In (Tombstone 1993) there was a Hell and Pale Horse

  1. Tombstone is literally the only Western I've ever liked. My dad watched all the old westerns and I hated them. Then tombstone came out when I was 11 and we wore the tape out watching it so often.

  2. Have you seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? It's practically only a Western by location. Plays like a dramatic comedy.

  3. At Oklahoma State COWBOY football games, on their huuuuge tv screen, you see a clip of Doc yelling "You tell 'em I'm comin'...and HELL'S COMIN' WITH ME!" The gates open and the team runs onto the field! The crowd goes crazy. Tradition.

  4. As the other comment states, it was Wyatt. But no matter, what matters here is OSU is my favorite football team. I attend Bedlam every year and have seen this happen in person. Go Pokes!

  5. I’ve seen that movie a million times. I always thought the priest was talking about Doc not only because he is pale but he is a good bad guy and Wyatt is seen as a good guy.

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