What do you think of the zoning in MK11?

  1. I don’t think the zoning is as crazy people think. Definitely conquerable with patience unless you’re playing a character with bad movement.

  2. It all depends on the matchup I guess. Cetrion vs Joker without BOING is borderline impossible for instance. But in most cases you still have options to beat a spamming zoner.

  3. This subreddit is ridiculous. Some emotional child is downvoting every comment that doesn't say zoning is OP in the game. People are literally being downvoted because they said they can deal with zoning after a little practice. When are the people of this sub going to learn that trying to silence people who you don't agree with hurts EVERYONE in the end because no ONE person is right about everything?

  4. Zoners in MK don't have much risk. Some of the best zoners in the game are also really nasty close up, so i think that is why they are OP personally. As a non-zoner you spend half your match chasing them by pressing down, but once you get into the range of their mid moves it turns into a mind game that favors the zoner and not the victim basically. Yeah its possible to handle and is not seen much in the top levels of play (except for Foreverking who basically has mastered zoning and is also the most boring player to watch), but for casuals it is just a steep learning curve that honestly shouldn't exist. Casuals are the most important in any fighting game, and many casuals leave because of nasty zoners like injustice 2 batman and deadshot, or MK11 jade and cetrion etc etc.

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