Can we agree that making it easier to kill people is bad?

  1. the hilarious thing is if you google “conservative girl who shit herself” kaitlyn bennett immediately shows up lmao

  2. Okay wait hold the phone. I spent the last three years thinking Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert were a single person who was really into hair dye. Now you're telling me NONE of these three dingbats are the skirt shitter?

  3. She isn't the one who shit herself out her butt but she, like everyone of her clones shits herself out her mouth on a daily basis.

  4. I was going into a restaurant to eat with my family and there was another family outside talking and from what I heard as I was going in, one person was vehemently defending his “satchel” while the rest of them called it a man-purse. It reminded me of when I was 7 and obsessed with Indiana Jones and had my great grandma’s purse (which went down to my waist) and called it a satchel. My aunt brings it up whenever our family gets together and it’s super embarrassing haha

  5. funny thing is AR can be used to abbreviate Assault Rifle. Ironically accurate how someone is claiming that their way is the right way, and everyone else is wrong.

  6. He's still not wrong about you guys not knowing anything about guns though. Calling people dumb doesn't make you smart ya know?

  7. Pffffft. Facts: Knives killed around 3.8 times more people than rifles in 2019. Even just beatings with bare hands killed about 1.5 times more people than rifles. And that is ALL rifles, of which the AR-15 styles are just one kind.

  8. Assault rifles make up less than 2% of all gun violence in the US. they’re all but a non issue. Focus on the systemic issues that cause violence first before thinking it’s a good thing to ignore the constitution whenever the media has a scary headline.

  9. I'm a "leftie" and I know what the AR stands for. However, as always we need to remember that Tomi Lahren is a professional sociopath and bullshit-maker so she's always saying things to rile (rifle?) people up.

  10. Same. Also, I know the woman who wrote the original post with the name redacted and she would not be happy her post on basic women’s rights was being used as a tool in a ‘guns for all’ rant.

  11. I’m a left leaning gun owner, and I honestly didn’t know that AR-15 was a specific gun. I literally call all brands of gun of that model ar-15s. Thought it had more to do with the setup. Like AR-15s are 5.56. And AR-10s are .308. But I don’t also pretend to be an expert

  12. Yes, because not knowing the correct abbreviation is definitely the core issue in this debate. Thank god we had Tomi to help us out on that one.

  13. Its funny because applying this logic to conservatives, they shouldn’t be allowed to give input on…well mostly every fucking topic being discussed.

  14. The point is the only difference between an AR-15 and basically any other semi-automatic rifle is the looks. So calling them assault rifles is fear mongering. They’re just rifles. Notice how whenever any other gun or weapon is used they fail to mention it, but if it’s black and looks a certain way they can’t talk about anything else.

  15. Lol it is a bit more relevant when you consider how many people think guns that look scary are actually more dangerous. "Assault Rifle" has a meaning, and that meaning involves it being automatic and capable of killing better

  16. The 'gun debate’ is one of the most disingenuous ones from the extreme gun nut side ever. They are not arguing in good faith and mostly talk in ‘tactics’. Like how every story on

  17. This is a tactic I call “gun pedantry”. They insist that you can’t talk about what guns do unless you could basically build one from scratch. It’s a stupid distraction but somehow it works.

  18. I mean it doesn’t help if you don’t know the thing you are arguing against. That’s not really a dunk on anyone but yourself.

  19. The reason for the 2nd amendment in the first place was for the protection of citizens, instead of regulating the guns themselves we should regulate the people acquiring them and give harsher punishment for misconduct. If possible I’d rather stay out of politics but this is just my thought.

  20. I just want people to stop obsessing with both sides of the argument. The holicide and violence problems in this country have very little to do with who is legally obtaining guns. Bans and heavy regulation would be like putting a small bandage on a giant wound.

  21. So… which is it going to be? Should we have people who know nothing about a thing making decisions about how a thing should be regulated or not?

  22. A random person confused a brand name for an acronym so no one is allowed to stop children from being gunned down.

  23. Well if you dont know the name of the piece which connects the trigger to the firing pin, I dont see why you should be allowed to have any opinion on whether children can shoot up a school or not…

  24. Isn’t that how it currently is? Lol I’m jking but at this stage in americas political life I have no idea if I even actually am

  25. I'm completely against any ban on abortion for one, and I'm also completely against any ban on rifles of any type.

  26. If only we lived in a world where people werent forced to vote against their beliefs on one subject just to vote in line with their beliefs on another subject.

  27. Except very few AR-15 sold are actually manufactured by armalite. None of the civilian ones are. They were first made by colt and today there are several manufacturers that make AR style guns.

  28. Ha, I was so distracted thinking of how many conservative men she had to fuck to confidently make this statement, I didn't even notice that. Is her name toe-me or tommy? Because if the latter her name is itself a misspelling.

  29. Next you’re going to tell me AK doesn’t stand for “Always Killing”? Wtf? My life has been a lie, everyone should have one now because thats clearly the next logical step.

  30. I used to think that if somebody tries to buy a gun but has made it clear, publicly, that they are a raging lunatic they should be 51-50'd, and the infrastructure for doing that should be mandated by law. Now that I know that the 'A' in 'AR' stands for 'ArmaLite' and not 'Assault' I've totally changed my mind.

  31. It's tedious to say, "Small-bore semiautomatic rifle" every time, so we use shorthand. It's just like how the conservatives don't like to say, "Pregnancy and young children prevent battered women from trying to escape."

