Yes, because it's far away and I'm a dumbass

  1. I understand your confusion. It hit me too. Sounded a lot like OP was condemning open borders. But nah, they're admonishing an anti-open borders man being open borders suddenly.

  2. He’s saying: Mexicans crossing border to escape violence and poverty for a better life = bad Ukraines crossing border to escape violence and poverty for a better life = good

  3. Nothing is wrong with it. This guy is a far right lunatic who condemns open borders in America, while people from brutal circumstances in Central and South America seek refuge here.

  4. OP is taking exception to an American politician who distinguishes between Poland providing humanitarian aid for a neighboring culturally similar people who are under armed attack and the US having open borders for anyone to cross its border for any reason at any time.

  5. It is so frustrating seeing Americans jumping at the chance to use what is happening in Ukraine to their political advantage.

  6. I have a Republican friend that's praising Poland for taking in refugees. He says the US should be taking them in as well. Back when we were taking in Afghan refugees he was shouting "They should stay and fight." So refugees are okay as long as they're white apparently.

  7. Might want to check him. These particular refugees are also imagined as hot foreign girls. As if they are all just hot foreign girls, “who want you!” I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the ones against refugees and now for them are having fucked up fantasies about getting dibs on displaced people.

  8. Kinda confusing though since Afghans are technically qualified as white so you know I guess they are brown white people.. Whereas the folks in Ukraine are just white white people. So, you know, whatever..

  9. More so they probably think Ukrainians have the same ideology as them. The American media has portrayed these Middle East countries as Islamic hell holes (which I suppose there is some truth to that).

  10. Everyone is on here saying it’s because Ukrainians are white, insinuating racism. There’s nothing wrong with a country wanting a preserve the purity of its culture, by eschewing those from another heritage. We are a Christian nation, despite what liberals would have you believe with their Jefferson and Franklin and Treaty of Tripoli quotes. What about Catholic South Americans you say… i uhm… i… uhhhh… INFLATION!!!!!!

  11. The Ukranians are fighting. The refugees will be mostly mothers with children. And, more importantly for your friend, white.

  12. Yup. They are only supporting this because the color of the refugee’s skins. Bunch of racist mofos.

  13. The difference is, the men of Ukraine are staying and fighting. There were almost no women among the Afghans. At either rate, I hate to see the loss of lives, but I really don’t care which corrupt government Ukraine calls their government.

  14. I assume you're from the USA because all you see is color. Poles rarely have a problem with people of color. What is problematic is the incompatibility of the culture. You need to understand that if white Americans are racist towards a guy that lives there for generations and speaks the same language it's very different from first generation black immigrants from Africa/middle east that are used to much higher threshold of violence and in general being a dick. Many people in Europe were very open towards immigrants of different cultures but allowing the indiscriminate influx of them caused the creation of isolated societies that try to operate like in their home country. And by that i mean some gnarly third world shit stuff.

  15. Americans used to be way more supportive of the government giving out free stuff and enacting welfare programs back when white people were the only ones allowed to benefit.

  16. TBH, I don't give my conservative friends and family shit when they accidentally land on the right side of an issue, I praise them. They need to see that liberals aren't against them as people, they're against shitty policies.

  17. I went to highschool with this cunt. He was a year above me. I never would’ve thought he’d be in the limelight like this. And I only say that because he was one of the kids you went to highschool with and struggled to remember their name in 10 years. “Oh yeah! Jack! Jack…Jack… Jack Proberton? No that’s not right. Poseidon? Something like that”

  18. The narcissim of Americans will never cease to amaze me. They make everything about themselves and their own politics. It's so exhausting.

  19. That moment where you realize that they only have a problem with opening the borders to brown people. Pretty sure there's a word for that, begins with an "R", ends with "-ism"

  20. nope, they are both slavic peoples, it is not about the colour of the skin it is about the sense of brotherhood that these ethnicities share, Trust me if germany was hypothetically in a similar situation as ukraine poland would not open the borders

  21. Yeah, there is a war going on at the moment but let's bring it all back to america, because that's what matters.

  22. No they fucking aren't, Canada, a majority white county has closed borders with the US. If you proposed an open border with Canada you wouldn't get one damn republican vote. Allowing members of allied nations to flee into yours, during an invasion, is not equal to allowing the cartel to run billions of dollars worth of drugs via the southern border. If you can't see that touch grass and delete your account.

