How do you pronounce Ceanataur?

  1. The name Ceanataur derives from 2 words. Ceana is a contraction of the word Oceana meaning Ocean. And Taur is a contraction of the word taurus for bull. So what you have is an Oceanic Bull. Ceana is pronounced See Ann uh. Full name being See Ann uh tor, Hope this helps.

  2. But... but crustacean is supposed to be pronounced crust-a-sea-an! We're just lazy and pronounce it crust-a-shun, we did the same thing to temperature (temp-ra-chur vs the actual temp-er-a-chur)

  3. See-Anna-tor but seens it doesn't roll off the tongue easily, my friends and I just opted to say Shogun

  4. Oh i just realised im the only one that says "shen-a-tar" i say it like i say crustacean. I think im 100% right. I am the only smart person in the world

  5. I pronounce it She-ano-taur, probably wrong but I will die on the hill that it starts with a She sound

  6. My nickname for him is your answer... John Cena-taur 😁 Such a tough fight though; I can't see him.

  7. Just looking at how it's spelled, cea-na-taur. There is only one n so it can't be shared between syllables, and I'd bet the middle syllable is "na" not "a" given how awkward the later makes the first syllable.

  8. See-na-tor is how I've always pronounced it. The games really need a pronunciation guide to put all the arguments to rest. I'd settle for something like what you see on a dictionary page or wiki where it breaks them down in parenthesis.

  9. So am I crazy for calling it "Shen-a-tar"? Like, saying the "Cean" part like how you pronounce the "Cean" in Crustacean?

  10. See-anna-tar. I read it like Cyan, so see-an, and tor is just wrong cause, well, taur. Minotaur. Taurus. There's no 'o' sound at all in that bit.

  11. Im spanish, so if you go to google trasnlate and translate ceanataur, it will show ceanatauro; hear it ignoring the last o and you will hear how I pronunce it. The stressed syllable for me is Cea.

  12. I did like Senator. "The chair recognizes Ceanataur Shogun from the Citadel to speak about Water Works."

  13. I personally say it as "see-an-uh-taur" with taur being pronounced like saying the word tower as one syllable instead of two.

  14. KI!-ana-taur. That’s the only correct way all others are wrong don’t believe their lies they are lyingtoyoutheydontwantyiutoknowthetruthohtheglorioustruthofhowtoaccuaratlysaygodstruewordsandrecievetheultimatepower. But yeah that’s how it should be said at least

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