We got a murder in progress

  1. ...so is she arguing that people shouldn't regulate what they don't know about (guns) or that people should regulate what they don't know about (abortions)?

  2. This is my question also. Could it be that both abortions and guns should be regulated a little bit by the government, informed closely by experts, so that harm can be mitigated as much as possible without infringing on rights? Or should we continue doing factually incorrect appeals to emotion?

  3. People can regulate something they don't necessarily participate in but are educated about. The contrary would be ridiculous. "You're trying to regulate murder but you've never killed someone before!"

  4. Interestingly enough, Tomi Lahren is actually politically pro-choice. She got fired from the Blaze for saying something along the lines of: “the government can keep it’s hands off my guns and my uterus”

  5. Using Tomi Lahren on this sub is easy pickings. Anything she says is moronic and begging to be roasted. Still funny tho lol

  6. I saw on her Instagram that she commented on a mural of Gretta Thurnberg something like "Wonder why they don't erect a mural of a true American hero" or whatever the fuck she said.

  7. Yeah this post is stupid. As much as I hate “Tammy,” wasn’t she famously fired from TheBlaze for making pro-choice arguments?

  8. Can we stop with the whole "blame men" thing on this one? It's such a blatant misnomer that old white dudes are the only people who hate abortion.

  9. It’s harder for them to pretend its evil sexism and not a genuine policy position that a large portion of the country has when they acknowledge that a lot of women are pro life

  10. True. But to be fair Tomi probably doesn't understand how to properly use a fork, not to mention understanding a mechanically complex object that fires projectiles.

  11. The point she's making is that tomi Lauren is being (surprise) a hypocrite... Or at least that many people who vote against abortion are hypocrites in that sense

  12. I think the point being made is that "you dont know very much about X to regulate it" isnt a good excuse, because they do that for things other than guns. Idk how so many people seem to be missing the point.

  13. There’s several thousand regulations on firearms already. Government banning does not stop criminals gaining access to it. Also see US drug war and prohibition.

  14. Also see, the good ol' southern hobby of making guns in your garage out of copper and steel pipes, then loading them up with homemade ammo and mags. Most garages actually have all the tools necessary to make a semi if not fully automatic weapon, even the roughest being able to get out 100 rounds easily before warping or breaking.

  15. Government intervention also doesn't stop illegal immigration, I don't see any republicans protesting the wall.

  16. Can’t it be both? Fuck Tomi Lauren, and fuck anyone who wants to regulate a persons body. But the general idea of “you should know a bunch about things you’re making laws about” is pretty simple right? Again, fuck Tomi, this isn’t her idea, the lucky old guy with his hand up her ass working her like a puppet made her say it...

  17. I hate 99.9% of the things that come out of her mouth, but Tomi is also pro choice. She said as such, and was fired from The Blaze for it (or wherever it was she started out).

  18. Nah I really don't agree with the notion that you need to know much about the operation/upkeep/terminology of guns to have an opinion on gun control. That's something that I see firearm hobbyists say a lot and it's really beside the point.

  19. Does one need to be an expert on how to maintain and deploy a nuclear weapon before one advocates for nuclear disarmament?

  20. But Tomi Lahren is literally pro-choice for that exact fucking reason you morons. Jesus Christ, this sub is going down the shitter.

  21. They both agree that people shouldn’t legislate what they both don’t understand. But it’s worth noting that the top comment is a woman with a clitoris who believes in abortion so the lower response defending ignorance is pretty dumb.

  22. A common trait among women who complain about men on the internet, and vice versa. If all your partners suck, stop picking the same kinda partner. That or something is wrong with you.

  23. This isn’t really a murder by words because she could agree with you with the abortion issue, like many liberal gun owners.

  24. Shockingly enough, both of these things can be true and not invalidate one another. I know, I know... nuance isn't in fashion these days. Juat call me a sucker for downvotes.

  25. Been seeing this go on for some months now. And soon the sub will be unrecognizable with a bunch of "lol rekt those right wingers" posts.

  26. This sub is basically "conservative bad, orange man bad" now. Not that I necessarily disagree but most of these "murders" are just lame attempts at witty comebacks.

  27. Good thing a clitoris has nothing to do with a uterus or human life. Not a burn, just more stupid politics bashing. (Democrats good, Republicans bad)

  28. “Scary black rifles” murder less than a couple hundred people out of 350,000,000 a year. Knives murder around 1500

  29. Has anyone noticed that their only retort is to go to sex-based insults? This, incel, "You only say that because women don't like you", "who hurt you?" etc.

  30. She actually didnt make that witty of a statement. It really wasnt even a good roast. Nor was it warranted. People like candice want the government to control guns but then they want the government to not intervene in the murder of babies. What kind of sense does that make

  31. Think this is more of a kill shot on Candice than it is on Tammy - admitting you can't find a man to pleasure you is pretty indicative.

