I was playing around with qurious armor mod and apparently this passes sanity check

  1. I'm kinda welcoming this and kinda scared of this augmentation system at the same time. Welcoming this system at one end to be able to push armor sets to a wild limit and scared at the other end knowing how much of it is at the mercy of RNGsus.

  2. Realistically, they are not intended to. You aren't meant to have each of your pieces with a 1 in 400 million god roll. Imo, if you are going to give yourself all god pieces with a god charm, that is no different than using mods/cheats to just give yourself 5000 attack or one-shot monsters.

  3. Well we haven’t got the last update monster yet, maybe we should be thankful. They may make the last one a huge doozy knowing what we may able to do.

  4. Sorry, I don't know how to data mine, I just play with this and do some trial and error. First, someone needs to data mine to see if this combination is actually obtainable through augmenting, then get all the IDs of values (there are 7 possible changes, ranging from -/+ defence, -/+ elemental resistance, -/+ slots, -/+ skills), then calculate the number of all possible combinations. However, given that for a godroll talisman you have the chance of 1 in 430 million (IIRC), with all the new variations it wouldn't surprise me to go in the billions.

  5. You'd need a dataminer to do that. It'll happen eventually, I'm sure, but it takes time. Modifying memory is easier than picking apart the code that generates these things, after all.

  6. Damn, even if it does pass the check, is it actually possible to get the skills through qurios crafting? Like how 411 charms can still pass the sanity check, but 4xx charms aren't possible to drop at all.

  7. So does Chain Crit, freed up my chest piece slot on basically every single one of my Switch Axe builds by rollin a single point of it on my Almudron helmet. Now I can get Blood Rite to counter Dereliction damage while maxing Chain Crit with the final boss waist. And that’s by landing a single good skill on one piece of five.

  8. Does the armor piece get deleted similar to how this gets deleted when you go into a quest? I haven’t seen the skills that aren’t on charms rolled legit on Quiro crafting yet…

  9. From what I've heard Narwa and Ibushi armours can't even roll skills with the augment. You can only upgrade their slots or stats.

  10. For charms the sanity checks werent in line with what the game was actually capable of generating either. Like, you could make a charm with S tier skills with 4-1-1 slots despite that not actually being possible for the game to generate (4-0-0 is the cap). The sanity checks dont actually mean anything so take it with a grain of salt

  11. True... like pc player mod everything.. we cannot get that one thing that give us hope to grind for that god charm. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. oh…I noticed, I tried doing it for the first time a few days ago and failed, thought I did something wrong 😭

  13. Oh man they did? I mean, I'm glad I'm satisfied with my charms already so I don't need to farm THAT much anymore but damn... that sucks.

  14. That’s… so bad for this game I think. We don’t need basically a charm system for every single piece of armor

  15. Well, PC players are gonna be running around in ludicrous armor it seems. Us switch folks will just keep playing the game

  16. People who would be modding stuff like that already were. Theyd just replace skills with desired skills, and have a ridiculous talisman

  17. Modding doesn't really care about what's possible, it's only people that want the best thing possible within the rules.

  18. Very few people actually cheat like this and play online. It's a way to see what's possible in the game; most people actually will grind stuff out since that's the fun of the game.

  19. I love Switch players pretending it's not insanely easy to mod a switch/pretending every MH game isn't swarmed with cheaters even off PC

  20. One of the reasons I don't play with randoms on PC, way too many people have normalized cheating for some reason, to the point that they say editing their charms and soon to be armor isn't cheating. My only solace is those people are going to give themselves no reason to play the game and will quit shortly after because they for some reason willingly remove the only incentive to play the post game

  21. welp, another rng middle finger to the modless Switch. You'd think that after us praising how controllable the new palico system is and how awful the talisman system is they'd get the message buuuuut...

  22. This is a very nice baseline. From what I observed, penalties are somewhat weighted; I managed to get 4-1-1 slots with one Water Attack with -12 Def, -4 Ice Res and -2 Dragon Res. What is interesting, I can't get 4-1-1 slots and WA1 with -4 Ice Res and -4 Dragon Res. However, with the former penalties, I can substitute WA with AB1 or CE1.

  23. Reading all of this, it sounds like the baseline is 3 L2 slots with no penalties. If you take Ice Res -4, you get an additional 2 L2 slots of skills. But looking at the Pierce Up example, you could fit CE2 + Pierce Up 2 (8 slots total), but not with Pierce Up 3.

  24. I feel like they’re going to have to create a new speedrunning category after this. It’s simply not fair to console players to put such heavy RNG into the game like this.