  23. I’m not Polish, I am British Asian. I’m guessing as to what the problem could be. I think it’s sometimes too simplistic to say “you don’t like brown people” when it could be more nuanced than this. Maybe it’s religion as opposed to skin colour that is the issue. Is that still racism?

  24. Yea, open borders FOR WAR REFUGEES. That isn’t the classification of the vast majority of potential immigrants to the United States

  25. It doesn’t surprise me to see American’s thinking about themselves in this situation using Russia invading Ukraine as a vessel to attack their own political parties

  26. Thank god someone said it. Everyone is making this a race thing in the comments and blaming one political party or another

  27. Let's make Mexico America's 51st state, then we bring in the army, kill are the cartel, tax the shit out of them, rebuild, and depleted them of all their natural resources. Then we can stop talking about the damn border between America and Mexico

  28. Refugees coming from a neighbouring country with a shared culture fleeing a threat you can both sympathise with which may also threaten you is very different from people coming from the other side of the world with a complete different culture fleeing a threat you don’t know or understand.

  29. It’s not what you’re missing, but what you have. It sounds like you have logic and commons sense, if you just turn that off and perpetually look for a gotcha moment you’ll see the racism.

  30. Supporting a country that is facing an actual invasion yeah actual refugees. Middle and south Americans crossing a boarder(s) because their governments and economies are mediocre at best. Not actual refugees, those are economic and political migrants. That said the Ukrainians still need passports and or background checks. Nevermind cultural similarities between Ukraine and Poland or at least a similar desire not to be under Russian control again.

  31. Burn! Wait no it isn’t. There’s a vast difference between helping refugees in a humanitarian crisis on the border of your country and just letting whoever can walk across the border in. But I’m sure all the smooth brains on Reddit are taking that nuance into account.

  32. “Immune to all this nonsense” turns out to Be part of the nonsense. Absolute shocker. The good thing is you found a way to feel morally superior while adding nothing, though.

  33. There’s a massive difference between refugees of full scale warfare and military invasion and people who are economic migrants/leaving because of high crime(cartels). I’m an immigrant myself and a couple of my best friends in life were originally refugees of a civil war, and another was initially an undocumented immigrant.

  34. What a stupid fucking take. You can be anti immigration and still help refugees during an international crisis.

  35. to be fair niether of the countries the usa shares a border with are currently under threat of war and mass genocide. taking refugees by plane is a lot different than taking them by land

  36. This is a shit take there's obviously a difference between refugees and illegal immigration 🤣 people are so self righteous and stuck on what they think is a moral highground they try poorly to shit on anyone that doesn't think the way they do 😂

  37. The border with Poland is not even open. There are a zillion soldiers there and they're checking passports at the checkpoint. Poland waived the Visa requirements but Ukraine is only allowing women, children and the elderly to leave.

  38. There is a major difference between Ukraine and other countries. Most Ukrainians stayed and fought for their country. Most people pouring into Poland are women and children. Compare that to Syria and most refugees from the Middle East, or on the southern border of the us.

  39. There’s a big difference between first world refugees and third world ones. Cultural, language and education barriers are far less. Basically, first world refugees are more likely to be of net benefit to society, while third world ones are often a net cost (for the first generation).

  40. I want to point out that Poland closed its borders completely for economical refugees back in 2015 saying that to be a refugee from war you should go to the nearest safest country. Poland accepted at that time almost nobody.

  41. He didn’t praise open borders in the tweet, literally just reported on what happened as breaking news, no opinion included. Not really a murdered by words

  42. imagine comparing refugees fleeing a war to the closest safe haven to people leaving their countries just because they are poor and traveling through 7 different countries to reach a place that offers economic benefits. that's retarded.

  43. There weren’t even qualitative judgments in the tweet, and what he described isn’t open borders. More permeable, perhaps, but allowing specific refugees in is not open borders.

  44. I dont know, seems like it's a bit of difference when your country is actively being invaded by a crazy dictator, who has already breached the Geneva convention.

  45. Wow, not the same at all! Stop trying to make connections with things that are different situations. Apples to oranges!

  46. Accepting those seeking shelter from imminent war and allowing anyone to just walk right into the country are 2 very different things. This tweet makes no sense

  47. Is that praise though? The sharing of facts isn't necessarily taking a position on the facts. There doesn't seem to be any approval or condemnation inherent in the first tweet

  48. Not even close to the same thing. I tell you what if a whole other country that neighbors Mexico like Guatemala for example invades Mexico with the intent to take over the country you can post this again. Poland does not normally have open borders for random people who want to cross over and live there. They are currently opening their borders for citizens of Ukrain that are at the risk of being murdered by the Russians. Another huge difference when this is all over those Ukrainians will go back to their homes. Not stay in Poland and expect the polish government to give them a bunch of free shit.