  32. No conservative can have nuanced opinions. They must only subscribe to a single mind and you process. /s

  33. This is the transphobic "I deliberately misgender them because they're disgusting" and "Fact: 100% of Bernie supporters have Daddy Issues" and "Game of Thrones sucked because white men" girl, isn't it?

  34. I would be happy to volunteer on behalf of those men, an offer myself as a search party for your clitoris. I assure you the search won't take long

  35. Okay, so I’m not trying to defend any of her views or agree with anything, but I believe she actually does tend to be pro-choice, so this is actually a pretty bad example to choose.

  36. Yeah its a big problem that people who don't know shit about female biology are the ones making laws about it. But it's also a big problem that people who don't know shit about guns are making laws about guns.

  37. Is this really even a murder? Hell, it nearly comes off like they agree people shouldn't regulate stuff they don't know about.

  38. Just like to point out the heartbeat bill in Alabama was signed by a woman. It's not men trying to control your life, it was a religious bill and religion is to blame plain and simple.

  39. As much as I hate Lahren, I need to point out this rebuttal is whataboutism, the logical fallacy of comparing 2 unrelated things because you can better win the second argument. If we want to debate idiots like her we can't change the subject, it's a cheap tactic.

  40. This doesn't prove anybody's case though... If the question of whether having knowledge of something is the basis for being able to legislate on something, then either both arguments are valid or neither are..?

  41. Not only is that completely irrelevant to any discussion about abortions, it's also untrue. That being said I'm still firmly pro-abortion, her point is just stupid.

  42. People using poor sex ed as an excuse for not understanding female anatomy are willfully ignorant. I went to kansas public schools and still know that the clitoris is in the very back of the vagina, like a button.

  43. Let's be fair here. A lot of women can't find their own clitoris and many of those that can don't know how to work it.

  44. Wonder if she knows that the fetus can feel pain. Has it’s own potentially different blood type then the mother. Has a heart beat. that it responds to its environment. Or that it has its own functioning organs. Make adoption easier or be smarter with your partner and be willing to accepted the consequences. Accountability should start with sex not after.

  45. No one is trying to regulate your uterus. They just want to stop you from killing the living being inside it. It is illegal to kill someone in your house, and it has nothing to do with housing regulations.

  46. If you just took the time to get to know guns, not what you hear in the media, but who they really are inside, you might find you have a lot in common with them. They aren’t that different from you or I. They have hopes and dreams and families and pets and whatnot. Good god she is dumber than a bag of rocks.

  47. It's still a small minority of women don't pretend it's all women desperately anti abortion. And no it's religion that it the cause of this so it is really split down gender lines.

  48. You are drawing illogical conclusions from wildly incomplete data. It’s very easy to do, but very dangerous to believe...

  49. Even if I grant the fetus full rights as a human, for arguments sake let's place its life as valuable as my own or any other adult out there, I would still support a womans right to chose to have an abortion.

  50. Lmfao what a ridiculous argument. Until it's fully developed into a recognisable baby (like 3 months in) it's nothing but a cluster of cells, no different than sperm. I don't hear anybody whinging masturbation is murder, when sperm is in fact alive, more so than a fertilized egg. Nobody wants to kill babies. They want to abort the process before it becomes one, hence the term. But hey, maybe if you taught better sex education and offered more for birth control than "don't do it, there's your control!", it wouldn't be as much of an issue.

  51. Its is a clump of cells, please explain how something that doesnt have a brain is a person, we switch off brain dead people because we recognise that the mind is the only meaningful part

  52. “I don’t think private citizens should own nukes.” “Oh yeah? Do you know the difference between an atomic bomb and a thermonuclear warhead? Do you know how fission and fusion processes work? Can you even tell us the blast radius of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima? No? Then don’t touch my nukes!”

  53. What on earth makes her think that we need to know anything about guns - beyond the fact that they make it far easier to kill and maim people than if you're restricted to a knife - in order to have an opinion about whether existing gun laws are adequate?

  54. Oh my God, this is perfect. I know Jack shit about guns (full-on Texan here, but my mother hated them, so my knowledge is low). My whole family and all my friends think it's wrong to want a licenced-style expectation, but they have zero issues telling me my private business about procreation.

  55. I don't think this is a murder, while both arguments contrast they don't conflict and as such I'm unsure who the ladders aimed at.

  56. Um, in order for this burn to actually make sense, she has to be advocating thses men controlling her body.

  57. Is it true that Americans pronounce clitoris as "cli-taurus"? I've seen it in movies a few times, and I honestly don't know if they're making the person saying it look like an idiot, or if it's actually a common way of saying it in America

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