ok, once and for all, do you think zoning is a legit Strat or spam?

  1. I always said if you lose to someone mindlessly spamming the same move, then you deserved to lose BC you didn't even try to adapt.

  2. I always thought of there being a distinct difference between zoning and spamming. I'm not a great player or even that knowledgeable on all the terms but I'm 90% sure there's a big difference between using projectiles to zone and apply pressure compared to spamming projectiles the moment any amount of space opens up.

  3. Zoning is a legit strat and not spam. Anyone calling the act of throwing one projectile all day long does not understand what zoning is.

  4. It’s lame af but yes it’s a strat. When you face good players throwing out as many fireballs as you can is not gonna win you the match

  5. If you don’t see zoning as a legit, just as fucking looooooong-established strategy as rushdown, turtling or whatever else, you should quit fighting games. Just stop. Go play a Lego game or something, where you won’t have to worry about getting beat by another player, just an AI that’s super friendly and forgiving. How is this even a debate?

  6. I don't think players are worried about being beaten by other players. I think there are some players that spend hours practicing a character, learning combos, and frame data, etc... Only to be beaten by a second rate tactic, must feel a little cheap. Then, they spend more hours to study that character's zoning, and get zoned by another character. The cycle just doesn't end. There's a certain level of "fun" that is achieved by a good back and forth fight, where it could go either way. Something that can't be achieved any other way. And yes, if it bothers people that much to get beaten in such a fashion over and over, then perhaps they should play another game. Although suggesting Lego games specifically is a bit insulting. Maybe don't be such a dick to other gamers? We all have our reasons for playing the games we do. Pick each other up. Keep gaming.

  7. Zoning is a legit strat, and to do it well against good players is not easy. Its my go to play style. I adore the way Skarlet plays in MK11.

  8. She is actually weak at full screen. SHe really is better playing the jump to mid screen game using her normals for long range pressure mixing in her projectiles there and using the parry as a spacing tool.

  9. If you're facing an annoying zoning Skarlet, easiest option is to use Jade and hit Dodging Shadows, if they know how to play Skarlet well they'll adapt and possibly win; if all they know is mindless spamming of projectiles you'll have a satisfying win. There's a lot of other characters that can also destroy Skarlet.

  10. Some characters are specifically built as zoners, just like some are built for grappling and some are built for cross ups. It's just a part of the game.

  11. It’s a strategy, just not a very fun one. If I’m playing Mortal Kombat, I want to have a brutal, up close fight. Not someone doing everything in their power to stay away from me.

  12. It's def a strat. Very integral to fighting games since their very inception. The problem is that in NRS games there is no projectile clash, and then they give characters projectiles AND EVASIVE TOOLS that are too much. No reason Cet should have that teleport. Still, I voted strat and maintain that - of the NRS games, MK11 is the one in which projectiles are the worst.

  13. I love playing Robocop, but I get so much hate mail, even if I don't zone lol I still get called a spammer, people will look for any excuse for why they lost.

  14. I've been called a spammer and trash at mortal kombat because I have combos. One dude wrote me "they say FIGHT not combo each other to death, you fucking trash ass mother fucker" 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Zoning is a legit strategy and that's nothing new. Yes, it can be annoying and one might not consider it as "skill", but it is a fair strat

  16. Zoning is part of the game and that’s where some characters strengths are. It’s built into the game as an intended strategy.

  17. mixing in zoning is obviously a strat but it’s always going to seem cheap/lame. I wish it was more balanced in MK11, cause making Jade one of the best zoners and giving her a move in her base kit (with a pretty fast SU) that makes projectiles pass thru her and costs no meter is ridiculous.

  18. Even though I dislike zoning, personally, mixups are harder to handle. There is usually a pattern to the mixups but as soon as you adapt, they adapt as well. In the hands of a good player, you may look paralyzed the entire set.

  19. I think mk11 tried too hard with the "Meta". "Let's add new mechanics, but then add new mechanics that counter those mechanics, and then we'll add more mechanics that counter THOSE mechanics. So anytime someone does anything they have 4 different outcomes to plan for." That and the whole game is unbalanced. "Let's make some crushing blows entirely useless because of how fast breakaway refills, but simultaneously make certain characters have 50% combos that can't be broken out of" the entire game just seemed like someone with an iq of a potato trying to make a tactical fighting game.

  20. But if you do it all the time throughout the match then I would say it’s spam if you’re both low I could see someone doing it but damn is it annoying

  21. It’s just spammy and honestly not fun to play with and against, I’d rather draw out the game than have a quick win, but it’s very fun zoning an tough opponent and than finally killing them

  22. As someone who just recently started playing the game, I wouldn’t say it’s spam but just a pussy move. Throwing a projectile every once in a while isn’t bad, but only keeping distance and using them is just dumb. Maybe I’m just worst than I thought but that’s just my opinion.

  23. To me zoning is more like controlling the space, like fuck I'm gonna play a Deep Freeze Sub Zero up close to let him mix me to death 😅 instead I try to keep him in a distance w Noob so I can reach him but he can't 😁🤙 Spamming projectiles is a different story.. Btw is that you UJ gaming? From youtube?

  24. It's a spamming strat. Simple as that. Not all characters spam because they have multiple projectiles like Cetrion or Skarlet, but realistically in an actual game they're just spamming the same projectile over and over. Unless they're pro players or they only use their main it's spam 99.99% of the time. Also even if they use multiple projectiles it's still spamming projectiles. Just like rushdown makes someone spam block lmao. It just is what it is. Doesn't mean it's a bad thing (even though most of the time it is).

  25. you will never convince me that backing to full screen and throwing projectiles over and over again isn't spamming. (Yes I know there's ways around it, but its still annoying.) There's also the fact that in NRS games zoners are way to powerful, I do not have as nearly much of a problem with Zoners in other fighting games than I do in NRS games

  26. I should clarify my own comment a bit, Zoning and Spamming are different, and zoning can be a legit strategy, (just not one I can respect.) But NRS games have problems with powerful zoners, Injustice 2 was basically killed because Deadshot was such a powerful zoner, and MK11 feels like everyone is a zoner.

  27. Zoning as a concept weird me out. Who first thought 'let's add a character to this fighting game that doesn't actually fight'

  28. It's legit. Even if it's spamming, it's still a legit strategy. If it's in the game, it's fair play. Honestly I like playing zone spammers, it's so satisfying beating them. Everytime I play a full auto Jacquie, I get excited knowing that, aside from it taking slightly longer, it's gonna be a wash 🤣

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