Let's Make Completely Baseless Predictions About Rise Title Updates

  1. Yeah given how few rare species there is it's practically a given we will have them at some point. Except I think it will be BEFORE TU3 since for me TU3 being secret in the road map means something huge like an elder dragon

  2. Final TU will be White Fatalis and Silkmaster Ahtal-Ka, a variant that can control and steal your wirebugs and perform its own silkbind attacks as well.

  3. I think that might not be possible (I mean I have had similar concepts before) because how it worked with Narwa the allmother, it was more like how a male spider or male mantis would basically be eaten by their mates for nutrients, but exaggerated to where she absorbed his bio-energy and gains his abilities (and possibly fertilize her eggs)

  4. My prediction is that most of the monsters that got an Apex version in base rise, will get a new or returning monster version that incorporates some of the Apexe's moveset.

  5. There's finally going to be a crossover with Fromsoft where we have to fight a giant Goss Harag and a Kushala Daora to make the elite knight armour set and the moonlight great sword, and a Gore Magala plus a Khezu to make a Bloodborne armour set plus a saw-cleaver switch axe and whirly gig charge blade

  6. I wanna point out that someone found in the files that Elder Dragons, Scorned Magna, and (I thiiiink) Furious Jang physically cannot be afflicted. I don’t remember from where I heard, but it was from a YT video for sure.

  7. As practical as this scaling sound, pretty sure Elder Dragons are immune to being Afflicted- and Malzeno wouldn't even make sense. I wonder if A7 would be a more symbiotic Afflicted state akin to default Malzeno.

  8. Pikmin crossover where they add the submerged castle along side water wraith. It instantly kills everything it rolls over and spawns in after 5 minutes have pasted like it's original depiction

  9. Sounds spot on, with seemingly A5 & A6 coming in TU2 & TU3, don't know about TU1 because there's no "Powered-Up Monsters". Really hopeful for that Goss Variant in TU1, it'd be such a great spread to start the updates.

  10. Is it just me or current ice location in Rise is... how do I put this... not suiting for Gammoth? Like, it doesn't feel... um... frozen and distant enough. Much like Gammoth doesn't feel like monster that belongs here for some reason... maybe?

  11. I rly hope we get new monsters or returning monsters and not just subspecies like the roadmap was suggesting, as a new mh player i rly want to see Gogmazios since theres so much hype with him, other then that i just hope they have some good surprises for us

  12. I love this idea, you've definitely convinced me. But, I doo want to know what you mean by "skeleton already present in the game". They have a pretty unique model, they're not Fanged or (standard) Flying Wyverns, so what skeleton are you thinking?

  13. YES PLEASE. I can't wait to hunt Aka Uka and Odi in Sunbreak. I really think they would be perfect additions. Add in Ahtal-Ka, Amatsu, or Gogmazios in the latter updates and I can cart a happy hunter.

  14. We are going to get hybrid monsters of every single combination of the current roaster in Rise. So prepare yourself for the likes of the Anjatodus, Manga-Kadaki, the Wind Seprent Izuchi, Diablacuga and Rajastrax among others.

  15. I never see anyone mention glavenus… is it just me? A t-rex with a sword tail just looks really cool…

  16. just that we already have a fated four (mizu) and he was in world so i dont think many people are itching for a "new glavenus experience"

  17. I'll make a wish for Nergigante/RuinerNergi and call it a prediction. I'd also be stoked if we get either Odogaron or Vaal Hazak.

  18. I hope for more random collaborations like how the previous games did. In icebourne they had the Witcher and street fighter collabs. In GU they had Zelda and anime collabs.

  19. By the time TU are done for Sunbreak, Capcom will have added all of one Level 8 shelling gunlance to our arsenal. And it will be yet another normal type.

  20. I honestly feel like the title updates for this game are going to be more focused on subspecies/variants rather than actual new additions based mainly on what the roadmap says. On that thread, I want to be hopeful for some kind of endgame elder dragons like Gogmazios or Dalamadur to pop up in the games final title update. As for title update 1, besides lucent and seething I think the metal Raths and Molten Tigrex are likely (unless they get lazy and port Brute Tigrex in from Iceborne).

  21. We get the final boss of Stories 2 as our siege elder dragon. Including starting phases where we fight the larval form, which we never did in Stories 2.

