Mustard or Ketchup?

  1. I’ve had my x2 red for a week now and so far it’s been perfect. Definitely my favorite mouse I own now and has been my daily choice for work and gaming

  2. Heck yeah the yellow Outset, got one too. If it was just a tiny bit bigger it'd basically be a perfect mouse for me. Paracorded mine with a black and yellow cord.

  3. It REALLY bothers me that the ketchup one has ketchup side buttons and scroll wheel but the mustard one has black side buttons and scroll wheel.

  4. They both look great, but I think that Yellow NP01S wins out for me. I dig the black accents with the side buttons and scroll wheel. chef's kiss.

  5. I got a white X2 mini cause the red was out of stock on Amazon CA. Returning it as the right click wobbles. Got the red one coming as it was literally available two days later. Fingers crossed no QC issues.

  6. I've been mainly using my new Aria XD7 but I decided to splurge and get a paracord to replace the super starched stock one that came with my NP-01S. Once that arrives, I may flip flop between the XD7 and NP-01S. I know, gold plated problems :-P

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