I’m probably killing myself today.

  1. Do not harm yourself. How did that subreddit make you realize anything like you describe? That's generally a very affirming subreddit. And idk where one could even get zyklon B. I think you need to contact a therapist or another mental health professional. This is not a safe mental space to be in.

  2. Basically saying that I’m annoyed when people say that I’m not a woman/less of a woman if I don’t unlearn my “male behaviors and socialization”, and that I’m too manly (and behave too manly) to be a woman. Got a ton of downvotes and a comment saying that “I must be brave to defend male socialization and behaviors on twox” Was I misunderstood? If yes, probably because I’m an autistic piece of shit. Even more reasons to die. It just seems like the best choice. Also, Zyklon B is easier to get in Poland, and I already have it, why not use it?

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