  22. That or Versa Pietru, and as we fight him he starts to turn dark and transforms into Makili Pietru as the final phase. Would be cool

  23. I initially thought final boss monster could be Dire Miralis. But his story arc is to stop it from getting to land. Which wouldn't be possible without water combat. They could make it work but then I thought about it further and I'm thinking that instead of returning mainline black dragon they'll port Disufiroa or Merphistopelin. Other option is a brand new black dragon which would be just as epic as getting Frontier black dragons.

  24. Dire Miralis is gonna come back with a revamped fight so the underwater phase focus on you attacking him with siege equipment and wirebugging onto his body ala Zorah, and then he'll come to shore so you can attack him properly.

  25. New weapon: gauntlets. New Buddy: Palutoise. A Tortoise that's a walking inventory box with all your stuff. It will from time to time shoot traps, Bombs.... at a monster. New monster: Literally bin Laden with a turret SUV.

  26. Monsters I want to come back? Stygian Zinogre, Odogaron, Seltas and Seltas Queen, Nerscylla (gypceros can come along too why not), Vespoid Queen for shits and giggles, Monoblos, any of the Hermitaur and Ceanataur subspecies/variants, Kecha Wacha, Nibelsnarf also for shits and giggles, Agnaktor (probably unlikely), Black Diablos, Viper Tobi-Kadachi, Ahtal-Ka (definitely unlikely), and Nakarkos (also definitely unlikely). Monsters I think will come back? The metal Raths, a lot of the subspecies/variants for monsters already in the game, new subspecies/variants for rise monsters (honestly really surprised tetranadon didn’t get one), Chaotic Gore seems like a guarantee, probably at least one endgame black dragon whether it be Fatalis or a different one, I’m like 50/50 on Deviljho coming back, and for some reason I’ve got a feeling that Malfestio is likely

  27. The only thing I ask is Zamtrios plz, I fell in love with him when I played Stories 2, Zamites are already in the game, PLZ!

  28. I still think it looks like black diablos in the little black outline pictures they have on TU1 and not a mizu sub

  29. Akantor, Ukanlos and Odibatorasu for TU3(the winter one in purple in the roadmap). Like espinas, Odibatorasu too is generally tame by frontier standards.

  30. gogmazios uses the same skeleton as gore magala and gaismagorm (i think.) so it is entirely possible, and i feel that gog would fit into this game pretty well

  31. Another FFXIV crossover. Instead of Behemoth, we get the Ultima Weapon or Shinryu, and FFXIV gets Magnamalo or Malzeno

  32. I feel like the more updates and news that comes out the more 4 ultimate stuff comes to the game so based on that...

  33. My predictions will be Molten Tiggy, Orange and White Espinas, some Mizu variant, Chaotic Gore, maybe Rusted Kushala, some new variant of an existing monster and for the final title update Crimson Fatalis or Gogmazios

  34. Please please please please deviljho. I loved that fight in world, and I want to fight it in sunbreak too! The metal raths make sense, but without azure/pink raths idk how that would work. My guess is azure/pink TU 1, then the metal ones in TU 2. Finally, tetsucabra and dodogamma.

  35. Most wanted (out of the ones i know) have to be either Gammoth (since they’re the last fated four member to not be in gen 5) or Ah-tal ka like most other people will say due to wirebugs. Ones I doubt they’d bring is one of world’s elders and in all honesty I would like to see a collab monster from other monster hunter styled games like God eater or even Dauntless

  36. Honestly, I love the idea of the magnet frontier dragons returning. And if not.. I want Shagaru with weapons. He’s already clearly capable of human level intelligence, and I think his wing arms have opposable thumbs. Now imagine if he started actually using tools as a learned trait from battling many hunters. Raw strength and frenzy is great, but it isn’t perfect, meaning he could cover his blind spots with weapons. And if not, I would also like the melted metal dragon from frontier

  37. My guess is honestly 0 new monsters. Sunbreak was pushed forward 6 months and now has a 6-month dlc plan until 2023. We won't see a new monster until they get all the content intended for the base release out.

  38. Sunbreak wasn't released earlier than expected. It's is 100% complete at release. Everything after it is just bonus free content.

  39. Crazy take the team is gonna stop being retarded and bring back the deviant armor sets since the monsters are already in the god damn game

  40. Who i want: jho, odogaron, stygian zinogre, valstrax, najarala, and all big versions of the babies currently (great jagras, agnaktor, bulldrome, GREAT BOGGI)

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