Which metal rath is harder?

  1. Well, hard to say. I fought Silver with Lance, but I refused to even get close to Gold, so I fought her with Pierce HBG.

  2. Goldian’s a piece of cake like any Rathian in FU, but Silverlos is pretty powerful, that charge in rage mode hits like a truck. In GU, she’s generally harder with upgraded poison and diagonal tail flips, but G-Rank Hyper Silverlos is actual demon spawn, it’s explosions make Magnamalo’s look tiny.

  3. Silver is just... Boring. Not even annoying. I barely used half my mega potions on my first try, while Gold had me down to the last one with one cart to her name. Gold's combos and unexpected range are incredible compared to Silver's.

  4. For me, Silver Rathalos is harder if you are ranged, and Golden Rathian is harder if you are melee. I must say though, I think Golden Rathian is harder overall.

  5. In my limited experience and as a hammer main Rathalos is pretty even in difficulty, while gold Rathian is pretty easy normally but if you get hit and need to heal it becomes really difficult to find an opening. She’s got a very strong advantage state but weak disadvantage while Silver Rathalos is more consistently strong.

  6. She still has her super tail flip tho? The one where she spins around like ballerina right? Its still there, not to mention her new combos and fireball attacks.

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