A monster you love for its design,gear,weapons and general idea but didnt like the fight?

  1. Anjanath. His moveset is a little basic but fine, it's just really easy to whiff against his good hitzones because of how much they move, and how tall but thin he really is.

  2. Yeah fair enough i can see him being more fun if updated and may i ask what you think of Nibelsnarf?..if you faced him that is.. since they have a lot in common.

  3. Lv140 Yian Garuga... That thing gives you the SilverSol Relic and the GS Dragon Slayer but it's completely random what kind of SilverSol piece it gives you and even harder if you're looking for the golden glowing version.

  4. Yeah the concept of a metal dragon is cool af but that wind armor..oh boy...i wonder did you play rise? A lot of people seem to enjoy him more there

  5. almudron for sure. super cool design and his armor is fucking amazing but holy shit I don’t think there’s a single db matchup more painful than him in the whole fucking series

  6. Seregios in Sunbreak, but I think I just have to fight him more. I really liked his design and his awesome looking aerial attacks when the trailer first dropped. I was so excited to fight him but got my ass whooped in my first encounter

  7. 100% Alatreon. I loved the design, the weapons and gear and the idea, but when your main weapon is Greatsword and you MUST reach a elemental damage check, well, it sucks.

  8. Ye I love his design, weapons, everything about him is so cool, but that fight can be a pain, he's weirdly easier without a palico I find, cause you know where he'll charge.

  9. Acidic glavenus. Because it’s a subspecies of my favourite at the time with a fantastic concept for it and it’s green my favourite colour. But the fight feels like I’m just fighting a fire less glavenus. And when he goes into his clean tail state it doesn’t feel like the moves and it can only be done by acidic not to mention he barely even use of the acid that he has like seriously I can probably count how many times I’ve actually gotten defence down in that fight on one hand.

  10. Clearly Rajang. I like the Sun Wukong / Dragonball influences all over this beast, but I absolutely HATE to fight it, just some stupid little mf...

  11. Aw sorry to hear that Rajang is in my top 5 and i personally felt like he was better in Sunbreak and especially furious now that it has windows for attacking compared to iceborne where he has reeaally short windows

  12. For me it's Goss Harag. I like his armor and weapons but the fight is super dull. The only cool thing he does is throw the ice clouds imo, other than that it's like a slightly stronger Azuros.

  13. Xeno'Jiva for me. Amazing aesthetic, great music, awesome gear, the attacks looks fantastic... but the fight itself was way too easy and simple for what it was supposed to be. Safi'Jiva is the opposite for me, where the fight is amazing but the monster design is disappointing

  14. Funny, Gore was my first wall when I started with 4U, and I didn’t beat him till I switched to using the hammer

  15. Yeah im a bigger fan of his MHGU fight and especially his theme there...the normal crimsonglow is pretty alright but the MR one with his quick stabs that trip you when he floats are a nuisance

  16. Seregios in gu, its weapon trees with auto sharpening are amazing but the fight is reallly annoying that i dont even want to farm it again in grank.

  17. To a lesser extent whenever the portable team make a mammal, but specifically Gammoth and Lunagaron. Gammoth is a cool idea for a monster and the patterns in its fur are beautiful it just... doesn't work. It's too big to be able to move around in the small loading screen-blocked areas, they didn't give it a big enough area like the wide field in the Jurassic Frontier or Ukanlos' arena, and its limited animation rig made all the animations feel stiff and constrained.

  18. Zinogre. I really want to like him because he is a cool thunder wolf. His gear is really cool looking and also good. Well, but in my experience the fight is just straight garbage and it ruins the monster for me

  19. Rathalos. I would love to love him, he's the face of the franchise. But his fights sucks in almost every game and only really got good in Rise. His sub is absolute trash tier and barely feels different, and his Rare Species only became actually distinct in Iceborne. If his fight stays as good as Rise, and Azure gets reworked to actually feel different, like what they did with Silver, I could see myself learning to like the monster that is supposed to be Monster Hunter's Pikachu.

  20. Velkhana. She's a BEAUTIFUL monster and the iceborne cover with her looks amazing but oh my God she is a headache to fight. When I die to her it never feels like it was fair in a way if that makes sense. Just frustrating to deal with her attacks.

  21. Roll to the side when she tail-jabs. Works for her breath too to an extent. It's a very fun fight to counter with longsword, but definitely a lot to keep in your head at once.

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