No one talk bout this

  1. In MK9 there was a Tower fight with Mileena and Scorp where she had a crush on him and was desperately trying to give him a teddy bear. Obviously this was a joke fight but a lot of it could stem from there

  2. Hanzo x Kuai Liang and Jade x Kuai Liang make more sense than Hanzo x Jade. Which makes no sense at all. By the way, Hanzo made a conscious decision to doom Jade and other Revenants in MKX by killing Quan-Chi prematurely. So not only is HanzoxJade nonsensical, it's downright terrible.

  3. Man's really out here trying to take away the one good thing that happened to Kotal during the entire story mode of MK11 - hooking up with Jade.

  4. Mk11 intros really be having y’all think there’s enough chemistry between these characters to warrant these out of pocket ships…

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