not have to live by the rules of others. Centrists and the left wing seem to giddily point out right wing hypocrisy as though it will have an impact on them. It won't. I'm not sure what drives this instinct on the left, I don't think it's productive. I don't have a different answer.

  21. That's good advice. You won't beat cops on the street, but you can beat them in court. Best not to risk getting beaten, tazed, or shot. If a cop wants to fuck you up, they will. Don't get fucked up, fuck them up in court.

  22. There are comments like yours all over this post. And in turn, there are replies detailing the deaths of people who complied and were shot dead.

  23. Found a youtuber the other day called just Shaun. He only occasionally posts video. A number of videos about PragerU which are stellar.

  24. Conservatives really don't understand what COPS are. The show COPS really trained America to accept this bullshit authority.

  25. This is maybe the single dumbest take you could have on this. So much tyranny in the past has been explicitly legal and lawful. Slavery, forced marriage, sexual assault, assault, discrimination, etc, have been legal and enforceable by a governing body in the past. I think you just straight up don't know what that word means

  26. "Sir, your home alarm went off, you called the alarm agency after deactivating it to say all was fine, yet we still need you to get on your knees a half hour later IN YOUR HOUSE even after confirming this is your house while we search around the property"

  27. That entirely depends on the cop, command, reasoning, and situation. Obviously it can be government tyranny, it just isn’t necessary always the case

  28. Why are we surprised? When have they or any other similar types that subscribes to them ever cared about consistency?

  29. Lmao unbelievable. If you can’t understand the difference between a one on one interaction with police vs government tyranny at large, you’re the one who has been murdered.

  30. Tbf to Prager U, a cop is definitely more likely to shoot you if you don't "comply". Doesn't necessarily eliminate those odds, but reduces them.

  31. I mean, PragerU is a shit show, but they're not wrong about complying with the orders of a cop for your own safety. Sue the cops after, but fighting a guy with the power to kill you when you don't have that same power? Stupid.

  32. It's not really a good argument, because their sentiment to comply with the cop is just because there is very little you can do to help yourself at that point. They would still advocate "fighting it", but it would be done in the courts.

  33. You should obey a police officer, and follow up in court if necessary. Theres no way you could say that contradicts what they're saying unless you honestly believe they think the US is so tyranical that the police and court system cannot be trusted.

  34. Say what you like about PragerU, but there is no contradiction there. In their mind, a lawful command by a police officer is not tyranny.

  35. Ah yes the "Obey me or I will shoot you" from police is lawful and totally not tyrannical were resistance to the police means injury or death.

  36. I can see by the eloquence with the written word that you have no clue what you are talking about since you can't give a real answer to a question that is put forth to you. Saying that you know what, is a simpleton's attempt to confuse the conversation without actually saying anything meaningful that might show you know how to think.

  37. Can we stop pretending we don't know what they really mean? Pointing out hypocrisy only works when dealing with hypocrites, these guys are unashamed.

  38. Well idk I feel like doing what the cop says is probably just going to be be better for your own well-being… given police history in the US

  39. I despise what PragerU seems to be doing, but I kinda don't see the inconsistency. In fact it makes perfect sense. You can't comply yourself out of tyranny and don't argue or fight a cop doing his job. This makes sense. There are better, safer and more effective times and places to protest, fight or guard against tyranny. So no don't blindly obey the tyrannical but that doesn't necessarily mean be stupid about it. I wouldn't and don't encourage protests against large corporations by harassing their employees and definitely not by harassing their security guards. Most definitely don't harass the overworked, tired, underpaid(?), ptsd, armed security in order to protest company policies.

  40. It’s not really inconsistent though. Because yeah if a cop is giving a lawful command you should comply. It’s when they are giving unlawful commands that you shouldn’t comply. For your own safety, you should only comply with unlawful commands under threat of arrest. And then fight it in court and file a complaint/lawsuit. Yes I watch a lot of ata

  41. I agree with PragerU's statement, and I also agree that id you believe that, the cops ARE NOT your friend. People that have the thin blue line sticker or flag And the Gadsden sticker or flag are fucking stupid. That being said, it is safer to bring a lawsuit later for officer misconduct than get shot during a traffic stop. Fuck the justice system, its corrupt.

  42. Half of all the replies I keep getting somehow forgot about Daniel Shaver, an Arizona man who was killed by a cop while complying to that cop's orders.

  43. PragerU sucks but sometimes the answer to that question is No despite the quote. Gotchas are superficial contradictions, ignoring the first principle of conservative thought that’s is our patriotic duty to loathe the government and not be murdered by it.

  44. I have no sympathy for prageru, but I don't necessarily think there is tension between these two positions. An officer has the ability, and will be supported even when in the wrong, to maim and murder you. And with qualified immunity, they could even skirt criminal and civil liability, but those are only of redress after the fact. Purely from the position of self-preservation, it would take some pretty extreme circumstances, where I believed my life was seriously at risk no matter what I did, to feel fighting with a cop made sense.

  45. Of course they don't. You only have to listen to politicians for more than one election cycle to hear them go completely 180 degrees with total conviction.

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