  49. Yall are dumb as fuck 90 percent of drugs and illegal shit such as human trafficking come from our borders its not the same for other countries like poland and shit

  50. I probably don’t agree with this guy politically but where is the “praise” part he just described what they did.

  51. Open borders and opening borders to Ukraine are not the same thing. Open borders is a term that means exactly what you think it does. Accepting neighboring refugees is also exactly as it sounds

  52. This is very misleading at best. It's not open border, they still need to show their ID at the very least. Not to mention we in Poland blocked entry for thousands of Afghan refugees who in retrospect were put there by Putin and Lukashenko not long ago to destabilize Poland.

  53. Better keep the Mexican border locked down to keep all those (whispers) brown people from crossing as they flee from [checks notes] war, violence, and poverty manufactured by the US

  54. The US also keeps the Canadian border closed as well, damn they really must hate all the white people in Canada.

  55. There doesn’t appear to be anyone attacking Mexico at this time. So this is a false equivalency.

  56. To be fair he doesn’t say anything positive about the situation he’s praising in the tweet specifically, but with that said, gottimmmmm

  57. If ever there was a time to score points pedantically taking shots at domestic political rivals, this is not it.

  58. there's clearly a difference between neighbouring countries having open borders for refugees during an active war and the same open borders this is talking about. not saying either is correct but it's not much of a murder

  59. Isn’t there a little bit of a difference between helping out during a legit crisis and what your policy might be during the status quo?

  60. OP is a fucking moron. This is apples to oranges as to having human trafficking and drug cartels in a wide open border versus an actual war.

  61. Wow bro it’s almost like accepting refugees from war ridden countries isn’t the same as having open border for anyone and everyone to hop right in. How about y’all look up polands immigration policy before thinking you’re onto something

  62. No, it's because it's an actual war and humanitarian crisis; you dummies have to make everything political and refuse to admit circumstances factor into everything.

  63. War refugees vs economic " refugees". I know most of reddit is white and privileged, but as a Mexican who lives near the border I can tell you that only one of the two groups mentioned are actual refugees and should be allowed in

  64. Ukrainian refugees are women and children while I remember the last time everyone was arguing over refugees every picture we saw it was predominantly military aged men fleeing.

  65. Yeah, for special circumstances (there's a bit of an invasion going on). In the general case, open borders is pure lunacy for obvious reasons.

  66. You’re fucking joking right. You’re comparing refugees from a sudden invasive by a Global Superpower to the steady invasion of people from over 100 countries. Y’all are the dumbasses. We have no idea who is coming across the southern border. Everyone crossing into Poland is escaping imminent death! And they know who they are!

  67. Poland didnt opened borders for illegal imigrants from middle east not because they were brown or something, but beacuse that all was stupid political play from president of Belarus Lukaschenka. They travel by plane to our borders and we own them nothing. Polish people are not racist, we are far from being perfect but our nation is far away from hate someone due to skin color or country of origin. Now is war in Ukraine. We help our brothers and sisters from Ukraine. Victims of the war, most of them are womens and childrens and somebody refers to such diffrent situation in the past, where many of these imigrants from middle east were strong young mens. Schame on you. Open your eyes and spot the difference.

  68. There war is Syria too. Those people went through same stuff that's going to happen in Ukraine. And there's plenty of mothers and chilred fleeing the conflict too. And there was a lot of them on the Polish border. So what that there are men too. I personally don't want to die, or be forced to go to war, just because I was born a guy. And of course, you always see a lot of "strong young man", because

  69. no what they did and said was done to save lives, not get welfare illegally or just taking better paying jobs

  70. seriously. Even the US is expediting Rufugee processing from Ukraine. Great! Now do Guatemalans, Mexicans and Hondurans

  71. Anyone who shut down Iraqi, Syrian, and Afghani refugees can't talk. I think it's different for Latin America, but there is an argument that the US has responsibility for the region beyond the asylum claims.

  72. Ukrainian refuges won't rape and beat your women and children like a muslim would, huge difference. Just look at germany or france.

  73. “All borders are always conveniently open for we not for thee. “ Unless like everyone is going to bum me out and take my vacay away with violence and bombs. Boooo” -that garbage TV lady.

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