Give a realistic, reasonable, and never-going-to-happen prediction for tomorrow's Sunbreak update

  1. Im just hoping we get more then just seething lucent and the metal raths, give us a 5th monster and make it cool, would really like a chaotic gore but prob not going to happen

  2. Well, we have 3 rare species and a varient that we know of. We still haven't seen the "special species" monster yet, so it looks reasonable to me to have 5 or more monsters

  3. Sunbreak didn't add any early game monsters besides the crabs – that's why you don't fight any other new monsters for the first several hours of the expansion. So – if they weren't in the base game and story – why would they add low level monsters in the update that's adding endgame content?

  4. Realistic - announcement of A5 quests with the implication of at least one more level of anomaly quests

  5. Realistic: Metal Raths- They've been in every single G Rank game until now, and with TU1 adding the tower and Lucent, it would be very strange for the metal raths not to also come.

  6. Realistic: Yeah, most likely the Metal Raths or Molten Tigrex, the Metal Raths because they've been in nearly every game and Molten Tigrex would be nice to have along with Lucent Nargacuga.

  7. I would love a reworked Monoblos or even a Rare Species Monoblos, but i know that goes in the never-going-to-happen category so im not expecting it at all.

  8. Akantor or Ukanlos, why? because the end boss of sunbreak has an earily similar body shape and size and even has several akantor attacks

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