  32. This has long been a weirdly annoying subject because I feel like the anti gun left (yes there is a pro gun left, armed gays don't get bashed thank you very fucking much) engages in a lot of intellectual dishonesty in this discussion. Particularly in pretending that there isn't a certain connotation in insistently referring to ARs as "assault rifles".I've had many, MANY arguments in which antigun people were under the impression that ARs were full auto and that anyone could buy a $600 machine gun. Which is very much NOT the case.

  33. The only problem I have with anything you said is using an AR-15 platform for, specifically, home defense. The chance of over-penetration and injuring bystanders is way too high.

  34. Wait until Tomi finds out CRT stands for Culturally Responsive Teaching; and the laws that ban Critical Race Theory have outlawed one of its main tenets the “Critique of Liberalism”.

  35. Yeah except you're just trying to walk home from the shops, and the monkeys at war cover you in shit every time you leave the house. You can't really watch the monkeys from the inside, or you wind up with poop in your eyes.

  36. I get that you want to be enraged at people defending rifles despite school shootings, and maybe there is no logic that could make you understand, but:

  37. yeah this sub is gone down the shitter, what a terrible comeback. hahaah men bad at sex hahahaha vagina joke hahahah what is this amy schumer from 2010

  38. Ugh. This is what happens when one stupid person gets responded to by another stupid person on Twitter and now we feel like we've got a "topic" to discuss.

  39. Given the debate on where life starts that is not the greatest title. Not pro life but someone will likely say something.

  40. It's hilarious how tone deaf the title of this post is, given that every single successful abortion ends a life, while hundreds of millions of guns in this country have never been used to kill a single person.

  41. No. We have 300 million lawfully and responsibly owned firearms in this country. Stfu and go somewhere else if you dont agree with the principles this fucking country was founded on. You fuckin city slickers must not know what its like to not be able to depend on police in emergencies. Fuckin idiots.

  42. We had an assault rifle ban for over a decade. Nobody was hauled off into camps. You know when they were? During the 1940s when we had even more lax gun laws. It's kind of like they aren't really a factor in stopping tyranny. You have an assault rifle. They have a drone capable of killing you from a mile away... From the drone. And hundreds of miles away from the operator. The guns are just a distraction. Something to make you feel like you're in control. Real power comes from systematic change which we'll never get if we keep squabbling

  43. Looking through these comments & I'm still trying to figure out what guns have to do with regulating a uterus. If there was supposed to be some tenuously implied metaphor, it failed.

  44. Everyone knows if you don’t know what a gun is called it can’t hurt you. I tell everyone my pistol is named Ignacio, so I know it works if I need to use it.

  45. Talk about splitting hairs. "It's called a throat-slitting knife, not a stabbing knife. You're obviously completely unable to comprehend knife violence".

  46. What's with the "Hey lefties" people? I would ask if any lefties even follow them but obviously some do because this shit gets posted here.

  47. No one sells guns for the intent for it to be used as a murder weapon, except criminals, and if criminals can have access to guns, so should a law advising citizen.

  48. Both of these people are pretending to know one fact more than their opposing team, and think that somehow this justifies their own teams position.

  49. The second amendment exists and can’t be changed without a massive amount of support. A 50/50 argument will never see results.

  50. "Making it easier to kill people is bad". That is exactly what we are trying to do by stopping allowing murder as a birth control mechanism. I don't give a shit about your uterus or clitoris, I just don't want you to be able to commit murder. Your "choice" with your body should extend to when, where and whom you have sex with. But having sex means you are willing to deal with the consequences, not commit murder because it is inconvenient.

  51. If you really want to consider a fetus to be a person, then abortion is much closer to self defense than it is murder.

  52. Not alot of people are shot with ARs or even rifles though. It's a very rare thing statistics wise. The military doesn't use the AR either so they don't shoot anybody with it. Handguns are what most people are actually shot with. Then when you look at the statistics it's like 60-70% gang violence.

  53. Yes, the argument makes no sense at all. I do see the problem.... any fucking idiot can go and buy an armalite rifle, handgun, .50 cal, etc...

  54. Almost every weapon ever made found its start in being better able to kill competition. So just saying "it was made to shoot humans" is pointless.

  55. ARs work excellently for hunting hogs. But that's a non sequitur. Hunting isn't mentioned anywhere in the Second Amendment.

  56. On the one hand, it's worth noting that a large portion of the support against abortion comes from women. On the other hand, though, I doubt they can find their clitoris, either.

  57. Have you seriously never seen how this argument plays out? Have you just seen someone else make it, and you thought it sounded smart? Did you not read any replys? Or are you under the impression that this little nugget is an original thought of yours?

  58. FIRST. no one is saying to BAN GUNS, idiot. Second, you need to carry insurance and a license and pay for registration to own and operate a car, you fucking genius.. Glad that you agree we should do the same for all guns.

  59. Apart from the fact that, obviously, omg who the fuck cares what it stands for in a debate about guns... of course.

  60. If someone breaks into your house and threatens you or your family, why do you call the cops? Think about it critically.

  61. Someone killed 9 people (mostly children) in Vegas last week with a car and it barely made the news. If it was a gun instead we would be hearing about it for months.

  62. What we know about your guns is that you are shooting us with them. If you can't play nicely with your toys, they get taken away.

  63. Actually considering the type spewing that sort of rhetoric I must conclude the AR stands for Asshole Representation.

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