this is definitely the only reason I play Kitana. To be punished for hitting my enemy

  1. But my whole point is just that since her string dial-in I cannot cancel it instead get punished for an attack I didn’t try to whiff.

  2. Not every move is gonna be useful in every situation, in kitanas case I would saY to use b14 more, its better on catching peoples juml and its an amaizng stagger and hitconfirm. You can also use b13 the reward isnt as good but its a lot safer to throw out

  3. In what world should an overhead low hit an airborne opponent and make them eat the whole string, especially the #1 string katana mains use in neutral.

  4. The true issue is not that it whiffed on second hit (scorpion is airbone so its intended) but Kitana needs to commit to full b231 so she do the extra whiffed hit which puts her in awful frame disadvantage. She cannot do b23 as a standalone without 1 so I would say it's really stupid design choice of that string. The OP would got full combo punished, way worse than this poke for really not that of a big mistake.

  5. Yeah. I just wish me committing to B231 didn’t let me be vulnerable in that moment without cancelable.

  6. reddit mk is the only place where you’ll get called trash for complaining about a whiffing issue 💀

  7. I hate how horrible her buttons are, especially up close. But all NRS could think to do to her is nerf her upwards fan for NO REASON AT ALL.

  8. When people make a criticism about MKXL I get what they mean now. The rushdown combo system was great,but you didn’t feel the hits like older MK games. MK11 love it or hate it brought that back! You can feel the impact of every punch and kick in the game,and I love it!

  9. Noob’s 113 is the same in that similar situation. If it clips a player in the air and the the second 1 or the 3 misses, you get punished on wake up.

  10. OP you're getting some hate in the comments, but you honestly just got unlucky that the last hit in Scorpion's F4 string results in him going airborn for a flying kick after planting his sword. You could have gotten way more damage and not gotten punished on majority of strings in this game in this exact same situation.

  11. Yeah but who commits to that jump thing unless it’s also a dial. I am referring to since I rolled, I did t think he’d commit

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