Is the term "no-op" in use? If not, can we start popularizing it?

  1. Oh cool! Yeah I can see how it would be awkward lol and if read and someone doesn't know, then it looks like NOOP🤣I kinda like it though

  2. Gotcha, awesome! Didn't mean to exclude, just the reason I said "I see girls saying pre-op" is only because I'm only on this subreddit really and so don't have an insight into anyone or anything that's not MTF/trans women/girl/femme. But that's awesome I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person because I really don't like the term pre-op for my own situation. Thank youuu

  3. I like this, pre op feels invalidating as a term because my womanhood has nothing to do with the body I arrived in. I am a woman no matter what is going on down there.

  4. Pre, post, and non-op have been in use with the internet Trans community for just as long as we have also used m2f. It's all kind of 1990s internet telnet speak and us older people still us it. But generally it's fallen into disuse as what we have in our pants is between us, whatever thing you believe in, and maybe a lover. And is no one else's business.

  5. My girlfriend uses non-op for herself as at the moment (and this moment is over 15 years long) she is not considering SRS. But she is still aware that this might change

  6. I'm not sure why, but having people assume I'll get any surgery makes me uncomfortable. I feel very happy transitioning with hormones and socially.

  7. For sure I understand your feelings. I mean, for me personally I'm not sure if I would or wouldn't because I haven't started using dating apps yet as I'm only 4 months along at this point but I was wondering for when I start because I used to see it a lot.

  8. I’ve called myself non-op since basically the beginning of my transition. Genitals do not equal gender, and my downstairs buddy has served me well.

  9. I’m non-op, and run into the phrase every so often. It’s annoying how even other trans people act like we don’t exist sometimes, but we’re out there.

  10. Sorry I hope you don't think I'm one of them I never meant to come off that way I just have never seen it used.

  11. The whole concept of pre-op and post-op is misleading in the modern era. If you are having bottom surgery soon, it is pre-op in the medical context, and post-op once you have it, but it is meaningless outside of a medical context of which side of the hospital you are in.

  12. Yeah, it's 20th century thinking from back when the distinction between sex and gender wasn't being clearly made. Transitioning was thought by the medical establishment to include a "sex change" operation as a matter of course.

  13. Thank you so much I needed to hear this you're right! Should only be with a doctor unless you're comfortable sharing that with others

  14. And in the medical field they speak of transgender (non/pre-op) and transsexual (post-op) but that lingo might be changing now there is a lot of changing going on🤔

  15. rn the only reason why im getting it is because I would love to wear a bikini in the swimming pool which is also why I have put it in my category of "Surgery if have 'extra' money"

  16. Not trying to take away anyone's word, just wanted to add to our vocabulary cuz I have never seen anyone use it anywhere and wasn't even sure it existed at first so I wanted to ask

  17. I've seen no-op or non-op used a bit, but mostly on reddit in trans spaces, I think. Having said that, if someone already understands what trans and pre-op mean, they'll likely also understand what you mean by no-op.

  18. No for sure! I am open to it but at this point fairly sure I won't. There are moments from my childhood of trying to push my dick down with multiple pairs of underwear because I saw Victoria's Secret advertisements and shit and was so jealous of how smooth their "bump" was (is what I thought in my head) and so I tried to smooth out mine a lot in my childhood, trying to push it down in my room. Both that, and wanting to wear tighter clothes might lead to me getting SRS.

  19. I’m sorry about that but I don’t really see anything in this post that invites this sort of commentary. I just don’t really see why you had to give your stance on that.

  20. random connection, in software engineering (and probably other fields) a “no-op” or “no op” is actually a pretty common term that pretty much means “do nothing”. it has meaning in actual programming, but more often it’s used like “this ticket came in telling us to do something, but turns out it’s already done. closing the ticket as a no op.”

  21. Non-op/no-op are fine term to use for yourself if you want, and I've seen them used. What I would like is for people to stop assuming that if someone is non-op that automatically mean they don't have bottom dysphoria and want their parts to be used and acknowledged. That is not true for all.

  22. I use the term non-op as do many others. Unfortunately some people take this as an opportunity to tell me how much I’ll “love to have bottom surgery” which is never welcome.

  23. I like the term and I’d use it if I didn’t plan on getting a surgery or when referring to someone I knew didn’t want the surgery, but I will still refer to Pre-Op for myself for the purposes of indicating that I have ‘yet’ to get a surgery that I will be getting.

  24. I don't plan on having bottom surgery in its current state, because I'm holding out for transplants, which may never happen. But that's why I still consider myself pre-op.

  25. I've seen and myself often used the term "non-op." ^^ Usually as an inclusive thing. I agree that for those of y'all who don't intend on getting surgeries, it's a better term and should be normalized.

  26. I'm sorry I just think it's funny you're asking the whole of the community to use a new term while also only speaking to a small portion of said community who uses reddit 😂

  27. I mean I just wanted input on what that word would be I figured y'all would know, wasn't asking everyone to change. I had never heard anyone use it before so I wa surprised to find out it was a thing.

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