Been home training Muay Thai at home for 1 year. How’s my form? I want to go to a mma gym and compete in mma matches . How do I even get started doing that. (P.s) I know your supposed to stand on the toes and pivot but I was on dirt and slipping so I accidentally pivot on my heal sometimes

  1. Ive always been a hand down boxer over the years i just feel more loose and relaxed hands down , but like you said , it’s only a matter of time before someone catches me lol

  2. For your roundhouse: Turn your lead foot out before you start to launch the kick. It’s going to help your stability and power.

  3. It's amazing that you have started training keep at it bro some pointers.... *Some people will tell you that your stance is too wide yes it is strictly for muaythai but for mma some wrestling based strikers like mickel Chandler have a wider base so try to get a feel for it *You have to punch like a whip not a stiff board your body is too stiff while punching and while kicking use your hips more watch bagwork of professional fighters (buakaw for kicking and watch some jabs by floyd Mayweather and other pros) *Use your feet more often and protect your head your hands are too low (not applicable to some legends like lerdsila who is a master at dodging) and even while throwing combos protect your head by moving away from the centerline..... HERE ARE SOME YOU TUBE CHANNELS FOR YOU WHICH WILL HELP YOU TREMENDOUSLY..... 1 BAZOOKA KICKBOXING 2 MMA SHREDDED 3 GABRIEL VARGA 4 STUART TOMLINSON 5 SYLVIE VON DUUGLAS

  4. Sylvie Von Douglas has a muay thai library, a series of video documentaries of legendary styles and frame by frame breakdown of coaching sessions with these legends. Quite a lot of these videos are available for free on YT

  5. Yeah I’m going to study some of those videos I usually watch this Thai guy on Instagram Manasak_Pinsinchai . He’s a badass I want to have kicks like that lol but thanks for the advice man 👌🏽

  6. Stance is a little wide, try to have your feet closer to one another. It will give you a better chance to block low/mid kicks.

  7. Ok I will do that. I did noticed my stance was wide but that was from some years of boxing I’m guessing . It feels awkward standing up right and center

  8. Not bad for self training but at this point you won’t improve outside of the gym if only for the techniques and timing you can only practice through sparring (especially grappling if you’re interested in mma).

  9. Overall pretty good for a guy who started training at home, but nothing will compare to actually getting a coach to train you, so my advice is to obviously train but I assume you already know that anyways.

  10. You seem super tense Muay Thai is all about being relaxed and chill manage your distance a bit better and turn you me hips into your kick and you’re golden

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