Convince me to learn a new weapon :D

  1. Definitely one of the oldest weapons in the game too. I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to learn compared to Gunlance

  2. Wait really? Axes and Swords have always been some of my favorite weapons to use in RPGs although I always put off learning SA for no good particular reason.

  3. The Insect Glaive is a lot of fun. First time playing it was actually in Rise, and I've had a blast. It's so ridiculously agile, especially with the wirebugs, and it's so satisfying bouncing off of monsters while dealing damage.

  4. Lance turns the game from an action rpg into a rhythm game. Lance is VERY easy to learn to play at a basic level, and VERY hard to master, the difference is fairly small between the two, but traveling that small distance is a real challenge, and Sunbreak lance is BY FAR the best iteration of lance yet, all hail shield tackle, even if it isnt optimal DPS.

  5. Hunting Horn is really fun. You get to stay constantly near the head of the monster and usually manage a stun or two during most fights along with buffing your party. The changes to how it works in Rise also make it much easier to manage working your songs in.

  6. Hammer is the easiest weapon in the entire game to learn IMO, and it's still pretty fun. The learning curve of the weapon is basically just "ok heres your 2-3 good attacks, find when to use them" into "ok here's a counter go apeshit" into the final beautiful stage of "but what if i impact crater in the middle of their attack"

  7. You could try Light Bowguns. It's pretty satisfying to see the sheer amount of damange numbers with the rapid fire on your screen.

  8. Heavy Bowgun is the best weapon to farm materials; either with sticky ammo for basically all monsters, because it allows other hunters to do free dmg in 3-4 stuns and 1-2 paralyzes, or you can use a special build if you REALLY want to farm a monster. For example, I have a thunder pierce build to kill the sunbreak final boss, because its materials are great to meld talismans, and the build is just absurd in terms of dmg, like I have a mod to see the total dmg % of every player, and I usually end up doing 50% of the total HP of the monster haha

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