  25. Switch Players already stand almost no chance. Even if a switch play got a god-charm, there are so many mods that reduce RNG for speedrunners that PC runners get like 100x more attempts with good conditions. Like switch players literally have to grind for good spawns on the monsters. That means abandoning half the quests after 1 second. And the load times are so much longer…

  26. Just because it passes sanity checks doesn't mean it's actually obtainable through crafting, I don't think. Still more digging needed

  27. This is absurd. No matter how low the %, a piece of armor should never give you +2 cb +3 ab, and to make it worse this can be replicated in every single piece of equipment. With this, you can literally max out every single dps skill without using a single deco and then invest in all the defensive decos in the game to make your character have like 3-4 pages of skills maxed out. Looool.

  28. as far as i tested you can get up to 3 skills with no downside on rare 10 armor. (+3-0 on r10) and up to +4-2 skills. and skill tier doesnt exist

  29. update, skills are actually having different tiers. from 144 to 148 ,(149 is remove skill). 144 is lowest tier 148 is highest. armor has its own augment capacity. r10 has lowest amount. high tier skill like attack boost wont appear in 144 category. in normal condition, its impossible to roll attack boost, critical eye, critical boost at the same time because it will exceed the capacity. but capcom sanity check is currently allowing 148 tier skills appear in 144. so you can get 15 148-tier skills in 5 pieces r10 armor.

  30. Basically a sanity check is the games built in rules for what it knows the hunter can obtain. If you mod in an attack boost 7 charm, the game looks and says "well my rules say the cap for attack boost is 3 for the first slot and 2 for the second slot. This charm is 7. This does not agree with my rules so I will delete this charm."

  31. The new crafting system lets you randomly apply skills to armor, and apparently rolling two Crit Boost and three Attack Boost is considered possible by the game’s limitations.

  32. I can imagine though that the high-end upgrades are locked behind TU's? Even if they pass sanity check, I can imagine that you can't get those skills in that capacity yet.

  33. here is hoping for a rng mod like the one i have for talismans. it keeps within the parameters of the game but reduces the chances of me getting complete trash talismans and ups my chance of getting favorable ones with as much in each skill they can have. its one thing if we got talismans as rewards in the quest itself so we could just passively obtain them but when i have to take time out to meld them, i dont want 50 talismans with either trash skills or skills that i dont use with my current set. its just to rng to be relevant to my actually play time and enjoyment of hunting. the less time i have to spend at base micromanaging melding, dojo, mercenaries, and trade, the more time i can actually go on hunts or exploring.

  34. I'm all for modding talismans and curio armor while a sanity checks is still in order. I craft and farm my gear normally and farm my items however I edit my charms since hr100 because it is more fun and less daunting ^^'.

  35. Is there some sort of online calculator to check these things? I wanted to test if some items I thought of pass the sanity check but can't access the game currently. (I'm also doing the check manually but would like a program that I could cross-check it with).

  36. that's an understatement. i've invested the whole day observing how it works. from what i know. every armor piece has a cap of 10 skills above B grade. (generally) but C-grade skills also count towards the cap . just barely enough to sneak in 3 c-tier skills and get up to 13 skills on 1 armor piece.

  37. I get where you are coming from and agree but at the same time our sets are already op, so idm the current system and think it's way better than farming/grinding for perfect charms.

  38. Honestly I don't see the issue. The same people complaining about rng also complained about Rise having zero meaningful endgame. If you play the game legit and actually realize that what you get from Qurios crafting is nothing but a cherry on top endgame, there's a ton of fun and variety to be had

  39. i think it's bad game design. you said "cherry on top". this cherry is worth 200%. you just need rng. i don't get why we can't choose the skills on our armor. that's a meaningfull endgame. rng is meaningless

  40. I think there could've been a better way to handle it, this frankly has more chances of making ppl quit than having them play more

  41. I honestly enjoy this type of end game, easy upgrade system, unlike iceborne augments where you needed to jump through hoops to get a single material only to erase that progress to get a different material from a different area of the guidinglands. Not only that but the investigation coin system incentivized you to fight specific monsters and i very much enjoy it, never would I have fought 15 great izuchi in a row just to fight a level 11

  42. Imagine investigating a system to find its limits... Especially considering the results are random, its good to know what's possible.

  43. Imagine farming for hundreds of hours and not getting anything remotely good. Oh yeah, you don't have to imagine, charms are the same thing.

  44. Imagine wasting 500 hours of your life (probably more) and not getting anything out of it. Have fun with rolling free meal and leap of faith bud. Also, if it is in the loot table, it is not cheating.

  45. Imagine gate keeper people who actually test the systems that lead to detailed pages like kiranico and the wiki

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