I think there is too much RNG in Sunbreak right now

  1. I think the system is ok, we are already very OP with just decos. I've been treating armor augments as bonus skills

  2. OP for Master Rank maybe, but with the over-inflated health pools on these afflicted monsters, our damage hardly matters. It's a slug fest with a monster who clears most of your health bar with every attack. So maybe you can say 'get gud', but I don't think you can say we're OP.

  3. It's all part of the idea that games you like should never stop being playable. Instead of, you know, finishing a game and being satisfied.

  4. On one hand this has indeed a lot of RNG and grind, on the other hand unlike most other grinds it isn't focused on certain monster rather you have reasons to fight all monsters, also

  5. I dont mind the armor augment rng. I already have a stellar build, and the augments will enhance that over time. Right now i can chill and do investigations for whatever i feel like, and at the end of quest i get a few rolls at some armor. If i get something good then awesome, if not I go hunt some more monsters for another try and thats okay because I was going to hunt more monsters anyways.

  6. Give it more time, saying things within the first 2 days of a new feature doesn’t really show the complete picture. If 1 month later u still haven’t found ur armour set then maybe it’s a good complaint.

  7. Honestly as someone who was VERY skeptical about how the Qurious Armor Augmenting would be (I play Warframe and Genshin, so Rivens and Artifacts have me quite touchy to the subject of rng gear), after actually getting my hands on the system and messing around with it, I’m honestly kinda ok with it. In my one day so far of messing around with augmenting, I was able to add quite a few nice skills to my Spread and Pierce LBG sets. My Spread Set was able to get two more levels of attack boost, putting me up to lvl 6 along with Spiribirds Call and a couple other small QoL skills. My Pierce set was able to get Spiribirds call and Steadiness 2 added which means I can switch my Dango Skewers around for more damage without the additional deviation downside, and I was also able to add 2 levels of attack boost and hopefully soon get lvl 4. All in all, it doesn’t seem to hard to roll a few times and get something that’s at the very least a decent little upgrade, then move on to the next piece. We also get multiple augment rolls worth of materials from every single quest, which is fantastic.

  8. I am waiting for the data mine actually to see what's possible and the probability. All these ridiculous builds i am seeing online can't be all real, right? Right? !

  9. Gacha quiro equipment is fun for me as long as there is no p2w/real money involve. If you're boring with the endgame grind, you can always mod at pc and make an absolute beast build.

  10. Honestly, I’m right with you. This new system is a goddamn nightmare. Any one of these things by themselves is annoying and frustrating and really hurts the urge to play, but all together, it feels like the devs just wanted to slap on as many ways as possible to sink time, not make it worthwhile. I’m making new sets and the like, still, but qurious crafting is extremely low on my list. I do not have the time to do what the devs THINK we can do.

  11. I mean isn't this literally what people were asking for when they said they wanted investigations back? Random monster hunting from random quests to get random decos. Sounds like they gave the majority of people what they were asking for. (I've never engaged with post game content. Its just not my thing.)

  12. I agree. At least in MHW the decos are fixed at maybe 200-300 decos or whatever, it's easier to get them all even at 0.01% drop chance on the rarer ones. In Rise the combination of skills on charm and augmentation have too many possibilities.

  13. Monster hunter is literally and always has been about the grind. RNG is the entire game. From monster health, to size, to rewards, carves, gathering..like I’m unsure how this fan base wants to be fuckin pleased.

  14. I really hate it. Today is the first day since Rise dropped that I haven't wanted to play it. I really hate these unlimited grind end games. idk how ppl can like these things - the point of "end game" is that you're DONE! You don't need to grind for xyz armor just to make your set work, your set is DONE it WORKS! Now you can just causally enjoy playing the game! If you want to make more sets you can, but you don't have to.

  15. I mean, there's absolutely nothing forcing you to grind the RNG augments. You can just make what you want and be done with it, not like anything in the game is difficult enough to require any kind of optimization to beat or that having 1 extra skill from an augment would make or break a set.

  16. I think people are treating you a little unfair, I agree that games these days are simply trying to get as much of our time as possible with out any reward of substance, sure we get better gear that makes the game easier, but I thought difficulty was supposed to be a cornerstone of this franchise, I'm very concerned we are looking at the new normal and gaming is slowly morphing into gambling

  17. I mean what exactly did you wanted? The "grind" is just a reward system for fun gameplay. If you stopped having fun you can stop playing. I don't think we mean the same thing when we use the term Endgame. Typically the connotation is more like "Hey you reached max level/the end of the campaign, now look at these activities to keep you playing" like in an mmorpg. Not like ghost of tsuchima or God of War where you reach the end of the game.

  18. I just did the TU1 monster and dropped the game until new monsters come up, i absolutelly refuse to engage with those mmo cancerous mechanics that are designed to be addictive and ruin your life.

  19. I strongly agree. I also believe that they took the criticism related to the "lack" of endgame prior to SB way too much at heart, to the level where they had to come up with several mechanics that'd keep us endlessly grinding something. While in IB you just needed that one deco you were missing, World bias - I actually liked the idea of the guiding lands, now we already have that talisman farm which is a bit loco for example I just got a good 2-2-0 rarity 10 which was very pleasing ofc until I realised that I had the exact same talisman but rarity 7 for months. Fine, not such a bad thing right, but it's now like I gotta keep tabs of engaging with all these rng mechanics daily. I'll stick to my current build, it'll be outclassed fast, sure, but I just wanna play the game not become a master alchemist.

  20. Yes there is a lot of rng but it's also ridiculously easy now to get a build put together with all of the important skills. So really all the rng does is make a great build potentially super broken. Super broken is a lot of fun but it doesn't feel as necessary as getting a great talisman in base rise.

  21. So far it seems like you are pretty likely to get something handy within 1-3 attempts, perhaps a point in evade extender, or in wide range, or a socket / socket upgrade -- the vast majority of skills are useful in some way.

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